Add release notes for Cyborg-Nova integration.

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Using accelerators with Cyborg
Starting from microversion 2.82, nova supports creating servers with
accelerators provisioned with the Cyborg service, which provides lifecycle
management for accelerators.
To launch servers with accelerators, the administrator (or an user with
appropriate privileges) must do the following:
* Create a device profile in Cyborg, which specifies what accelerator
resources need to be provisioned. (See `Cyborg device profiles API
* Set the device profile name as an extra spec in a chosen flavor,
with this syntax:
.. code::
The chosen flavor may be a newly created one or an existing one.
* Use that flavor to create a server:
.. code::
openstack server create --flavor $myflavor --image $myimage $servername
As of 21.0.0 (Ussuri), nova supports only specific operations for instances
with accelerators. The lists of supported and unsupported operations are as
* Supported operations.
* Creation and deletion.
* Reboots (soft and hard).
* Pause and unpause.
* Stop and start.
* Take a snapshot.
* Backup.
* Rescue and unrescue.
* Unsupported operations
* Rebuild.
* Resize.
* Evacuate.
* Suspend and resume.
* Shelve and unshelve.
* Cold migration.
* Live migration.
Some operations, such as lock and unlock, work as they are effectively
no-ops for accelerators.

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Handling accelerator requests for an instance is now supported (where
supported by the underlying virt driver) as of microversion
2.82. The Cyborg service generates an event for the binding
completion for each accelerator request for an instance.
Adds a new event ``accelerator_request_bound`` for this to the API:
completion for each accelerator request (ARQ) for an instance.
Adds a new event ``accelerator_request_bound`` for this to the API
``POST /os-server-external-events``
* ``POST /os-server-external-events``
The lists of operations that are supported or unsupported for
instances with accelerators are listed in
`accelerator operation guide