OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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# A simple wrapper around flake8 which makes it possible
# to ask it to only verify files changed in the current
# git HEAD patch.
# Intended to be invoked via tox:
# tox -epep8 -- -HEAD
if test "x$1" = "x-HEAD" ; then
files=$(git diff --name-only HEAD~1 | tr '\n' ' ')
echo "Running flake8 on ${files}"
echo ""
echo "Consider using the 'pre-commit' tool instead."
echo ""
echo " pip install --user pre-commit"
echo " pre-commit install --allow-missing-config"
echo ""
diff -u --from-file /dev/null ${files} | flake8 --diff "$@"
echo "Running flake8 on all files"
echo ""
exec flake8 "$@"