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Fix listing deleted servers with a marker

Change I1aa3ca6cc70cef65d24dec1e7db9491c9b73f7ab in Queens,
which was backported through to Newton, introduced a regression
when listing deleted servers with a marker because it assumes
that if BuildRequestList.get_by_filters does not raise
MarkerNotFound that the marker was found among the build requests
and does not account for that get_by_filters method short-circuiting
if filtering servers with deleted/cleaned/limit=0. The API code
then nulls out the marker which means you'll continue to get the
marker instance back in the results even though you shouldn't,
and that can cause an infinite loop in some client-side tooling like
nova's CLI:

  nova list --deleted --limit -1

This fixes the bug by raising MarkerNotFound from
BuildRequestList.get_by_filters if we have a marker but are
short-circuiting and returning early from the method based on
limit or filters.

Change-Id: Ic2b19c2aa06b3059ab0344b6ac56ffd62b3f755d
Closes-Bug: #1849409
(cherry picked from commit df03499843)
(cherry picked from commit 03a2508362)
(cherry picked from commit 6038455e1d)
(cherry picked from commit c84846dbf9)
Matt Riedemann 2 years ago
2 changed files with 8 additions and 8 deletions
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nova/objects/ View File

@ -372,14 +372,16 @@ class BuildRequestList(base.ObjectListBase, base.NovaObject):
def get_by_filters(cls, context, filters, limit=None, marker=None,
sort_keys=None, sort_dirs=None):
if limit == 0:
return cls(context, objects=[])
# Short-circuit on anything that will not yield results.
# 'deleted' records can not be returned from here since build_requests
# are not soft deleted.
if filters.get('deleted', False):
return cls(context, objects=[])
# 'cleaned' records won't exist as they would need to be deleted.
if filters.get('cleaned', False):
if (limit == 0 or
filters.get('deleted', False) or
filters.get('cleaned', False)):
# If we have a marker honor the MarkerNotFound semantics.
if marker:
raise exception.MarkerNotFound(marker=marker)
return cls(context, objects=[])
# Because the build_requests table stores an instance as a serialized

+ 1
- 3
nova/tests/functional/regressions/ View File

@ -63,7 +63,5 @@ class ListDeletedServersWithMarker(test.TestCase,
servers = self.api.get_servers(detail=False,
search_opts={'deleted': True,
'marker': server['id']})
# FIXME(mriedem): This is bug 1849409 where the marker param is not
# honored correctly when using deleted=True.
server_names = [serv['name'] for serv in servers]
self.assertIn(server['name'], server_names)
self.assertNotIn(server['name'], server_names)