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Merge "Disable NUMATopologyFilter on rebuild" into stable/stein

Zuul 2 weeks ago
3 changed files with 37 additions and 9 deletions
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nova/scheduler/filters/ View File

@@ -23,7 +23,11 @@ LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class NUMATopologyFilter(filters.BaseHostFilter):
"""Filter on requested NUMA topology."""

# NOTE(sean-k-mooney): In change I0322d872bdff68936033a6f5a54e8296a6fb343
# we validate that the NUMA topology does not change in the api. If the
# requested image would alter the NUMA constrains we reject the rebuild
# request and therefore do not need to run this filter on rebuild.

def _satisfies_cpu_policy(self, host_state, extra_specs, image_props):
"""Check that the host_state provided satisfies any available

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- 8
nova/tests/functional/libvirt/ View File

@@ -16,18 +16,20 @@
import mock
import six

from testtools import skip

from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging

from nova.conf import neutron as neutron_conf
from nova import context as nova_context
from nova import objects

from nova.tests import fixtures as nova_fixtures
from nova.tests.functional.api import client
from nova.tests.functional.libvirt import base
from nova.tests.unit import fake_notifier
from nova.tests.unit.virt.libvirt import fakelibvirt

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

@@ -251,7 +253,17 @@ class NUMAServersWithNetworksTest(NUMAServersTestBase):
self.assertEqual('ACTIVE', status)

def test_rebuild_server_with_network_affinity(self):
# FIXME(sean-k-mooney): The logic of this test is incorrect.
# The test was written to assert that we failed to rebuild
# because the NUMA constraints were violated due to the attachment
# of an interface from a second host NUMA node to an instance with
# a NUMA topology of 1 that is affined to a different NUMA node.
# Nova should reject the interface attachment if the NUMA constraints
# would be violated and it should fail at that point not when the
# instance is rebuilt. This is a latent bug which will be addressed
# in a separate patch.
@skip("bug 1855332")
def test_attach_interface_with_network_affinity_violation(self):
extra_spec = {'hw:numa_nodes': '1'}
flavor_id = self._create_flavor(extra_spec=extra_spec)
networks = [
@@ -286,10 +298,15 @@ class NUMAServersWithNetworksTest(NUMAServersTestBase):
'net_id': base.LibvirtNeutronFixture.network_2['id'],
# FIXME(sean-k-mooney): This should raise an exception as this
# interface attachment would violate the NUMA constraints.
self.api.attach_interface(server['id'], post)
post = {'rebuild': {
'imageRef': 'a2459075-d96c-40d5-893e-577ff92e721c',
# NOTE(sean-k-mooney): the rest of the test is incorrect but
# is left to show the currently broken behavior.

# Now this should fail because we've violated the NUMA requirements
# with the latest attachment
ex = self.assertRaises(client.OpenStackApiException,
@@ -446,12 +463,8 @@ class NUMAServersRebuildTests(NUMAServersTestBase):
server = self._create_active_server(
server_args={"flavorRef": flavor_id})

# TODO(sean-k-mooney): this should pass but i currently expect it to
# fail because the NUMA topology filter does not support in place
# rebuild and we have used all the resources on the compute node.
client.OpenStackApiException, self._rebuild_server,
server, self.image_ref_1)
# This should succeed as the numa constraints do not change.
self._rebuild_server(server, self.image_ref_1)

def test_rebuild_server_with_different_numa_topology_fails(self):
"""Create a NUMA instance and ensure inplace rebuild fails.

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releasenotes/notes/numa-rebuild-b75f9a1966f576ea.yaml View File

@@ -14,3 +14,14 @@ fixes:
and rejects the rebuild.

.. _`bug #1763766`:

- |
With the changes introduced to address `bug #1763766`_, Nova now guards
against NUMA constraint changes on rebuild. As a result the
``NUMATopologyFilter`` is no longer required to run on rebuild since
we already know the topology will not change and therefor the existing
resource claim is still valid. As such it is now possible to do an in-place
rebuild of a instance with a NUMA topology even if the image changes
provided the new image does not alter the topology.