Add more information on local.conf files

This change set adds some additional background information on the
local.conf files.  This was feedback from the field that this will help
developers as they on board for the project.

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@ -47,6 +47,24 @@ How to use the NovaLink DevStack plugins:
Example config files for all-in-one, compute, and control nodes
`can be found here. <>`_
The nova-powervm project provides three different sample local.conf files as a
starting point for devstack.
* local.conf.aio
* Runs on the NovaLink VM of the PowerVM system
* Provides a full 'all in one' devstack VM
* local.conf.control
* Can run on any devstack capable machine (POWER or x86)
* Provides the controller node for devstack. Typically paired with the local.conf.compute
* local.conf.compute
* Runs on the NovaLink VM of the PowerVM system
* Provides the compute node for a devstack. Typically paired with the local.conf.control
3. See our devrefs and plugin references for the configuration options for each driver,
then configure the installation in local.conf as needed for your environment.