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[stable-only] gate: Pin CEPH_RELEASE to nautilus in LM hook

I1edd5a50079f325fa143a7e0d51b3aa3bb5ed45d moved the branchless
devstack-plugin-ceph project to the Octopus release of Ceph that drops
support for py2. As this was still the default on stable/train this
breaks the nova-live-migration and nova-grenade jobs.

This change works around this by pinning the CEPH_RELEASE to nautilus
within the LM hook as was previously used prior to the above landing.

Note that the devstack-plugin-ceph-tempest job from the plugin repo
continues to pass as it is correctly pinned to the Luminous release that
supports py2.

If anything the above enforces the need to move away from these hook
scripts and instead inherit our base ceph jobs from this repo in the
future to avoid the Ceph release jumping around like this.

Change-Id: I1d029ebe78b16ed2d4345201b515baf3701533d5
(cherry picked from commit ff570d1b4e)
Lee Yarwood 1 month ago
2 changed files with 6 additions and 0 deletions
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nova/tests/live_migration/hooks/ View File

@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ function prepare_ceph {
#install ceph-common package on compute nodes
$ANSIBLE subnodes --become -f 5 -i "$WORKSPACE/inventory" -m raw -a "executable=/bin/bash
export CEPH_RELEASE=nautilus
source $BASE/new/devstack/functions
source $BASE/new/devstack/functions-common
git clone /tmp/devstack-plugin-ceph

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nova/tests/live_migration/hooks/ View File

@ -46,6 +46,11 @@ echo '2. NFS testing is skipped due to setup failures with Ubuntu 16.04'
echo '3. test with Ceph for root + ephemeral disks'
# Discover and set variables for the OS version so the devstack-plugin-ceph
# scripts can find the correct repository to install the ceph packages.
# NOTE(lyarwood): Pin the CEPH_RELEASE to nautilus here as was the case
# prior to
# landing in the branchless plugin, we also have to pin in when
# configuring ceph on a remote node via ansible.
export CEPH_RELEASE=nautilus