7 Commits (620a93181334692a54077ecb7abe062c8af1d2c4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Balazs Gibizer f1f599d098 Create a fixture around fake_notifier 11 months ago
Stephen Finucane c269285568 tests: Move remaining non-libvirt fixtures 6 months ago
Stephen Finucane cc45581a18 functional: Add and use 'GlanceFixture' 1 year ago
Stephen Finucane ecff78e05d tests: Add helpers for rebuild, cold migrate, and shelve/unshelve 1 year ago
Stephen Finucane 0f61324893 tests: Add helpers for suspend, resume and reboot of server 1 year ago
Stephen Finucane 7ae1a10913 functional: Remove 'api' parameter 2 years ago
Sean Mooney 641feb62a3 make config drives sticky bug 1835822 2 years ago