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Merge "scheduler: Default request group to None"

Zuul 1 week ago
committed by Gerrit Code Review
1 changed files with 24 additions and 16 deletions
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@@ -149,10 +149,10 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):

if (orc.VCPU not in merged_resources and
orc.PCPU not in merged_resources):
self._add_resource(None, orc.VCPU, request_spec.vcpus)
self._add_resource(orc.VCPU, request_spec.vcpus)

if orc.MEMORY_MB not in merged_resources:
self._add_resource(None, orc.MEMORY_MB, request_spec.memory_mb)
self._add_resource(orc.MEMORY_MB, request_spec.memory_mb)

if orc.DISK_GB not in merged_resources:
disk = request_spec.ephemeral_gb
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
disk += request_spec.root_gb

if disk:
self._add_resource(None, orc.DISK_GB, disk)
self._add_resource(orc.DISK_GB, disk)

self._translate_memory_encryption(request_spec.flavor, image)

@@ -199,11 +199,11 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):

# Process "resources[$S]"
if prefix == self.XS_RES_PREFIX:
self._add_resource(suffix, name, val)
self._add_resource(name, val, group=suffix)

# Process "trait[$S]"
elif prefix == self.XS_TRAIT_PREFIX:
self._add_trait(suffix, name, val)
self._add_trait(name, val, group=suffix)

def _process_image_meta(self, image):
if not image or 'properties' not in image:
@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
# required traits from the image are always added to the
# unsuffixed request group, granular request groups are not
# supported in image traits
self._add_trait(None, trait, "required")
self._add_trait(trait, 'required')

def _translate_vtpm_request(self, flavor, image):
vtpm_config = hardware.get_vtpm_constraint(flavor, image)
@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
trait = os_traits.COMPUTE_SECURITY_TPM_2_0

self._add_trait(None, trait, "required")
self._add_trait(trait, 'required')
LOG.debug("Requiring emulated TPM support via trait %s.", trait)

def _translate_memory_encryption(self, flavor, image):
@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
# No memory encryption required, so no further action required.

self._add_resource(None, orc.MEM_ENCRYPTION_CONTEXT, 1)
self._add_resource(orc.MEM_ENCRYPTION_CONTEXT, 1)
LOG.debug("Added %s=1 to requested resources",

@@ -260,7 +260,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
"PMEM_NAMESPACE_" + vpmem_label)
amount_by_rc[resource_class] += 1
for resource_class, amount in amount_by_rc.items():
self._add_resource(None, resource_class, amount)
self._add_resource(resource_class, amount)
LOG.debug("Added resource %s=%d to requested resources",
resource_class, amount)

@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
vcpus = flavor.vcpus - pcpus

# apply for the VCPU resource of a 'mixed' instance
self._add_resource(None, orc.VCPU, vcpus)
self._add_resource(orc.VCPU, vcpus)

if cpu_policy in (
@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
LOG.debug('Adding additional %(pcpu_rc)s to account for '
'emulator threads', {'pcpu_rc': orc.PCPU})

self._add_resource(None, orc.PCPU, pcpus)
self._add_resource(orc.PCPU, pcpus)

trait = {
obj_fields.CPUThreadAllocationPolicy.ISOLATE: 'forbidden',
@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):
LOG.debug('Adding %(trait)s=%(value)s trait',
{'trait': os_traits.HW_CPU_HYPERTHREADING,
'value': trait})
self._add_trait(None, os_traits.HW_CPU_HYPERTHREADING, trait)
self._add_trait(os_traits.HW_CPU_HYPERTHREADING, trait)

def group_policy(self):
@@ -393,11 +393,19 @@ class ResourceRequest(object):

self._rg_by_id[request_group.requester_id] = request_group

def _add_resource(self, groupid, rclass, amount):
self.get_request_group(groupid).add_resource(rclass, amount)
def _add_resource(self, rclass, amount, group=None):
"""Add resource request to specified request group.

def _add_trait(self, groupid, trait_name, trait_type):
self.get_request_group(groupid).add_trait(trait_name, trait_type)
Defaults to the unsuffixed request group if no group is provided.
self.get_request_group(group).add_resource(rclass, amount)

def _add_trait(self, trait_name, trait_type, group=None):
"""Add trait request to specified group.

Defaults to the unsuffixed request group if no group is provided.
self.get_request_group(group).add_trait(trait_name, trait_type)

def _add_group_policy(self, policy):
# The only valid values for group_policy are 'none' and 'isolate'.