7 Commits (8628c75738d6ad343d66247ca9e7fe4e0304cefb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Chris Dent 5f887d851e [placement] Adjust the name of the gabbi tests 5 years ago
Chris Dent 2ae10ce522 Add initial framing of placement API 5 years ago
Sean Dague 5c8bbaafef Add tox -e functional 7 years ago
Joshua Hesketh cf99852f51 Fix tests to work with mysql+postgres concurrently 8 years ago
Roman Podolyaka e4b85c10a6 Make testr preserve existing OS_* env vars values 8 years ago
Clark Boylan 7224fde0f0 Invert test stream capture logic for debugging. 9 years ago
Clark Boylan 4abc8cc64f Use testr to run nova unittests. 9 years ago