PowerVM virtualization driver for OpenStack Nova
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# Copyright 2017 IBM Corp.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import abc
import six
from taskflow import task
from nova_powervm import conf as cfg
from nova_powervm.virt.powervm import exception as p_exc
from nova_powervm.virt.powervm import vm
from nova_powervm.virt.powervm.volume import driver as v_driver
from oslo_log import log as logging
from pypowervm import const as pvm_const
from pypowervm.tasks import client_storage as pvm_c_stor
from pypowervm.tasks import hdisk
from pypowervm.tasks import partition
from pypowervm.tasks import scsi_mapper as tsk_map
from pypowervm.wrappers import storage as pvm_stg
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class RBDVolumeAdapter(v_driver.PowerVMVolumeAdapter):
"""Base class for connecting ceph based Cinder Volumes to PowerVM VMs."""
def __init__(self, adapter, host_uuid, instance, connection_info,
super(RBDVolumeAdapter, self).__init__(
adapter, host_uuid, instance, connection_info, stg_ftsk=stg_ftsk)
self._nl_vios_ids = None
def min_xags(cls):
return [pvm_const.XAG.VIO_SMAP]
def vol_type(cls):
"""The type of volume supported by this type."""
return 'rbd'
def vios_uuids(self):
"""List the UUIDs of the Virtual I/O Servers hosting the storage."""
# Get the hosting UUID
if self._nl_vios_ids is None:
nl_vios_wrap = partition.get_mgmt_partition(self.adapter)
self._nl_vios_ids = [nl_vios_wrap.uuid]
return self._nl_vios_ids
def pre_live_migration_on_destination(self, mig_data):
"""Perform pre live migration steps for the volume on the target host.
This method performs any pre live migration that is needed.
This method will be called after the pre_live_migration_on_source
method. The data from the pre_live call will be passed in via the
mig_data. This method should put its output into the dest_mig_data.
:param mig_data: Dict of migration data for the destination server.
If the volume connector needs to provide
information to the live_migration command, it
should be added to this dictionary.
for vios_uuid in self.vios_uuids:
exists, name = self.is_volume_on_vios(vios_uuid)
if exists and name is not None:
name = self.connection_info["data"]["name"]
LOG.warning("RBD %s not found", name, instance=self.instance)
raise p_exc.VolumePreMigrationFailed(
volume_id=self.volume_id, instance_name=self.instance.name)
def _connect_volume(self, slot_mgr):
name = self.connection_info["data"]["name"]
volid = self.connection_info["data"]["volume_id"]
user = CONF.powervm.rbd_user
rbd = pvm_stg.RBD.bld_ref(self.adapter, name, tag=volid, user=user)
def add_func(vios_w):
# If the vios doesn't match, just return
if vios_w.uuid not in self.vios_uuids:
return None
LOG.info("Adding rbd disk connection to VIOS %(vios)s.",
{'vios': vios_w.name}, instance=self.instance)
slot, lua = slot_mgr.build_map.get_vscsi_slot(vios_w, name)
if slot_mgr.is_rebuild and not slot:
LOG.debug('Detected a device with path %(path)s on VIOS '
'%(vios)s on the rebuild that did not exist on the '
'source. Ignoring.',
{'path': name, 'vios': vios_w.uuid},
return None
mapping = tsk_map.build_vscsi_mapping(
self.host_uuid, vios_w, self.vm_uuid, rbd, lpar_slot_num=slot,
return tsk_map.add_map(vios_w, mapping)
# Run after all the deferred tasks the query to save the slots in the
# slot map.
def set_slot_info():
vios_wraps = self.stg_ftsk.feed
partition_id = vm.get_vm_id(self.adapter, self.vm_uuid)
for vios_w in vios_wraps:
scsi_map = pvm_c_stor.udid_to_scsi_mapping(
vios_w, name, partition_id)
if not scsi_map:
set_slot_info, name='rbd_slot_%s' % name))
def _disconnect_volume(self, slot_mgr):
# Build the match function
name = self.connection_info["data"]["name"]
match_func = tsk_map.gen_match_func(pvm_stg.VDisk,
# Make sure the remove function will run within the transaction manager
def rm_func(vios_w):
# If the vios doesn't match, just return
if vios_w.uuid not in self.vios_uuids:
return None
LOG.info("Disconnecting instance %(inst)s from storage "
"disks.", {'inst': self.instance.name},
removed_maps = tsk_map.remove_maps(vios_w, self.vm_uuid,
for rm_map in removed_maps:
return removed_maps
# Find the disk directly.
vios_w = self.stg_ftsk.wrapper_tasks[self.vios_uuids[0]].wrapper
mappings = tsk_map.find_maps(vios_w.scsi_mappings,
return [x.backing_storage for x in mappings]
def is_volume_on_vios(self, vio):
"""Returns whether or not the volume file is on a VIOS.
This method is used during live-migration and rebuild to
check if the volume is available on the target host.
:param vio: The Virtual I/O Server wrapper or UDID string of the VIOS.
:return: True if the file is on the VIOS. False
:return: The file path.
vio_uuid = vio.uuid
except AttributeError:
vio_uuid = vio
if vio_uuid not in self.vios_uuids:
return False, None
name = self.connection_info["data"]["name"]
exists = hdisk.rbd_exists(self.adapter, vio_uuid, name)
return exists, name if exists else None