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Merge "Robustify attachment tracking in CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow" into stable/rocky

Zuul 1 year ago
committed by Gerrit Code Review
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@ -1588,16 +1588,21 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
self.swap_volume_instance_uuid = None
self.swap_volume_instance_error_uuid = None
self.attachment_error_id = None
# A map of volumes to a list of (attachment_id, instance_uuid).
# A dict, keyed by volume id, to a dict, keyed by attachment id,
# with keys:
# - id: the attachment id
# - instance_uuid: uuid of the instance attached to the volume
# - connector: host connector dict; None if not connected
# Note that a volume can have multiple attachments even without
# multi-attach, as some flows create a blank 'reservation' attachment
# before deleting another attachment.
self.volume_to_attachment = collections.defaultdict(list)
# before deleting another attachment. However, a non-multiattach volume
# can only have at most one attachment with a host connector at a time.
self.volume_to_attachment = collections.defaultdict(dict)
def volume_ids_for_instance(self, instance_uuid):
for volume_id, attachments in self.volume_to_attachment.items():
for _, _instance_uuid in attachments:
if _instance_uuid == instance_uuid:
for attachment in attachments.values():
if attachment['instance_uuid'] == instance_uuid:
# we might have multiple volumes attached to this instance
# so yield rather than return
yield volume_id
@ -1629,14 +1634,14 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
else self.swap_volume_instance_error_uuid)
if attachments:
attachment_id, instance_uuid = attachments[0]
attachment = list(attachments.values())[0]
'status': 'in-use',
'attachments': {
instance_uuid: {
'mountpoint': '/dev/vdb',
'attachment_id': attachment_id
'attachment_id': attachment['id']
'attach_status': 'attached'
@ -1646,7 +1651,7 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
# Check to see if the volume is attached.
if attachments:
# The volume is attached.
attachment_id, instance_uuid = attachments[0]
attachment = list(attachments.values())[0]
volume = {
'status': 'in-use',
'display_name': volume_id,
@ -1655,8 +1660,8 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
'multiattach': volume_id == self.MULTIATTACH_VOL,
'size': 1,
'attachments': {
instance_uuid: {
'attachment_id': attachment_id,
attachment['instance_uuid']: {
'attachment_id': attachment['id'],
'mountpoint': '/dev/vdb'
@ -1700,14 +1705,13 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
"""Find attachment corresponding to ``attachment_id``.
A tuple of the volume ID, an attachment-instance mapping tuple
for the given attachment ID, and a list of attachment-instance
mapping tuples for the volume.
A tuple of the volume ID, an attachment dict
for the given attachment ID, and a dict (keyed by attachment
id) of attachment dicts for the volume.
for volume_id, attachments in self.volume_to_attachment.items():
for attachment in attachments:
_attachment_id, instance_uuid = attachment
if attachment_id == _attachment_id:
for attachment in attachments.values():
if attachment_id == attachment['id']:
return volume_id, attachment, attachments
raise exception.VolumeAttachmentNotFound(
@ -1718,8 +1722,10 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
if self.attachment_error_id is not None:
attachment_id = self.attachment_error_id
attachment = {'id': attachment_id, 'connection_info': {'data': {}}}
(attachment_id, instance_uuid))
self.volume_to_attachment[volume_id][attachment_id] = {
'id': attachment_id,
'instance_uuid': instance_uuid,
'connector': connector}'Created attachment %s for volume %s. Total '
'attachments for volume: %d', attachment_id, volume_id,
@ -1730,7 +1736,7 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
# 'attachment' is a tuple defining a attachment-instance mapping
volume_id, attachment, attachments = (
del attachments[attachment_id]'Deleted attachment %s for volume %s. Total attachments '
'for volume: %d', attachment_id, volume_id,
@ -1738,7 +1744,18 @@ class CinderFixtureNewAttachFlow(fixtures.Fixture):
def fake_attachment_update(_self, context, attachment_id, connector,
# Ensure the attachment exists
volume_id, attachment, attachments = (
# Cinder will only allow one "connected" attachment per
# non-multiattach volume at a time.
if volume_id != self.MULTIATTACH_VOL:
for _attachment in attachments.values():
if _attachment['connector'] is not None:
raise exception.InvalidInput(
'Volume %s is already connected with attachment '
'%s on host %s' % (volume_id, _attachment['id'],
attachment['connector'] = connector'Updating volume attachment: %s', attachment_id)
attachment_ref = {'driver_volume_type': 'fake_type',
'id': attachment_id,