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Accounts may be pre-configured with a set of thresholds (or limits) to manage capacity and prevent abuse of the system. The system recognizes absolute limits. Absolute limits are fixed. Limits are configured by operators and may differ from one deployment of the OpenStack Compute service to another. Please contact your provider to determine the limits that apply to your account. Your provider may be able to adjust your account's limits if they are too low. Also see the API Reference for Limits.

Absolute limits

Absolute limits are specified as name/value pairs. The name of the absolute limit uniquely identifies the limit within a deployment. Please consult your provider for an exhaustive list of absolute limits names. An absolute limit value is always specified as an integer. The name of the absolute limit determines the unit type of the integer value. For example, the name maxServerMeta implies that the value is in terms of server metadata items.

Table: Sample absolute limits

Name Value Description
maxTotalRAMSize 51200 Maximum total amount of RAM (MB)
maxServerMeta 5 Maximum number of metadata items associated with a server.
maxImageMeta 5 Maximum number of metadata items associated with an image.
maxPersonality 5 The maximum number of file path/content pairs that can be supplied on server build.
maxPersonalitySize 10240 The maximum size, in bytes, for each personality file.

Determine limits programmatically

Applications can programmatically determine current account limits. For information, see Limits.