26 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Still b12f0a6026 Move kpartx calls to privsep. 1 year ago
  Michael Still 7ad72b0922 Cleanup mount / umount and associated rmdir calls 1 year ago
  Ngo Quoc Cuong 6c3520ac5b Remove translation of log messages 2 years ago
  Alexis Lee 2c1b19761b Wait for device to be mapped 3 years ago
  Andrew Melton 0e16afa588 virt: allow for direct mounting of LocalBlockImages 3 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 0ea510f556 virt: convert disk mount API to use nova.virt.image.model 4 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas 97d63d8745 Use oslo.log 4 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas af2d6c9576 Switch to using oslo_* instead of oslo.* 4 years ago
  Mike Durnosvistov 76953c00c3 Replacement `_` on `_LW` in all LOG.warning part 4 4 years ago
  Mike Durnosvistov 8431670ef8 Replacement `_` on `_LI` in all LOG.info - part 1 4 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas 323fa6fef7 Use oslo.utils 4 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas 826aed0ec7 Use oslo.i18n 4 years ago
  Gary Kotton cfd0846498 Don't translate debug level logs in nova.virt 5 years ago
  liu-sheng 74f953a1d7 Remove vi modelines 5 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas dd3f96e915 Fix for qemu-nbd hang 5 years ago
  Alex Gaynor cd9d8e45c6 Remove the monkey patching of _ into the builtins 6 years ago
  Eugene Nikanorov 03df827e78 Remove locals() from virt directory 5 years ago
  Wangpan 786424b456 Fixes nbd device can't be released error 6 years ago
  Arata Notsu e3fe55df23 Fix leak of loop/nbd devices in injection using localfs 6 years ago
  Chuck Short 00f6651369 lxc: Clean up namespace mounts 6 years ago
  Sean Dague bf31e02d13 Fix N402 for nova/virt 6 years ago
  Joe Gordon 9402ca64a8 Fix spelling mistakes in nova.virt 6 years ago
  Michael Still a246c5576d Make NBD retry logic more generic, add retry to loop. 6 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 14d97975af Add debug logging to disk mount modules 6 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 6aebaca79a Remove img_handlers config parameter usage 6 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange e85156e20b Move all mount classes into a subdirectory 6 years ago
  Clemens Perz 1b87d59da1 Have device mapping use autocreated device nodes 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 72815cfa96 Define default mode and device_id_string in Mount 6 years ago
  Pádraig Brady a5184d5dbf fix unmounting of LXC containers 6 years ago
  Andrew Bogott d335457f48 Switch to common logging. 7 years ago
  Pádraig Brady 2b3a1e7e83 support a configurable libvirt injection partition 7 years ago
  Jason Kölker c9ca372b0b Standardize logging delaration and use 7 years ago
  Pádraig Brady a8104ebf12 remove auto fsck feature from file injection. Bug 826794 7 years ago
  Russell Bryant 541f747f05 Use os.path.basename() instead of string splitting. 7 years ago
  Pádraig Brady 5335b4ab0e Bug#898257 abstract out disk image access methods 7 years ago