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Drew Thorstensen 08577f420d Add more information on local.conf files
This change set adds some additional background information on the
local.conf files.  This was feedback from the field that this will help
developers as they on board for the project.

Change-Id: I0e69bb01e497bfd29817559021cdafeaf0248cad
2016-02-02 20:43:02 -05:00
adreznec 35bc4447db Do not error if NovaLink not installed
Instead of throwing a fatal error if NovaLink is not installed,
simply warn the user instead.

Change-Id: If676cfaa081ee7bb2d0ce3d02323d729c79b943d
2016-01-21 12:42:04 -06:00
Eric Fried d2a4f4608a pypowervm log level to INFO in local.conf samples
At DEBUG, pypowervm produces way too much information, including the
payload of every REST request & response.  Set the log level to the
more-reasonable INFO in our sample local.conf files for compute and
all-in-one nodes.

Change-Id: Ie8b1abed5106902046bb36c39fbc980a9e481f12
2016-01-21 08:00:54 -06:00
Jenkins fb6b585c3b Merge "Disable installing pypowervm by default" 2016-01-04 13:09:23 +00:00
adreznec bf3d518670 Disable installing pypowervm by default
Add a configurable option to choose to install pypowervm from source,
otherwise default to relying on it already being installed

Change-Id: I15b85c8bcae163e762310efdabfdc26d72e2b629
2015-12-19 16:21:00 -06:00
adreznec 45fb0dc163 Overhaul the DevStack plugins README file
Add a more detailed walkthrough of the devstack plugins readme
file, including links to our devrefs and docs.

Change-Id: I254b33607daa89c1c8f3dc33d4281cfa4fad72db
2015-12-17 09:12:35 -06:00
adreznec d32d147112 Disable ceilometer services in devstack compute template
In the local.conf.compute template disable the ceilometer control
services that are enabled by default by the ceilometer plugin

Change-Id: Iaaeebaf99fdfbfbc4fdeb191652c1587d7eae8e9
2015-12-07 11:20:08 -06:00
adreznec 5c2c6e90db Disable ceilometer-acompute in control node example
The ceilomter devstack plugin turns on every ceilometer service by
default. This disables the ceilometer-acompute service in the control
node example file.

Change-Id: Ic338350d5d1db266657e4bfd18b679cfff96b0e2
2015-12-02 15:11:54 -06:00
adreznec 0171d7a7f3 Fix README whitespace, update README
Fix a non-breaking whitespace error in a devstack plugins README link, as well
as updating content to place in the link in better context.

Change-Id: Ib7d0b90f6c90c144cae658b25e7b6578212d6138
2015-12-02 08:27:59 -06:00
Jenkins 530361ec26 Merge "Add nova-powervm devstack multi-node support" 2015-12-02 14:18:58 +00:00
adreznec ea80a75126 Add nova-powervm devstack multi-node support
Support running nova-powervm devstack plugins in a multi-node
environment, with example configs for compute, control, or
all-in-one node installation.

Change-Id: I62d3681165cfeab8fd472b61b9898e28da4ea2f6
2015-12-01 15:07:42 -06:00
adreznec 5eb6808693 Shorten default devstack instance name template
Shorten the default devstack instance name template due to issues
with the 31 character instance name maximum

Change-Id: I8815a0c5478c999292daa14fa1d4a1b4d3e54399
2015-11-24 15:29:26 -06:00
adreznec c86e558fd1 Change pypowervm repo location
Update the pypowervm repo location in code and docs
for the pypowervm->powervm github org rename

Change-Id: I95a5593af76ed0b164ed60a9d14b82f3a808078a
2015-11-18 14:49:48 -06:00
Adam Reznechek f76b70f6ae Fix devstack README formatting
Fix formatting of step list for devstack plugins

Change-Id: I559145cdb00a40e77afae0b9707c62b4e4b00450
2015-10-30 00:05:20 -04:00
Adam Reznechek ecc4100bf1 Add base devstack plugins support
Add support for installing nova powervm through the devstack plugins
infrastructure. This allows you to simply enable the plugin in a
devstack localrc, provide any non-default config, and run
to configure/install it.
- Added plugin files
- Added README and example config
- Added bashate to tox test environments for scripts

Change-Id: I3dfed189e60b0aa63fc9029e3f56f2d8b7785bd3
2015-10-29 21:43:01 -04:00