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Merge "Provide the parent pGPU when creating a new vGPU"

Zuul 3 months ago
committed by Gerrit Code Review
2 changed files with 46 additions and 33 deletions
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nova/tests/unit/virt/libvirt/ View File

@@ -23487,8 +23487,8 @@ class LibvirtDriverTestCase(test.NoDBTestCase, TraitsComparisonMixin):
drvr.provider_tree = self._get_fake_provider_tree_with_vgpu()

@mock.patch.object(nova.privsep.libvirt, 'create_mdev')
@@ -23614,18 +23614,20 @@ class LibvirtDriverTestCase(test.NoDBTestCase, TraitsComparisonMixin):
drvr = libvirt_driver.LibvirtDriver(fake.FakeVirtAPI(), False)
# Since mdev2 is assigned to inst1, only mdev1 is available

@mock.patch.object(nova.privsep.libvirt, 'create_mdev')
@mock.patch.object(os.path, 'exists')
def test_recreate_mediated_device_on_init_host(
self, get_all_assigned_mdevs, exists,
self, get_all_assigned_mdevs, exists, mock_get_mdev_info,
get_mdev_capable_devs, privsep_create_mdev):
self.flags(enabled_vgpu_types=['nvidia-11'], group='devices')
get_all_assigned_mdevs.return_value = {uuids.mdev1: uuids.inst1,
@@ -23642,6 +23644,13 @@ class LibvirtDriverTestCase(test.NoDBTestCase, TraitsComparisonMixin):
return True if uuids.mdev1 in path else False

exists.side_effect = _exists
mock_get_mdev_info.side_effect = [
{"dev_id": "mdev_fake",
"uuid": uuids.mdev1,
"parent": "pci_0000_06_00_0",
"type": "nvidia-11",
"iommu_group": 12
get_mdev_capable_devs.return_value = [
{"dev_id": "pci_0000_06_00_0",
"vendor_id": 0x10de,

+ 33
- 29
nova/virt/libvirt/ View File

@@ -782,15 +782,16 @@ class LibvirtDriver(driver.ComputeDriver):
"""Recreate assigned mdevs that could have disappeared if we reboot
the host.
# FIXME(sbauza): We blindly recreate mediated devices without checking
# which ResourceProvider was allocated for the instance so it would use
# another pGPU.
# TODO(sbauza): Pass all instances' allocations here.
# NOTE(sbauza): This method just calls sysfs to recreate mediated
# devices by looking up existing guest XMLs and doesn't use
# the Placement API so it works with or without a vGPU reshape.
mdevs = self._get_all_assigned_mediated_devices()
requested_types = self._get_supported_vgpu_types()
for (mdev_uuid, instance_uuid) in six.iteritems(mdevs):
if not self._is_existing_mdev(mdev_uuid):
self._create_new_mediated_device(requested_types, mdev_uuid)
dev_name = libvirt_utils.mdev_uuid2name(mdev_uuid)
dev_info = self._get_mediated_device_information(dev_name)
parent = dev_info['parent']
self._create_new_mediated_device(parent, uuid=mdev_uuid)

def _set_multiattach_support(self):
# Check to see if multiattach is supported. Based on bugzilla
@@ -6894,53 +6895,53 @@ class LibvirtDriver(driver.ComputeDriver):
vgpu_allocations[rp] = {'resources': {RC_VGPU: res[RC_VGPU]}}
return vgpu_allocations

def _get_existing_mdevs_not_assigned(self, requested_types=None,
def _get_existing_mdevs_not_assigned(self, parent, requested_types=None):
"""Returns the already created mediated devices that are not assigned
to a guest yet.

:param parent: Filter out result for only mdevs from the parent device.
:param requested_types: Filter out the result for only mediated devices
having those types.
:param parent: Filter out result for only mdevs from the parent device.
allocated_mdevs = self._get_all_assigned_mediated_devices()
mdevs = self._get_mediated_devices(requested_types)
available_mdevs = set()
for mdev in mdevs:
# FIXME(sbauza): No longer accept the parent value to be nullable
# once we fix the reshape functional test
if parent is None or mdev['parent'] == parent:

available_mdevs -= set(allocated_mdevs)
return available_mdevs

def _create_new_mediated_device(self, requested_types, uuid=None,
def _create_new_mediated_device(self, parent, uuid=None):
"""Find a physical device that can support a new mediated device and
create it.

:param requested_types: Filter only capable devices supporting those
:param parent: The libvirt name of the parent GPU, eg. pci_0000_06_00_0
:param uuid: The possible mdev UUID we want to create again
:param parent: Only create a mdev for this device

:returns: the newly created mdev UUID or None if not possible
supported_types = self._get_supported_vgpu_types()
# Try to see if we can still create a new mediated device
devices = self._get_mdev_capable_devices(requested_types)
devices = self._get_mdev_capable_devices(supported_types)
for device in devices:
dev_name = device['dev_id']
# FIXME(sbauza): No longer accept the parent value to be nullable
# once we fix the reshape functional test
if parent is not None and dev_name != parent:
# The device is not the one that was called, not creating
# the mdev
# For the moment, the libvirt driver only supports one
# type per host
# TODO(sbauza): Once we support more than one type, make
# sure we look at the flavor/trait for the asked type.
asked_type = requested_types[0]
# sure we lookup which type the parent pGPU supports.
asked_type = supported_types[0]
if device['types'][asked_type]['availableInstances'] > 0:
# That physical GPU has enough room for a new mdev
dev_name = device['dev_id']
# the parent attribute can be None
if parent is not None and dev_name != parent:
# The device is not the one that was called, not creating
# the mdev
# We need the PCI address, not the libvirt name
# The libvirt name is like 'pci_0000_84_00_0'
pci_addr = "{}:{}:{}.{}".format(*dev_name[4:].split('_'))
@@ -6990,8 +6991,12 @@ class LibvirtDriver(driver.ComputeDriver):
# exception
raise exception.ComputeResourcesUnavailable(
reason='vGPU resource is not available')
# TODO(sbauza): Remove this conditional in Train once all VGPU
# inventories are related to a child RP
# FIXME(sbauza): The functional reshape test assumes that we could
# run _allocate_mdevs() against non-nested RPs but this is impossible
# as all inventories have been reshaped *before now* since it's done
# on init_host() (when the compute restarts or whatever else calls it).
# That said, since fixing the functional test isn't easy yet, let's
# assume we still support a non-nested RP for now.
if allocated_rp.parent_uuid is None:
# We are on a root RP
parent_device = None
@@ -7017,10 +7022,10 @@ class LibvirtDriver(driver.ComputeDriver):
raise exception.ComputeResourcesUnavailable(
reason='vGPU resource is not available')

requested_types = self._get_supported_vgpu_types()
supported_types = self._get_supported_vgpu_types()
# Which mediated devices are created but not assigned to a guest ?
mdevs_available = self._get_existing_mdevs_not_assigned(
requested_types, parent_device)
parent_device, supported_types)

chosen_mdevs = []
for c in six.moves.range(vgpus_asked):
@@ -7029,8 +7034,7 @@ class LibvirtDriver(driver.ComputeDriver):
# Take the first available mdev
chosen_mdev = mdevs_available.pop()
chosen_mdev = self._create_new_mediated_device(
requested_types, parent=parent_device)
chosen_mdev = self._create_new_mediated_device(parent_device)
if not chosen_mdev:
# If we can't find devices having available VGPUs, just raise
raise exception.ComputeResourcesUnavailable(