118 Commits (49767beaa92fabf17d546e7345a0a1776f51bd6b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Takashi Natsume 8d3c2ce92b Add a hacking rule for assert_has_calls 2 years ago
Takashi Natsume 9dca0d186f Remove hacking rules for python 2/3 compatibility 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane 45a88f08b4 hacking: Modify checks for translated logs 2 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 97a5f0e216 Remove descriptions of nonexistent hacking rules 3 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 2967897fa0 Add a hacking rule for useless assertions 3 years ago
Takashi NATSUME d4ed9ed93f Add a hacking rule for non-existent assertions 3 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 5ccdbc7189 Fix missing rule description in HACKING.rst 3 years ago
Adam Spiers 5df748b2ed Make it easier to run a selection of tests relevant to ongoing work 3 years ago
Michael Still 07627d4d39 Hacking N362: Don't abbrev/alias privsep import 3 years ago
Adam Spiers 889aadf1c4 Document how to make tests log at DEBUG level 3 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 249174943e Add a hacking rule for deprecated assertion methods 4 years ago
Takashi NATSUME fbb69db7c7 Removed unnecessary parantheses in yield statements 4 years ago
esberglu b5f38fb40a Add check for redundant import aliases 4 years ago
melissaml c5b11d93d7 fix link 4 years ago
Matt Riedemann 85235d229b doc: fix link to creating unit tests in contributor guide 5 years ago
Gábor Antal 51c6b13847 Enable global hacking checks and removed local checks 5 years ago
Gábor Antal 6eaf6dcb1e Removed unnecessary parantheses and fixed formation 5 years ago
hussainchachuliya a862aa0f3d hacking: Use uuidutils or uuidsentinel to generate UUID 6 years ago
Stephen Finucane 09e2bcf3f5 hacking: Use assertIs(Not), assert(True|False) 6 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 4eb89c206e Add a hacking rule for string interpolation at logging 6 years ago
Sivasathurappan Radhakrishnan b3d58ed718 Remove context object in oslo.log method 6 years ago
Stephen Finucane ebc0219a50 hacking: Always use 'assertIs(Not)None' 6 years ago
sonu.kumar 059d257b94 Add hacking checks for xrange() 6 years ago
Markus Zoeller 0b0e7dacf5 Remove hacking check [N347] for config options. 6 years ago
yatin karel ecb24c5f1b Replace deprecated LOG.warn with LOG.warning 6 years ago
Andrew Laski 219d970d13 Hacking check for _ENFORCER.enforce() 6 years ago
Andrew Laski f8f83b4751 Hacking check for policy registration 6 years ago
Anh Tran a2d0d65a29 Removes some redundant words 6 years ago
Dan Smith f6e4713bf6 Add a hacking check for test method closures 6 years ago
kairoaraujo b4a3193c20 Hacking: check for deprecated os.popen() 6 years ago
Markus Zoeller 1216449dc4 config options: add hacking check for help text length 7 years ago
abhishekkekane e8f82596b8 Python3: Replace dict.iteritems with six.iteritems 7 years ago
Daniel P. Berrange aaff356e18 hacking: check for common double word typos 7 years ago
Markus Zoeller adf268def3 add hacking check for config options location 7 years ago
Davanum Srinivas 32246daee4 hacking check for contextlib.nested for py34 support 7 years ago
Simon Pasquier aa13d01a90 Fix typo in HACKING.rst 7 years ago
Ryan Rossiter 6179854ae7 Add hacking check for eventlet.spawn() 7 years ago
Ryan Rossiter 97821a9c7e Add hacking check for greenthread.spawn() 7 years ago
Davanum Srinivas 83d6548bbe Remove unnecessary oslo namespace import checks 7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 62575dd40e
Add tool to build a doc latex pdf 7 years ago
Matt Riedemann f72b7e35c8 Update HACKING.rst for running tests and building docs 7 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 198a3bea23 Add a hacking rule for consistent HTTP501 message 7 years ago
jichenjc 4dddcf3643 Treat LOG.warning and LOG.warn same 8 years ago
jichenjc 8510d3aaee Remove N331 hacking rules 8 years ago
Kashyap Chamarthy cf472ab15c HACKING.rst: Update the location of unit tests' README.rst 8 years ago
Sergey Nikitin 16774b6d33 Added hacking rule for assertEqual(a in b, True/False). 8 years ago
Mike Durnosvistov 6ab942dd19 Don't translate exceptions in tests 8 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 69fef14509 Performance: leverage dict comprehension in PEP-0274 8 years ago
Davanum Srinivas c3d10b7a62 Do not use deprecated assertRaisesRegexp() 8 years ago
Joe Gordon fe9072edde Remove non existent rule N327 from HACKING.rst 8 years ago