98 Commits (74b053f47a659a0250d051020d6c8b4e3c256e7d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lee Yarwood 74b053f47a libvirt: Handle VIR_ERR_DEVICE_MISSING when detaching devices 2 years ago
Lee Yarwood c438fd9a0e libvirt: Provide VIR_MIGRATE_PARAM_PERSIST_XML during live migration 1 year ago
melanie witt 3a1be7afd0 Avoid logging traceback when detach device not found 3 years ago
Chris Friesen 6a7e45c750 Add missing libvirt exception during device detach 3 years ago
arches 1ac56a4038 Skip checking of target_dev for vhostuser 3 years ago
melanie witt 7520d159b5 Handle unicode characters in migration params 3 years ago
Kashyap Chamarthy 4b3e877210 libvirt: Remove usage of migrateToURI{2} APIs 4 years ago
Lee Yarwood 636c7461de libvirt: Remove reference to transient domain when detaching devices 4 years ago
Corey Bryant 2d532963fa In Python3.7 async is a keyword [1] 4 years ago
Chen Hanxiao a991471f3e sync_guest_time: use the proper errno 4 years ago
Chris Friesen 4c3cb03b82 add parameter docstring for 'params' to libvirt.guest.Guest.migrate() 4 years ago
jichen a91af59f75 Fix issue for pep8 on py3 4 years ago
Takashi NATSUME c32ca60283 Remove unnecessary execute permissions in files 4 years ago
Matthew Booth ea9bf5216b libvirt: Don't VIR_MIGRATE_NON_SHARED_INC without migrate_disks 4 years ago
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui 23446a9552 libvirt: add method to configure migration speed 4 years ago
Matthew Booth 8fa97d91c0 Make etree.tostring() emit unicode everywhere 4 years ago
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui c212ad27b0 libvirt: bandwidth param should be set in guest migrate 4 years ago
Michael Still 0952f80d01 Move execs of tee to privsep. 5 years ago
melanie witt d39934ad6a Detach device from live domain even if not found on persistent 5 years ago
Eric Fried 5db9389c01 Trim the fat from InstanceInfo 5 years ago
Ngo Quoc Cuong 6c3520ac5b Remove translation of log messages 5 years ago
Matt Riedemann fabfb347f5 libvirt: fix alternative_device_name for detaching interfaces 5 years ago
Matt Riedemann 563c0927d1 libvirt: Check if domain is persistent before detaching devices 5 years ago
Artom Lifshitz a8a4a8ea7b Use VIR_DOMAIN_BLOCK_REBASE_COPY_DEV when rebasing 5 years ago
fpxie c16e020bf7 Spelling error "paramenter" 5 years ago
Matt Riedemann 33d0b029f1 libvirt: add debug logging in detach_device_with_retry 5 years ago
John L. Villalovos 66866b3ce6 Use flake8-import-order 5 years ago
Matt Riedemann a3b3e8d831 libvirt: wait for interface detach from the guest 5 years ago
Feodor Tersin dcec14fc0c libvirt: Introduce Guest.get_config method 5 years ago
Lee Yarwood 9ed7826419 libvirt: Use the mirror element to detect job completion 5 years ago
Kevin Zhao 539d381434 libvirt: fix nova can't delete the instance with nvram 5 years ago
Davanum Srinivas 584969aff1 [py35] Fixes to get rally scenarios working 5 years ago
Stephen Finucane ad1c7ac2b1 libvirt: Stop misusing NovaException 5 years ago
Daniel P. Berrange 9c0cb54866 libvirt: remove hack for dom.vcpus() returning None 5 years ago
melanie witt 63b2c89626 Raise DeviceNotFound detaching volume from persistent domain 5 years ago
Leehom Li (feli5) a5c38cc861 Support detach interface with same MAC from instance 5 years ago
int32bit d079f37f7c Fix wait for detach code to handle 'disk not found error' 5 years ago
Vladik Romanovsky cd1af7abdd libvirt: sync time on resumed from suspend instances 5 years ago
Alberto Planas 94f89e96f8 Add migrate_uri for invoking the migration 5 years ago
Matthew Booth 0f4bd24166 libvirt: Fix BlockDevice.wait_for_job when qemu reports no job 5 years ago
Kashyap Chamarthy 0a6d05a901 libvirt/guest.py: Update docstrings of block device methods 5 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) a6e946364e Return instance of Guest from method write_instance_config 6 years ago
Sławek Kapłoński 6b20239a5d Fix race condition bug during live_snapshot 5 years ago
Vladik Romanovsky 0376da0627 libvirt: update guest time after suspend 6 years ago
jinquanni 9ce8d44a61 libvirt:code flow problem in wait_for_job 6 years ago
Luis Tomas 1651850f6f Add automatic switching to postcopy mode when migration is not progressing 6 years ago
Luis Tomas 2de3879afa Extend live-migration-force-complete to use postcopy if available 6 years ago
Gary Kotton 38d4b536ea libvirt: fix typos in comments 6 years ago
Pawel Koniszewski 0a6985a93f [libvirt] Incorrect parameters passed to migrateToURI3 6 years ago
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui beea9b4185 libvirt: add "get_job_info" to Guest's object 6 years ago