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Andreas Jaeger 4e6eec5c9b Fix broken URLs 4 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 7c66d4184b api-ref: Fix a parameter in os-availability-zone.inc 5 years ago
Karen Bradshaw a7fa4f426e api-ref, os-availability-zone.inc 5 years ago
Sean Dague c9f5ad3bcf remove /v2.1/{tenant_id} from all urls 5 years ago
jichenjc ffee1b3444 Complet Method Verification of availability-zone 6 years ago
Sean Dague d929b9fc76 add tags to files for the content verification phase 6 years ago
Sean Dague 9526462326 move sphinx h3 to '-' instead of '^' 6 years ago
Sean Dague d4e2771440 Import RST files for documentation 6 years ago
jichenjc fb7b7e7f95 Fix hosts and az api samples 6 years ago