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Ian Wienand 37855cba48 Replace git:// URLs with https://
This is a mechanically generated change to replace
git:// URLs with https:// equivalents.

This is in aid of a planned future move of the git hosting
infrastructure to a self-hosted instance of gitea (,
which does not support the git wire protocol at this stage.

This update should result in no functional change.

For more information see the thread at

Change-Id: I1c84bbd0ca3e94ed422a2f1edeb4329d289362f3
4 years ago
Matthew Edmonds d86e4257b5 add iSCSI to support matrix
iSCSI support was added in Queens, but the support matrix was not

Change-Id: I3f2cc6e50bbbc4eb2a5ec488b94b75545f8896e2
Closes-Bug: #1749543
(cherry picked from commit 18eca19d66)
5 years ago
Matthew Edmonds b676299541 Update support matrix to match nova
Nova has made some changes to the support matrix wording, added and
removed some sections, indicated cli commands that were previously
missing, etc. This attempts to update ours to match.

Change-Id: I3853cb4e511df25a512dfe16ddd9e6abf30552fb
5 years ago
Taylor Jakobson e23b43bac5 Add the ability to extend npiv volumes
The compute host does not need to do anything for the client to
see the extended size.

Depends-on: I0f6f80df6ad0d87dcccc560509c4e31992e4c0ec
Change-Id: I94aa12d422fe6c38a3ab8f7e37489738c956fb6f
5 years ago
Taylor Jakobson 9d14c18c3b Add resize attached volume support for iSCSI
Add support for volumes attached with iSCSI to be
Change-Id: I5197ec2b2d83f221787983c60b62482c417338e9
Depends-on: I0f6f80df6ad0d87dcccc560509c4e31992e4c0ec
6 years ago
Taylor Jakobson ec374ded96 Add extend volume support for fileio
When cinder resizes a volume, it sends an event to nova. This event
calls into the compute driver's "extend_volume" method. Calling the
pypowervm rescan_vstor is all that is needed for our driver.

Only kernel backstores are currently supported by the rescan_vstor

Not all vios are guaranteed to have the storage mapped. Log an error
if the virtual disk was not found, but throw an error if no virtual
disks were found on any of the vios.

Switching the backstore from USER_QCOW to FILE_IO enables this change.
This adds support to extend size of a volume while it is attached to
a client VM.

Change-Id: I0f6f80df6ad0d87dcccc560509c4e31992e4c0ec
6 years ago
Hangdong Zhang dac4bcdd96 Update the documentation link for doc migration
BTW, update one URL of networking-powervm as well.

Change-Id: I684e4457d9baee25aa569b20f20e73474cf88578
6 years ago
Arundhati Surpur 10a43f48eb Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
This patches removes unnecessary utf-8
encoding in doc/source/

Change-Id: I723ec337d3f37d2fe537032c92042eb10d2f0c31
6 years ago
Matthew Edmonds 74f92e1397 Remove volume_group_vios_name
nova-powervm commit c64087adb0
removed the only code using CONF.localdisk.volume_group_vios_name
but neglected to remove the conf definition itself or the
references in devref. This change removes both since they no
longer apply.

Change-Id: I2bd2739c99d7fd12f9a111dec62286f04e345e6b
6 years ago
Taylor Jakobson 20f3a9a387 Add support for file-backed ephemeral disk
Adds support for file-backed ephemeral disk as a localdisk replacement
for lvm.
Supports both RAW and QCOW2 files. Resizing a file-backed instance is
not currently supported.

partially-implements: bp file-io-driver

Change-Id: I1fd499a776cc2e05246c1fc453151aa7bd712dc8
6 years ago
Jenkins a73a050b7f Merge "Use ConfigParser instead of SafeConfigParser in Python 3" 6 years ago
Taylor Jakobson b27ce8e287 Add imagecache information to devref
Mention the fact that images will be cached on the same VG as VMs,
and that the image_cache_manager_interval setting is used to
periodically remove cached images.

Change-Id: Icd3e806dcd02a9c89270e24a245eec862f319321
6 years ago
Luong Anh Tuan c70c1dc36e Use ConfigParser instead of SafeConfigParser in Python 3
The SafeConfigParser class has been renamed to ConfigParser in Python
3.2 [1]. The alias SafeConfigParser maybe removed in future versions of
Python 3. Use ConfigParser instead of SafeConfigParser in Python 3


Change-Id: I1403de0ccc554472333d6fa0fbb55cdc31dce05f
Closes-Bug: #1618666
6 years ago
Eric Fried eedae5b0d4 Change namespace to nova.virt.powervm_ext
In order to avoid conflict with the in-tree nova.virt.powervm driver,
the namespace of out-of-tree ('ext'ernal) driver is being change to

Change-Id: I9c8ad22be448a724b4a62d560a0cf3021da1b9eb
6 years ago
Adam Reznechek 45d8209abb Document compute_driver setting in usage docs
Add docs specifying the correct compute_driver setting for nova.conf
in the usage docs.

Change-Id: I4359077dfcb3cb384823c0c7e696188753005c5b
7 years ago
Jenkins 77c8b1f6e4 Merge "devref usage: n-cpu must run from pvm_admin group" 7 years ago
Eric Fried 7eb6afdcfa devref usage: n-cpu must run from pvm_admin group
In order to function properly, the user account invoking the nova
compute process must belong to the pvm_admin group created by novalink.
This change set updates the devref usage doc to note this.

Change-Id: I844c4c9855f5a63f81f410e25fd6247948f08bea
Closes-Bug: 1613723
7 years ago
Sridhar Venkat 0e8fdcdf63 VIF driver implementation for SR-IOV
PvmVnicSriovVifDriver, a VIF driver for vNICs backed by SR-IOV VFs.  The
main plug method intercepts incoming vif requests and branches off to
this new vif driver if the vif type is 'pvm_sriov'.  The driver "plugs"
a new vNIC into the instance by:

- Building a new pypowervm.wrappers.iocard.VNIC object.
- Assigning backing devices from the pool of physical ports labeled
  according to the physical network name.
- Creating the VNIC on the PowerVM REST server as a child of the LPAR
  corresponding to the instance.

The unplug method locates the appropriate VNIC according to its MAC
address and deletes it from the PowerVM REST server.

Implements: bp/powervm-sriov-nova
Change-Id: I9b707e8c12c2124001089ac1a0f2ef28e5cc7478
7 years ago
Adam Reznechek c10348aeb4 Document PowerVM driver functions in support matrix doc
Add a copy of Nova's support matrix document within the docs for
nova-powervm. Within each section a powervm option has been added,
denoting whether or not each feature is currently supported.

This includes the base support matrix files as well as the library
and conf changes required to build it in the nova-powervm docs build.

Change-Id: I46511c61ce35164ec89098c6d876edb26ca8d261
7 years ago
kairoaraujo c80c843d8a Replace deprecated library function os.popen() with subprocess
os.popen() is deprecated since version 2.6. Resolved with use of
subprocess module.

Change-Id: Ic9c994dd044ac0c27194ba05634c826c6ca9e7ba
Closes-Bug: #1529836
7 years ago
venkatamahesh a63c825b5b use uppercase 'S' in word "OpenStack"
Change-Id: I8d3791afe71f90249135ad163fdac8f96f1d446c
7 years ago
Kyle L. Henderson 537514c744 Enable oslo-config-generator to generate a sample
A sample nova_powervm configuration file can be generated with
the oslo tooling via:

oslo-config-generator --namespace nova_powervm > sample.conf

The output file will contain all the nova_powervm configuration
options.  The file can be edited and then copy-n-pasted into the
full nova.conf file.

Change-Id: Iacc3a3ec9e7b00275ba192b5b9b07e346da6fbbf
7 years ago
adreznec c86e558fd1 Change pypowervm repo location
Update the pypowervm repo location in code and docs
for the pypowervm->powervm github org rename

Change-Id: I95a5593af76ed0b164ed60a9d14b82f3a808078a
8 years ago
venkatamahesh df6075a608 Change repository from stackforge to openstack
Change-Id: I3d88401da4245d24ed615b3cc3d40592b4284f66
8 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 15e400c8a4 Do not map to management partition for NPIV
NPIV based deploys attempted to put the client vFC adapters on to the
fabric by creating the WWPNs ahead of time and mapping them to the
management partition.  This created several issues and led to poor

There were issues around migration:
- Querying for a host could leave a stale adapter on the mgmt partition

There were issues with speed:
- Deploys could take over 120 seconds
- Migrations had additional delays

There were issues with some standard operations:
- Attaching a volume on a powered off VM required logging in the WWPNs

Subsequent analysis in Cinder showed that only some Cinder drivers had
this requirement.  Many could work without this.  Given the challenges
the code is removing the need to log in the WWPNs on the mgmt partition.
This resolves all of the above issues.

While it does limit some of the Cinder drivers when paired with NPIV,
ongoing work will be done to meet with the Cinder driver owners to see
if the requirements in their drivers can be relaxed.

For those that can not, the vSCSI Cinder Volume attach is also an option
and should provide the use cases that they need.

Change-Id: Id77650545ca4e0def9977f1c2572b9f13f451e0d
8 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 4ce1db1143 Provide minimum VIOS connection on vSCSI volumes
When the admin attempts to connect a volume, they may wish to specify a
minimum level of redundancy (how many Virtual I/O Servers it connects
to).  This change set provides the operator with the ability to set a
minimum number of VIOSes.

Change-Id: Id4d4ca945190f04436792cac12fa08f4412bc114
Closes-Bug: 1504037
8 years ago
Drew Thorstensen f7de66aac0 Dev-ref update
This change set provides a significant update to the nova-powervm
drivers dev-ref.

Rebases the documentation to reflect the development that has been done
over the last several months.  Updates the readme to reflect the
execution that has completed.

Removes the fake_driver that is not useful.

Change-Id: I1910db886df89f884f3c399d6aab1eebdf10b5e0
8 years ago
adreznec fb98952ba1 Support dynamic documentation versioning using pbr
- Add a file to allow querying of the pbr version for the package
which is pulled from the git tags
- Use this when doing the sphinx docs generation

Change-Id: I13ead2edf5b79a6ef2aa33f1b25920f83adea34c
8 years ago
adreznec 02f9f51cef Update documentation framework, add base devref details
- Add base support for devref generation to the project
- Add basic level of documentation, with TODOs for future updates
- Generate as part of tox run

Change-Id: Ic7a07ba7de0090383c652503453bafcd422a3eaa
8 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 33e0a43bae Rebase for pypowervm/nova changes
The pypowervm API library and core nova recently had some changes.  This
change provides a rebase for those changes.  It updates:
 - Property support on the volume groups
 - Updating for flavor objects in Nova
 - Includes doc support for jenkins

Change-Id: Ia85db9414f3947e8f4274f24ce533254ed41fa86
8 years ago