OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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Zuul 69f740644b Merge "FUP for in-place numa rebuild" into stable/rocky 12 months ago
db api-ref verify of 5 years ago
hooks move gate hooks to gate/ 5 years ago
xenserver Add tests for _get_trees_matching_all() function 3 years ago include python-novaclient in abandon policy 7 years ago Change group controller of V2 test cases 6 years ago Check cherry-pick hashes in pep8 tox target 1 year ago tox: make it possible to run pep8 on current patch only 6 years ago
nova-manage.bash_completion add nova-manage bash completion script 9 years ago Make eventlet hub use a monotonic clock 5 years ago Prepare for using standard python tests 5 years ago