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Stephen Finucane 231908a7f4 hacking: Resolve W503 (line break occurred before a binary operator)
Change-Id: I6381365ff882cf23808e8dabfce41143c5e35192
Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <>
4 years ago
Yikun Jiang e66443770d Per aggregate scheduling weight
This spec proposes to add ability to allow users to use
``Aggregate``'s ``metadata`` to override the global config options
for weights to achieve more fine-grained control over resource

blueprint: per-aggregate-scheduling-weight

Change-Id: I6e15c6507d037ffe263a460441858ed454b02504
4 years ago
Stephen Finucane 67f52ab36d Add CPUWeigher
nova provides many different types of filter, providing both resource
stacking/spreading and affinity/anti-affinity patterns. Curiously
enough, however, there is no way to configure a stack or spread policy
of CPUs. Add one.

Change-Id: I90ee8a2081c2a0465441a8d81d161f4887b4e1fb
Implements: bp vcpu-weighter
5 years ago