8 Commits (56c85a1961f3ac89c5a5082da2c5a99c49c33507)

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Matt Riedemann a2fbe44be0 Remove nova/openstack/* from .coveragerc 5 years ago
Monty Taylor 7bc16c8025 Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors 6 years ago
Sascha Peilicke fa0d61084e Port Cheetah templates to Jinja2 8 years ago
Alessio Ababilov d089e0a488 Update .coveragerc 9 years ago
Monty Taylor a0c3e67cb5 Use testrepository setuptools support. 9 years ago
James E. Blair 9576c6fdeb Revert "Use testr setuptools commands." 9 years ago
Monty Taylor c945b71929 Use testr setuptools commands. 9 years ago
Monty Taylor cf34a60157 Finalize tox config. 9 years ago