2749 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen Finucane 8f6de35636 tests: Stop starting consoleauth in functional tests 2 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 9606c80402 Add 'path' query parameter to console access url 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 1cf3da8702 Add Migration.cross_cell_move and get_by_uuid 7 months ago
  Stephen Finucane 8d5359ca51 Remove cells v1 parameter from 'ComputeTaskAPI.resize_instance' 4 weeks ago
  Lee Yarwood 527c452a6f libvirt: Use SATA bus for cdrom devices when using Q35 machine type 2 weeks ago
  Takashi NATSUME 88262634c4 Remove unnecessary setUp methods 2 weeks ago
  Stephen Finucane c419be6c17 Remove 'ComputeManager._reschedule' 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 2629d65fbc Add functional recreate test for bug 1829479 and bug 1817833 1 week ago
  melanie witt 5e74915064 Follow up for counting quota usage from placement 3 weeks ago
  Matt Riedemann 6b4f89ab59 Set/get group uuid when transforming RequestSpec to/from filter_properties 2 weeks ago
  Matt Riedemann da453c2bfe Workaround missing RequestSpec.instance_group.uuid 3 weeks ago
  Matt Riedemann c96c7c5e13 Add regression recreate test for bug 1830747 3 weeks ago
  melanie witt 799c0e4b95 Use instance mappings to count server group members 3 months ago
  Matt Riedemann ad9f37350a Update usage in RT.drop_move_claim during confirm resize 3 months ago
  melanie witt 8354f42e20 Count instances from mappings and cores/ram from placement 4 months ago
  Balazs Gibizer a428601cb6 Do not start nova-network in the notification func test 3 weeks ago
  Adam Spiers 70f45d7c09 Extract provider tree functional tests into new file. 1 month ago
  Matt Riedemann 387d5a9835 Remove redundant conductor from ServersTestBase.setUp() 8 months ago
  Rodrigo Barbieri 873ac499c5 Add functional confirm_migration_error test 1 month ago
  Surya Seetharaman c541ace518 Microversion 2.73: Support adding the reason behind a server lock 2 months ago
  Balazs Gibizer 276001914d Move _fill_provider_mapping to the scheduler_utils 2 months ago
  Dan Smith 57978de4a8 Add image type request filter 1 month ago
  Dan Smith 761251f7ba Make libvirt expose supported image types 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann f9eb685bee Exclude fake marker instance when listing servers 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 91056970b5 Add regression test for bug 1825034 2 months ago
  Balazs Gibizer e9d572ddfa Log when port resource is leaked during port delete 1 month ago
  Balazs Gibizer 93027713ab Reset the stored logs at each notification test steps 1 month ago
  Balazs Gibizer 095d3f91d1 Test macvtap port with resource request 3 months ago
  Chris Dent 70a2879b2c Delete the placement code 4 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 54877e06f1 Add functional recreate test for bug 1818914 3 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 85f8d033d2 Create request spec, build request and mappings in one transaction 10 months ago
  ZhongShengping 7ecaa3fcf8 Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 1 month ago
  Matt Riedemann 4df3f17853 Fix ProviderUsageBaseTestCase._run_periodics for multi-cell 3 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 8aae3e39e5 Fix volume-backed resize with a smaller disk flavor 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann a40c7f3e8d Add functional regression recreate test for bug 1825020 2 months ago
  Stephen Finucane 27e88f6a66 Stop handling cells v1 in '/os-hypervisors' API 2 months ago
  Stephen Finucane fb14f24cc3 Remove '/os-cells' REST APIs 2 months ago
  Stephen Finucane 97549a2c41 Handle unsetting '[DEFAULT] dhcp_domain' 2 months ago
  Francois Palin ab7c968b6f Include all network devices in nova diagnostics 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann c00912db51 Add BFV wrinkle to TestNovaManagePlacementHealAllocations 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann c92b297896 Add --instance option to heal_allocations 2 months ago
  Stephen Finucane 3e65f778bd Bump to hacking 1.1.0 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann ded3e4d900 Add --dry-run option to heal_allocations CLI 2 months ago
  melanie witt 85e287d3ef Add get_counts() to InstanceMappingList 4 months ago
  Stephen Finucane 4aa989f471 Add placeholder migrations for Stein backports 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 78e04bbe2e Log notifications if assertion in _test_live_migration_force_complete fails 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 3301449e73 Remove CellMappingPayload database_connection and transport_url fields 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann cec1808050 Drop migrate_keypairs_to_api_db data migration 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann e4c998e573 Do not persist RequestSpec.ignore_hosts 2 months ago
  Stephen Finucane a37b16610d tests: Stub out privsep modules 2 months ago