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Hans Lindgren 1de5057e36 Remove unused oslo.config import
Change-Id: I7cc52bfcda72faf9fbdf67553d21b35823505dd6
9 years ago
Robert Collins 97b667d651 Don't mask out HostState details in WeighedHost
WeighedHost's __repr__ was poking under the HostState hood to use
.host in its own __repr__ but this hides some important details.
Specifically it hides the hypervisor_hostname, which is important for
Ironic as one 'node' can have thousands of hostnames. The other
details such as available RAM and so on are also useful for ops trying
to debug scheduling issues, so rather than add hypervisor_hostname, I
am just delegating to the underlying __repr__.

Change-Id: I79e55c32b3d0768430132275ebe050f38c63bc87
9 years ago
Stanislaw Pitucha 17ba935d9d Remove unnecessary LOG initialisation
Remove a lot of getLogger lines and imports of logging in modules
which never use that functionality.

Change-Id: Icdaee2c540980412b000d02ebf1ec568dcf5b38a
10 years ago
Joe Gordon 820f43fc61 Remove deprecated Grizzly code.
Now that Havana development has started remove code deprecated in Grizzly.

Change-Id: Ie3e7611347c334c359dea98d759345b97c66c9c1
10 years ago
Kurt Taylor d17f9ab13d Update OpenStack LLC to Foundation
Update all references of "LLC" to "Foundation".

Change-Id: I009e86784ef4dcf38882d64b0eff484576e04efe
10 years ago
Mark McLoughlin 706a137005 Use oslo-config-2013.1b4
The cfg API is now available via the oslo-config library, so switch to
it and remove the copied-and-pasted version.

Add the 2013.1b4 tarball to tools/pip-requires - this will be changed
to 'oslo-config>=2013.1' when oslo-config is published to pypi. This
will happen in time for grizzly final.

Add dependency_links to so that oslo-config can be installed
from the tarball URL specified in pip-requires.

Remove the 'deps = pep8==1.3.3' from tox.ini as it means all the other
deps get installed with easy_install which can't install oslo-config
from the URL.

Make tools/ include oslo in IMPORT_EXCEPTIONS like it already
does for paste. It turns out imp.find_module() doesn't correct handle
namespace packages.

Retain dummy file until keystoneclient middleware has been
updated (I18c450174277c8e2d15ed93879da6cd92074c27a).

Change-Id: I4815aeb8a9341a31a250e920157f15ee15cfc5bc
10 years ago
Mark McLoughlin 94d87bce21 Remove nova.config.CONF
Modules import nova.config for two reasons right now - firstly, to
reference nova.config.CONF and, secondly, if they use one of the
options defined in nova.config.

Often modules import nova.openstack.common.cfg and nova.config
which is a bit pointless since they could just use cfg.CONF if
they just want to nova.config in order to reference CONF.

Let's just use cfg.CONF everywhere and we can explicitly state
where we actually require options defined in nova.config.

Change-Id: Ie4184a74e3e78c99658becb18dce1c2087e450bb
11 years ago
Chris Behrens 2c6ab62ae2 Refactor scheduling weights.
This makes scheduling weights more plugin friendly and creates shared
code that can be used by the host scheduler as well as the future cells
scheduler.  Weighing classes can now be specified much like you can
specify scheduling host filters.

The new weights code reverses the old behavior where lower weights win.
Higher weights are now the winners.

The least_cost module and configs have been deprecated, but are still
supported for backwards compatibility.  The code has moved to
nova.scheduler.weights.least_cost and been modified to work with the new
loadable-class code.  If any of the least_cost related config options are
specified, this least_cost weigher will be used.

For those not overriding the default least_cost config values, the new
RamWeigher class will be used.  The default behavior of the RamWeigher
class is the same default behavior as the old least_cost module.

The new weights code introduces a new config option
'scheduler_weight_classes' which is used to specify which weigher classes
to use.  The default is 'all classes', but modified if least_cost
deprecated config options are used, as mentioned above.

The RamWeigher class introduces a new config option
'ram_weight_multiplier'.  The default of 1.0 causes weights equal to the
free memory in MB to be returned, thus hosts with more free memory are
preferred (causes equal spreading).  Changing this value to a negative
number such as -1.0 will cause reverse behavior (fill first).


Change-Id: I1e5e5039c299db02f7287f2d33299ebf0b9732ce
11 years ago