OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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Chris Dent 70a2879b2c Delete the placement code
This finalizes the removal of the placement code from nova.
This change primarily removes code and makes fixes to cmd,
test and migration tooling to adapt to the removal.

Placement tests and documention were already removed in
early patches.

A database migration that calls
consumer_obj.create_incomplete_consumers in nova-manage has been

A functional test which confirms the default incomplete
consumer user and project id has been changes so its its use of
conf.placement.incomplete_* (now removed) is replaced with a
constant. The placement server, running in the functional
test, provides its own config.

placement-related configuration is updated to only register those
opts which are relevant on the nova side. This mostly means
ksa-related opts. placement-database configuration is removed
from nova/conf/database.

tox.ini is updated to remove the group_regex required by the
placement gabbi tests. This should probably have gone when the
placement functional tests went, but was overlooked.

A release note is added which describes that this is cleanup,
the main action already happened, but points people to the
nova to placement upgrade instructions in case they haven't
done it yet.

Change-Id: I4181f39dea7eb10b84e6f5057938767b3e422aff
4 years ago
api-guide/source Documentation for bandwidth support 4 years ago
api-ref/source Remove '/os-cells' REST APIs 4 years ago
devstack Replace URLs with URLs 4 years ago
doc Delete the placement code 4 years ago
etc/nova Replace URLs with URLs 4 years ago
gate Pass --nic when creating servers in evacuate integration test script 4 years ago
nova Delete the placement code 4 years ago
playbooks/legacy OpenDev Migration Patch 4 years ago
releasenotes Delete the placement code 4 years ago
tools Replace URLs with URLs 4 years ago
.coveragerc Remove nova/openstack/* from .coveragerc 7 years ago
.gitignore Delete the placement code 4 years ago
.gitreview OpenDev Migration Patch 4 years ago
.mailmap Add mailmap entry 9 years ago
.stestr.conf Finish stestr migration 6 years ago
.zuul.yaml Don't run tempest/devstack jobs on nova/ only changes 4 years ago
CONTRIBUTING.rst Update links in documents 5 years ago
HACKING.rst Hacking N362: Don't abbrev/alias privsep import 4 years ago
LICENSE initial commit 13 years ago
MAINTAINERS Fix broken URLs 6 years ago
README.rst Docs: modernise links 5 years ago
babel.cfg Get rid of distutils.extra. 11 years ago
bindep.txt Merge "Bindep does not catch missing libpcre3-dev on Ubuntu" 5 years ago
lower-constraints.txt Bump to hacking 1.1.0 4 years ago
requirements.txt Uncap jsonschema 4 years ago
setup.cfg Delete the placement code 4 years ago Updated from global requirements 6 years ago
test-requirements.txt Bump to hacking 1.1.0 4 years ago
tox.ini Delete the placement code 4 years ago


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OpenStack Nova

OpenStack Nova provides a cloud computing fabric controller, supporting a wide variety of compute technologies, including: libvirt (KVM, Xen, LXC and more), Hyper-V, VMware, XenServer, OpenStack Ironic and PowerVM.

Use the following resources to learn more.


To learn how to use Nova's API, consult the documentation available online at:

For more information on OpenStack APIs, SDKs and CLIs in general, refer to:


To learn how to deploy and configure OpenStack Nova, consult the documentation available online at:

In the unfortunate event that bugs are discovered, they should be reported to the appropriate bug tracker. If you obtained the software from a 3rd party operating system vendor, it is often wise to use their own bug tracker for reporting problems. In all other cases use the master OpenStack bug tracker, available at:


For information on how to contribute to Nova, please see the contents of the CONTRIBUTING.rst.

Any new code must follow the development guidelines detailed in the HACKING.rst file, and pass all unit tests.

Further developer focused documentation is available at:

Other Information

During each Summit and Project Team Gathering, we agree on what the whole community wants to focus on for the upcoming release. The plans for nova can be found at: