address open redirect with 3 forward slashes

Ie36401c782f023d1d5f2623732619105dc2cfa24 was intended
to address OSSA-2021-002 (CVE-2021-3654) however after its
release it was discovered that the fix only worked
for urls with 2 leading slashes or more then 4.

This change adresses the missing edgecase for 3 leading slashes
and also maintian support for rejecting 2+.


NOTE(melwitt): The conflict and difference in from
the cherry picked change: HTTPStatus.BAD_REQUEST => 400 is due to the
fact that HTTPStatus does not exist in Python 2.7. The conflict in is because change
I23ac1cc79482d0fabb359486a4b934463854cae5 (Allow TLS ciphers/protocols
to be configurable for console proxies) is not in Train. The difference
in from the cherry picked change is due to a
difference in internal implementation [1] in Python < 3.6. See change
I546d376869a992601b443fb95acf1034da2a8f36 for reference.

[1] 34eeed4290

Change-Id: I95f68be76330ff09e5eabb5ef8dd9a18f5547866
co-authored-by: Matteo Pozza
Closes-Bug: #1927677
(cherry picked from commit 6fbd0b758d)
(cherry picked from commit 47dad4836a)
(cherry picked from commit 9588cdbfd4)
(cherry picked from commit 0997043f45)
Sean Mooney 2 years ago committed by Elod Illes
parent 04d48527b6
commit 8906552cfc

@ -313,14 +313,9 @@ class NovaProxyRequestHandler(NovaProxyRequestHandlerBase,
if os.path.isdir(path):
parts = urlparse.urlsplit(self.path)
if not parts.path.endswith('/'):
# redirect browser - doing basically what apache does
new_parts = (parts[0], parts[1], parts[2] + '/',
parts[3], parts[4])
new_url = urlparse.urlunsplit(new_parts)
# Browsers interpret "Location: //uri" as an absolute URI
# like "http://URI"
if new_url.startswith('//'):
if self.path.startswith('//'):
"URI must not start with //")
return None

@ -659,6 +659,38 @@ class NovaProxyRequestHandlerBaseTestCase(test.NoDBTestCase):
# Verify no redirect happens and instead a 400 Bad Request is returned.
self.assertIn('400 URI must not start with //', result[0].decode())
def test_reject_open_redirect_3_slashes(self):
# This will test the behavior when an attempt is made to cause an open
# redirect. It should be rejected.
mock_req = mock.MagicMock()
mock_req.makefile().readline.side_effect = [
b'GET /// HTTP/1.1\r\n',
client_addr = ('', 54321)
mock_server = mock.MagicMock()
# This specifies that the server will be able to handle requests other
# than only websockets.
mock_server.only_upgrade = False
# Constructing a handler will process the mock_req request passed in.
handler = websocketproxy.NovaProxyRequestHandler(
mock_req, client_addr, mock_server)
# Collect the response data to verify at the end. The
# SimpleHTTPRequestHandler writes the response data to a 'wfile'
# attribute.
output = io.BytesIO()
handler.wfile = output
# Process the mock_req again to do the capture.
result = output.readlines()
# Verify no redirect happens and instead a 400 Bad Request is returned.
self.assertIn('400 URI must not start with //', result[0].decode())
class NovaWebsocketSecurityProxyTestCase(test.NoDBTestCase):