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Merge "Add functional recreate test for bug 1829479 and bug 1817833" into stable/queens

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nova/tests/functional/test_servers.py Целия файл

@@ -1565,6 +1565,10 @@ class ProviderUsageBaseTestCase(test.TestCase,
self.assertEqual(old_flavor['disk'] + new_flavor['disk'],

def assertFlavorMatchesUsage(self, rp_uuid, flavor):
usages = self._get_provider_usages(rp_uuid)
self.assertFlavorMatchesAllocation(flavor, usages)

def get_migration_uuid_for_instance(self, instance_uuid):
# NOTE(danms): This is too much introspection for a test like this, but
# we can't see the migration uuid from the API, so we just encapsulate

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nova/tests/functional/wsgi/test_services.py Целия файл

@@ -116,3 +116,60 @@ class TestServicesAPI(test_servers.ProviderUsageBaseTestCase):
# and allocation information.
resp = self.placement_api.get('/resource_providers/%s' % rp_uuid)
self.assertEqual(404, resp.status)

def test_evacuate_then_delete_compute_service(self):
"""Tests a scenario where a server is created on a host, the host
goes down, the server is evacuated to another host, and then the
source host compute service is deleted. After that the deleted
compute service is restarted. Related placement resources are checked
# Create our source host that we will evacuate *from* later.
host1 = self._start_compute('host1')
# Create a server which will go on host1 since it is the only host.
flavor = self.api.get_flavors()[0]
server = self._boot_and_check_allocations(flavor, 'host1')
# Get the compute service record for host1 so we can manage it.
service = self.admin_api.get_services(
binary='nova-compute', host='host1')[0]
# Get the corresponding resource provider uuid for host1.
rp_uuid = self._get_provider_uuid_by_host(service['host'])
# Make sure there is a resource provider for that compute node based
# on the uuid.
resp = self.placement_api.get('/resource_providers/%s' % rp_uuid)
self.assertEqual(200, resp.status)
# Down the compute service for host1 so we can evacuate from it.
self.admin_api.put_service(service['id'], {'forced_down': True})
# Start another host and trigger the server evacuate to that host.
self.admin_api.post_server_action(server['id'], {'evacuate': {}})
# The host does not change until after the status is changed to ACTIVE
# so wait for both parameters.
self.admin_api, server, {'status': 'ACTIVE',
'OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host': 'host2'})
# Delete the compute service for host1 and check the related
# placement resources for that host.
self.admin_api.api_delete('/os-services/%s' % service['id'])
# Make sure the service is gone.
services = self.admin_api.get_services(
binary='nova-compute', host='host1')
self.assertEqual(0, len(services), services)
# FIXME(mriedem): This is bug 1829479 where the compute service is
# deleted but the resource provider is not because there are still
# allocations against the provider from the evacuated server.
resp = self.placement_api.get('/resource_providers/%s' % rp_uuid)
self.assertEqual(200, resp.status)
self.assertFlavorMatchesUsage(rp_uuid, flavor)
# Try to restart the host1 compute service to create a new resource
# provider.
# FIXME(mriedem): This is bug 1817833 where restarting the now-deleted
# compute service attempts to create a new resource provider with a
# new uuid but the same name which results in a conflict. The service
# does not die, however, because _update_available_resource_for_node
# catches and logs but does not re-raise the error.
log_output = self.stdlog.logger.output
self.assertIn('Error updating resources for node host1.', log_output)
self.assertIn('Failed to create resource provider host1', log_output)