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Use stable constraint for Tempest pinned stable branches

Stable branches till stable/rocky is using python
version <py3.6. Tempest test those branch in venv
but Tempest tox use the master upper-constraint[1]
which block installation due to dependencies
require >=py3.6. For exmaple, oslo.concurrency 4.0.0
is not compatible for <py3.6.

As we pin Tempest for EM stable brach, we should be
able to use stable constraint for Tempest installation
as well as while running during run-tempest playbook.

tox.ini is hard coded to use master constraint[1] which force
run-tempest to recreate the tox env and use the master constraint.
Fix for that-

nova-live-migration test hook needs to use the stable
u-c so that Tempest installation in venv will use stable
branch constraint.

Modify the irrelevant-files for nova-live-migration job to run
for script.

[1] bc9fe8eca8/tox.ini (L14)

Change-Id: I8190f93e0a754fa59ed848a3a230d1ef63a06abc
Ghanshyam Mann před 1 měsícem
2 změnil soubory, kde provedl 22 přidání a 1 odebrání
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+ 15
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.zuul.yaml Zobrazit soubor

@@ -90,6 +90,21 @@
parent: nova-dsvm-multinode-base
run: playbooks/legacy/nova-live-migration/run.yaml
post-run: playbooks/legacy/nova-live-migration/post.yaml
- ^(placement-)?api-.*$
- ^(test-|)requirements.txt$
- ^.*\.rst$
- ^.git.*$
- ^doc/.*$
- ^nova/hacking/.*$
- ^nova/locale/.*$
- ^nova/tests/unit/.*$
- ^nova/tests/functional/.*$
- ^releasenotes/.*$
- ^setup.cfg$
- ^tests-py3.txt$
- ^tools/.*$
- ^tox.ini$

- job:
name: nova-lvm

+ 7
- 1
nova/tests/live_migration/hooks/ Zobrazit soubor

@@ -3,7 +3,13 @@
function run_tempest {
local message=$1
local tempest_regex=$2
sudo -H -u tempest tox -eall -- $tempest_regex --concurrency=$TEMPEST_CONCURRENCY
# NOTE(gmann): Use branch constraint because Tempest is pinned to the branch release
# instead of using master. We need to export it via env var UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE
# so that initial creation of tempest tox use stable branch constraint
# instead of master constraint which is hard coded in tempest/tox.ini
export UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE=$BASE/new/requirements/upper-constraints.txt

sudo -H -u tempest UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE=$UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE tox -eall -- $tempest_regex --concurrency=$TEMPEST_CONCURRENCY
if [[ $exitcode -ne 0 ]]; then
die $LINENO "$message failure"

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