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Lee Yarwood d5420bbb50 docs: Add reference docs for internal block device structures 2 years ago
Matt Riedemann 33c7996624 doc: define boot from volume in the glossary 3 years ago
Matt Riedemann 364fa30062 Docs and functional test for max_local_block_devices 3 years ago
melanie witt bb0906f4f3 Add configuration of maximum disk devices to attach 4 years ago
Jose Castro Leon 984e45544e Fix destination_type attribute in the bdm_v2 documentation 4 years ago
zhangbailin c7f4190af2 Add microversion 2.67 to support volume_type 4 years ago
Sean Dague 3361769910 Fix list rendering in bdm doc. 5 years ago
Stephen Finucane ef9cbc0017 doc: Populate the 'user' section 5 years ago
Kevin_Zheng 78486ac3e1 Fix doc job with correct ref link 6 years ago
Nikola Dipanov a338a4da11 Add documentation for block device mapping 7 years ago