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OpenStack Proposal Bot c53a9473cb Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I374b5d2430bdd1798ee573ab641c7ba776be0f7e
5 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 2f7d2bf8a1 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Id5c0216df653aadde60a0245f40a7be1ebd4d16f
5 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot f2de4441e3 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I743cdbed85c4597419db4d3c78acd4a130f571e3
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot f0db350243 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ia55772ff6514839060b0a4a6ceb37efe83370bfd
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot f68a184ae8 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I610ea909afe40e692b9ef2d4ed6dd1f9d1ccb827
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot a3963f445f Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I1f661dd2f48261c9217578994ce4282e4b1ed02c
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 53d67813a7 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Id677a03ce71b3ab3d1d3b72adf2ba41129d70494
6 years ago
Tony Breeds c6f4b41b57 Manual sync with openstack/requirements repo
This is in preperation for setting up the repo to auto sync via the

Change-Id: I0b4818f3eb0b9bace9ee61e7f855fd070aee684b
Depends-On: Ife1ee6f04f60a8de03f14713ec1dcf82edf140ce
6 years ago
Adam Reznechek 4e4ccf0104 Update to match latest global-requirements
Update requirements to the levels defined in OpenStack
global-requirements on 2016-1-10.

Change-Id: I2818c74817c6ab54c8a73661c8ef50c1d165a080
6 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 3bf7c05998 Update the requirements to be in line with global
This change set updates the requirements to bring it in line with the
global-requirements from the core OpenStack.  It also removes the
netifaces dependency.  That is no longer required.

Change-Id: Ide5c5dbf85e9c2cd80182656f4bb505365c9962f
7 years ago
Eric Fried ed872929e3 Add req to pycrypto to fix import errors
We're not sure...

But we think paramiko's recent 2.0.0 release somehow breaks a
requirement chain where *somebody* needs pycrypto and is no longer
getting it.  Adding the requirement for pycrypto (synced with the
corresponding global requirement) resolves the tox errors seen in the
bug report.

And the gate wasn't failing because... the pycrypto req was being picked
up some other way.

Change-Id: I1286b7df7df6608a2fdb929eb55f2d6fbfd031ea
Closes-Bug: 1576822
7 years ago
Jenkins a058b7657a Merge "Implmement NVRAM store and manager" 7 years ago
Kyle L. Henderson e71902d8dc Implmement NVRAM store and manager
PowerVM has NVRAM that is associated with each VM on the system.
The NVRAM holds information about the VM such as which device
is the boot device. PowerVM produces an event when the NVRAM for
a VM is changed.

The NVRAM should be set on the VM during operations like cold
migration, resize to a different host and evacuation when the
VM is newly created on the destination host from an existing VM
on the source host.

This change set introduces the concept of an NVRAM store and
an NVRAM manager. The compute driver listens for the PowerVM
NVRAM change events and stores the NVRAM in the configured store.

A Swift store for the NVRAM is implemented.

Future change sets will utilize the NVRAM from the store on VM
operations and manage its life cycle. This change set does
include storing the NVRAM during migrate/resize and was included
to facilitate live testing.

Change-Id: I59be9946794f53fdcae5515cc818d4fe967986d0
7 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 640c5f5c1d Updating the requirements
The global requirements have changed again.  This change set brings it
in line with the others.

The global requirements removed the python binding level for the
mock library.  This change reflects that update.

Change-Id: Id1882206b9b109dea42db407aadb66249f5069ce
7 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 5848833533 Update requirements level
Bring nova-powervm up to the new global-requirements for OpenStack.

Change-Id: I07bbae22170dfdf54267a13c29cc22b74396d907
7 years ago
Kyle L. Henderson 02b5c9f0d0 Port over from Nova
Nova has a bash script that uses the ostestr package to format
the output from tox in a 'pretty' format.  It makes it much more
readable. is pulled from Nova as-is and enabled
in tox.ini.

Change-Id: Ib90791b1333044c98e20444953d7ccab21cd62ba
7 years ago
Adam Reznechek ecc4100bf1 Add base devstack plugins support
Add support for installing nova powervm through the devstack plugins
infrastructure. This allows you to simply enable the plugin in a
devstack localrc, provide any non-default config, and run
to configure/install it.
- Added plugin files
- Added README and example config
- Added bashate to tox test environments for scripts

Change-Id: I3dfed189e60b0aa63fc9029e3f56f2d8b7785bd3
8 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 804fdf420c Rebase the requirements levels
The global requirements have recently been updated.  This change set
updates the nova-powervm requirements to match the core
global-requirements levels.

Change-Id: I0321a717ab3dad9a82f1089afd274b1aec2d6b0a
8 years ago
Drew Thorstensen b085b68000 Rebase for driver spawn method signature change
The spawn method added instance_type as a parameter in its method
signature.  This change set adds support for that in the PowerVM driver.

Includes an addition for oslo-test which is pulled in by Nova in the
tests package now.

Change-Id: Ib26dacb9ab3004b9ad5599074b2e50c3eaf0df09
9 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 4be982bf3c Initial scaffold of PowerVM virt driver
Initial driver that wraps the 'fake' implementation for PowerVM.

Also updates the tox.ini to match more of the pep8 rules that Nova

Provides an initial test case to validate that the driver can be
initialized.  This requires updates to the test framework to pull
in further dependencies of Nova.

Change-Id: I59407d14531635be567d2eea5d7e26ea895b5093
9 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 095e1c183b Initial Load of Nova PowerVM Project
Initial work to enable the Nova PowerVM project in git.

The work done here provides:
 - .gitignore - Indicate which files not to track within Git.
 - .gitreview - Input to the git-review command on how to send to
 - .testr.conf - Conf file input for the testr command (UT)
 - CONTRIBUTING.rst - Information on how to contribute.
 - HACKING.rst - Information on what needs to be done for updates.
 - LICENSE - The license for the project
 - README.rst - Information on what this project is.  Currently this is
                the blueprint.
 - openstack-common.conf - Required openstack configuration for all
 - setup.cfg - Input to the on how to execute certain actions.
 - - Used for build of the project.
 - requirements.txt - Required packages (and levels) to run the code.
 - test-requirements.txt - Required packages (and levels) in addition
                           to the requirements, that indicates what is
                           needed to run the UT.
 - tox.ini - The input for the tox commands.

In addition, a base set of packages for the agent and unit tests were
loaded in.

Change-Id: Iaa186e449e7e0f75dc06a033d024a23d7faa0267
9 years ago