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Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui 18938d283c Improve hacking rule to avoid author markers
The case with the tag "moduleauthor" is not handled when
checking to avoid author makers.
Also fix the position when the tag Author is used.

Change-Id: I17b07b9f5448f9cbb4c5705f655c5392316a6239
Closes-Bug: #1314176
9 years ago
liu-sheng 74f953a1d7 Remove vi modelines
We don't need to have the vi modelines in each source file,
it can be set in a user's vimrc if required.

Also a check is added to hacking to detect if they are re-added.

Change-Id: I347307a5145b2760c69085b6ca850d6a9137ffc6
Closes-Bug: #1229324
9 years ago
Kurt Taylor d17f9ab13d Update OpenStack LLC to Foundation
Update all references of "LLC" to "Foundation".

Change-Id: I009e86784ef4dcf38882d64b0eff484576e04efe
10 years ago
Joe Gordon a58a50e060 Fix OpenStack Capitalization
Openstack => OpenStack
for nova/*py

Change-Id: Ibcfae4776422a515a109e59510fc84f8b63c00b9
11 years ago
Ed Leafe 90c6641d47 Created the filters directory in nova/scheduler 12 years ago
Chris Behrens 094d64334e fix copyrights for new files, etc 13 years ago
Chris Behrens f42be0875d almost there on random scheduler. not pushing to correct compute node topic, yet, apparently... 13 years ago