melanie witt d533727904 testing: Reset affinity support global variables
Ran into this randomly today, if a test sets
CONF.scheduler.enabled_filters to a non-default value, the affinity
support global variables will be set to False which can affect
subsequent test runs that expect the default configuration (affinity
filter support enabled).

Example error:

  WARNING [nova.scheduler.utils] Failed to
    compute_task_build_instances: ServerGroup policy is not supported:
      ServerGroupAffinityFilter not configured

This resets the global variables during base test setup, similar to how
other globals are reset.

Change-Id: Icbc75b1001c0a609280241f99a780313b244aa9d
2023-03-02 18:14:46 +00:00
client Follow up for the PCI in placement series 2022-09-02 14:07:32 +02:00
filters Factor out a mixin class for candidate aware filters 2023-01-20 17:17:48 +01:00
weights Add CrossCellWeigher 2019-12-12 12:40:29 -05:00 Improve hacking rule to avoid author markers 2014-05-05 14:35:20 +02:00 Filter PCI pools based on Placement allocation 2022-10-17 13:56:18 +02:00 Make allocation candidates available for scheduler filters 2022-10-17 13:56:18 +02:00 Add traits for viommu model 2022-09-02 02:13:20 +08:00 Remove return from rpc cast 2022-06-18 16:23:26 +05:30 testing: Reset affinity support global variables 2023-03-02 18:14:46 +00:00