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Matthew Edmonds e62fae699d update translations for queens
Update translations for the Queens release.

Change-Id: I0622d237a53114929d56cfb46bbb7d60887099d6
5 years ago
Arundhati Surpur fcd6f1e0b8 Removed older version of python added 3.5
In setup.cfg file the python 3.5 is added
In tox.ini the python 3.5 is added

Change-Id: Ie2571e8778533e7f7601293ee2cfdac4acf8780e
6 years ago
Eric Fried eedae5b0d4 Change namespace to nova.virt.powervm_ext
In order to avoid conflict with the in-tree nova.virt.powervm driver,
the namespace of out-of-tree ('ext'ernal) driver is being change to

Change-Id: I9c8ad22be448a724b4a62d560a0cf3021da1b9eb
6 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 45d7d74dee Remove the PowerVM Live Migration Object
Recently the PowerVM live migration object merged into Nova proper via

This removes the need for the PowerVM driver to have its own live
migration object, allowing us to remove a bunch of code and hacks around

Change-Id: Ic61eefc0086c5b3954a8986d0fb9699d039f25f9
7 years ago
adreznec ff7b5314b0 Fix package setup configuration
This change fixes the scenario where performing a package
install (e.g. pip) was failing because the package config
in setup.cfg was causing the egg to be generated incorrectly.

Change-Id: I416fb19448ec53734a42e88de750556b62edf724
7 years ago
Drew Thorstensen e493bbe1e3 Driver cleanup work
This change set does some driver clean up.  It does the following:
 - Move the mgmt_uuid into the file.  It stores it once on first
   call as it will not change over the life of the driver process.
 - Change the calls to use this new attribute
 - Updates the owner of the driver
 - Removes the host_uuid from the get_instance_wrapper (which wasn't
   used, but had a lot of things contorting to pass the host_uuid
 - Change the disk connection to remove the connection dictionary.

Change-Id: I5efd642e84fc48578ac721ca55914260a579666b
7 years ago
Eric Fried fe9bec248e Shim compute driver in nova.virt namespace
Recent nova commit 8eb03de1eb83a6cd2d4d41804e1b8253f94e5400 removed the
mechanism by which nova-powervm was loading its ComputeDriver from out
of tree.

With Change-Id: I78c0ca85cb6ee2e370214a89a203f6f099748930 we can now add
to the nova.virt namespace from the nova-powervm package.

This change set restores the ability to load the driver by creating a
thin shim into nova.virt.powervm.driver, passing through all public
symbols from nova_powervm.virt.powervm.driver.

Change-Id: I8ff5154edfcef6fa83686b2ae046512ce7d6d628
Partial-Bug: 1575335
7 years ago
Chhavi Agarwal c3ce18868e Conductor changes to register nova-powervm objects
Nova now sends the LiveMigrateData objects exclusively to
pass data between compute managers and conductor during live
migration. Since dicts are no longer supported the conversion
to objects must be done to continue to support live migration.

A previous change set added the object support to the nova-powervm
project.  This change set adds the hack (as the nova core team described
to the PowerVM team on Feb 24th in IRC) that enables operators to use a
custom conductor that supports the PowerVM live migrate object.

Change-Id: I2517d543cc66696a43b2cdb160e2452653f402f1
Closes-Bug: #1551954
7 years ago
Kyle L. Henderson 537514c744 Enable oslo-config-generator to generate a sample
A sample nova_powervm configuration file can be generated with
the oslo tooling via:

oslo-config-generator --namespace nova_powervm > sample.conf

The output file will contain all the nova_powervm configuration
options.  The file can be edited and then copy-n-pasted into the
full nova.conf file.

Change-Id: Iacc3a3ec9e7b00275ba192b5b9b07e346da6fbbf
7 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 462357a9a0 Update the setup.cfg to point to python 3.4
This change set updates the python config to 3.4.  Also provides a home
page for the project.

Change-Id: I741fa5b287781851bcd13abb906173c95f233fcb
8 years ago
Kyle L. Henderson 2e5dfe7881 Get 'cover' working and remove pypy
Change nova-powervm to nova_powervm so 'cover' works.
Added a test case to improve coverage.
Removed pypy from environment list.

Change-Id: I337f2e8b762349f16ec8e6cd9489688970969486
9 years ago
Henderson, Kyle L. (Kyle L) 00db7b7924 Merge "Migrate to nova_powervm folder" 9 years ago
Drew Thorstensen ed6474f93a Migrate to nova_powervm folder
Python does not support a dash in the package name.  This changeset
migrates the package to 'nova_powervm' to make it work properly.

Change-Id: I590d83a14b8b7ab4acc94b31fc6cbc49a5132ce2
9 years ago
Drew Thorstensen eaad2c22e1 Updated Python Versions
Target the Python 2.7 and Python 3.3 versions to match the community
strategic levels.

Change-Id: I38f646a095ba1b2f5b898fffe6c6a3b53d7b0715
9 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 095e1c183b Initial Load of Nova PowerVM Project
Initial work to enable the Nova PowerVM project in git.

The work done here provides:
 - .gitignore - Indicate which files not to track within Git.
 - .gitreview - Input to the git-review command on how to send to
 - .testr.conf - Conf file input for the testr command (UT)
 - CONTRIBUTING.rst - Information on how to contribute.
 - HACKING.rst - Information on what needs to be done for updates.
 - LICENSE - The license for the project
 - README.rst - Information on what this project is.  Currently this is
                the blueprint.
 - openstack-common.conf - Required openstack configuration for all
 - setup.cfg - Input to the on how to execute certain actions.
 - - Used for build of the project.
 - requirements.txt - Required packages (and levels) to run the code.
 - test-requirements.txt - Required packages (and levels) in addition
                           to the requirements, that indicates what is
                           needed to run the UT.
 - tox.ini - The input for the tox commands.

In addition, a base set of packages for the agent and unit tests were
loaded in.

Change-Id: Iaa186e449e7e0f75dc06a033d024a23d7faa0267
9 years ago