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Yikun Jiang e66443770d Per aggregate scheduling weight
This spec proposes to add ability to allow users to use
``Aggregate``'s ``metadata`` to override the global config options
for weights to achieve more fine-grained control over resource

blueprint: per-aggregate-scheduling-weight

Change-Id: I6e15c6507d037ffe263a460441858ed454b02504
4 years ago
Alexis Lee 7d0381c91a conf: Group scheduler options
Move all scheduler options into their one of two groups. Many of the
options are simply renamed to remove their 'scheduler_' prefix, with
some exceptions:

* scheduler_default_filters -> enabled_filters
* scheduler_baremetal_default_filters -> baremetal_enabled_filters
* scheduler_driver_task_period -> periodic_task_interval
* scheduler_tracks_instance_changes -> track_instance_changes

Change-Id: I3f48e52815e80c99612bcd10cb53331a8c995fc3
Co-Authored-By: Stephen Finucane <>
Implements: blueprint centralize-config-options-ocata
7 years ago
EdLeafe 5dbdd6ed2b Config options: centralize section "scheduler"
This change moves all of the configuration options previously defined in
nova/scheduler to the new centralized nova/conf/scheduler directory.

A subsequent patch will then improve the help texts.

Blueprint centralize-config-options
Change-Id: I08d50e873f71601a26ce768feac635243d0570f4
8 years ago
Davanum Srinivas af2d6c9576 Switch to using oslo_* instead of oslo.*
The oslo team is recommending everyone to switch to the
non-namespaced versions of libraries. Updating the hacking
rule to include a check to prevent oslo.* import from
creeping back in.

This commit includes:
- using oslo_utils instead of oslo.utils
- using oslo_serialization instead of oslo.serialization
- using oslo_db instead of oslo.db
- using oslo_i18n instead of oslo.i18n
- using oslo_middleware instead of oslo.middleware
- using oslo_config instead of oslo.config
- using oslo_messaging instead of "from oslo import messaging"
- using oslo_vmware instead of oslo.vmware

Change-Id: I3e2eb147b321ce3e928817b62abcb7d023c5f13f
8 years ago
kiwik-chenrui fb559a34f9 Create Nova Scheduler IO Ops Weighter
Add a new nova scheduler weighter, sort the filter
hosts according to host io ops number, aims to
booting instances on light workload hosts.

DocImpact: Adds io_ops_weight_multiplier to [DEFAULT]
group of nova.conf and an new default schedule weigher.
Change-Id: Ib3c9184f10b2ebe6b1230365a51b5542dffd447c
Implements: blueprint io-ops-weight
9 years ago