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Remove the TODO about using OSC for BFV in

With OSC 4.0.0 we could now use the --boot-from-volume option
to create a volume-backed server from the provided image. However,
that option leaves the created root volume around since
delete_on_termination defaults to false in the API. So while we
could use that option and convert from nova boot to openstack
server create, it would mean we'd have to find and manually delete
the created volume after the server is created, which is more work
than it's worth to implement the TODO so just remove it.

Change-Id: I0b70b19d74007041fc2da55a4edb1c636af691d6
Matt Riedemann 5 months ago
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@@ -50,8 +50,6 @@ openstack server create --image ${image_id} --flavor ${flavor_id} \
--nic net-id=${network_id} --availability-zone nova:${subnode} --wait evacuate-test

echo "Creating BFV test server on subnode"
# TODO(mriedem): Use OSC when it supports boot from volume where nova creates
# the root volume from an image.
nova boot --flavor ${flavor_id} --poll \
--block-device id=${image_id},source=image,dest=volume,size=1,bootindex=0,shutdown=remove \
--nic net-id=${network_id} --availability-zone nova:${subnode} evacuate-bfv-test