OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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Eric Fried 1e907602e3 Allow versioned discovery unauthenticated 2 years ago
rootwrap.d nova-net: Kill it 1 year ago
README-nova.conf.txt Fix broken URLs 4 years ago
README-policy.yaml.txt Remove an unused file and a related description 2 years ago
api-paste.ini Allow versioned discovery unauthenticated 1 year ago
logging_sample.conf Replace URLs with URLs 2 years ago
nova-config-generator.conf Merge "Summarize output of sample configuration generator" 2 years ago
nova-policy-generator.conf Add policy sample generation 5 years ago
release.sample Allow loading of product/vendor/package info from external file 9 years ago
rootwrap.conf Add /usr/local/{sbin,bin} to rootwrap exec_dirs 5 years ago