109 Commits (56c85a1961f3ac89c5a5082da2c5a99c49c33507)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Balazs Gibizer e5b264bf7b Bumping min os-brick ver to 4.3.1 4 months ago
Lucian Petrut f0eeba5c8c hyper-v rbd volume support 9 months ago
Lee Yarwood 95fbbce8b2 requirements.txt: Bump os-brick to 4.2.0 5 months ago
Artom Lifshitz db7517d5a8 scheduler: Add 'socket' PCI NUMA affinity policy trait 6 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann a72ace1c6c Reuse code from oslo lib for JSON policy migration 9 months ago
Sean Mooney 594df9aeb0 use psycopg2 binary instead of source package 7 months ago
Lee Yarwood 7a9d4df24b lower-constraints: Bump packaging to 20.4 8 months ago
Balazs Gibizer f2ebe107d1 Bump the lowest eventlet version to 0.26.1 9 months ago
Ade Lee c82ce37635 Replace md5 with oslo version 10 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann fe545dbe5f Migrate default policy file from JSON to YAML 11 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann e905400ca0 [goal] Prepare for job migration to Ubuntu Focal (20.04) 1 year ago
Sean McGinnis 274cc3d7f4
Fix lower-constraints conflicts 1 year ago
Dustin Cowles 3667af6cd1 Provider Config File: YAML file loading and schema validation 2 years ago
Lin Yang 8fa83ff62a Add traits for new AVX512 CPU feature 1 year ago
Hervé Beraud 325e51f1b0 Cap jsonschema 3.2.0 as the minimal version 1 year ago
Matthew Booth bcfa24a09b Remove eventlet hub workaround for monotonic clock 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane 34ecf5ab91 tox: Integrate mypy 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis 5af9ad4e54
Remove monotonic usage 1 year ago
Andreas Jaeger c59225cefd Remove Babel requirement 1 year ago
Ghanshyam Mann a2d25f42c0 Use oslo policy flag to disable default change warning instead of all 1 year ago
Stephen Finucane 58784943f7 api: Add framework for extra spec validation 2 years ago
Lee Yarwood 7c7a25aa1e workarounds: Add option to locally attach RBD volumes on compute hosts 1 year ago
Sundar Nadathur f002274c6a Enable and use COMPUTE_ACCELERATORS trait. 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane a2f30f9d7c Bump python-subunit minimum to 1.4.0 1 year ago
Lee Yarwood a486ee6272 libvirt: Use oslo.utils >= 4.1.0 to fetch format-specific image data 1 year ago
Jason Anderson 1ed9f9dac5
Use fair locks in resource tracker 1 year ago
Nathan Kinder 08bdcdb5b6 Allow TLS ciphers/protocols to be configurable for console proxies 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane 082dc59b89 trivial: Bump minimum version of websockify 2 years ago
Matt Riedemann 4921e822e7 Use COMPUTE_SAME_HOST_COLD_MIGRATE trait during migrate 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane f5f73b4c4e nova-net: Kill it 2 years ago
ericxiett e61cb24932 Report trait 'COMPUTE_IMAGE_TYPE_PLOOP' 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane 3dbdbb4e2b Revert "(Temporarily) readd bare support for py27" 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane e3da87a45d Switch to hacking 2.x 2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann 5c96864e60 Suppress policy deprecated warnings in tests 2 years ago
Balazs Gibizer 3a9e8f9c59 Remove functional test specific nova code 2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann 55ae1a5d53 Pass RequestContext to oslo_policy 2 years ago
Matt Riedemann b972f23ba6 Remove fixed sqlalchemy-migrate deprecation warning filters 2 years ago
Eric Fried a79d3d546b Always trait the compute node RP with COMPUTE_NODE 2 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 1b597f759f Use os-brick locking for volume attach and detach 3 years ago
Eric Fried 73f1fda7e9 Bump min for oslo.service & .privsep to fix SIGHUP 2 years ago
Chris Dent 8ed9c9434f Tune up db.instance_get_all_uuids_by_hosts 2 years ago
Adam Spiers b4905467db Add extra spec parameter and image property for memory encryption 2 years ago
Eric Fried 5519a069b0 Allow strict_proxies for sdk Connection 2 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 1eec451b1b Tests: autospecs all the mock.patch usages 2 years ago
Eric Fried eb5f137292 Bump minimum ksa (3.16.0) and sdk (0.34.0) 2 years ago
Wang Huaqiang 866ca1468d Add the support of CPU feature 'AVX512-VNNI' 2 years ago
Dustin Cowles 9f64b9900e Introduces the openstacksdk to nova 2 years ago
Eric Fried 8068bb3f4a Use Adapter global_request_id kwarg 2 years ago
Matt Riedemann 5e78122458 Set COMPUTE_STATUS_DISABLED trait from update_provider_tree flow 2 years ago
melanie witt 6caedfd976 Require at least cryptography>=2.7 2 years ago