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Mohammed Naser 7b5cdd7ac0
Revert "Refine waiting for vif plug events during _hard_reboot"
5 years ago
disk Stop using mox in unit/virt/disk/ 6 years ago
hyperv propagate OSError to MigrationPreCheckError 5 years ago
image Use assert(Not)Equal instead of assertTrue(A == X) 7 years ago
ironic Pick ironic nodes without VCPU set 5 years ago
libvirt Revert "Refine waiting for vif plug events during _hard_reboot" 5 years ago
powervm hypervisor_hostname must match get_available_nodes 6 years ago
vmwareapi remove mox from unit/virt/vmwareapi/ 6 years ago
xenapi XenAPI: Fix ValueError in test_slave_asks_master_to_add_slave_to_pool 6 years ago Fix misuse of assertTrue in console and virt tests 7 years ago encryptors: Switch to os-brick encryptor classes 6 years ago Remove usage of parameter enforce_type 6 years ago remove get_nw_info_for_instance from compute.utils 6 years ago Prefer non-PCI host nodes for non-PCI instances 6 years ago Remove mox from tests/unit/virt/ 7 years ago Bump prlimit cpu time for qemu from 2 to 8 6 years ago Remove unnecessary code 6 years ago Do not attempt to load osinfo if we do not have os_distro 6 years ago Remove mox from nova/tests/unit/virt/ 6 years ago libvirt: Check if domain is persistent before detaching devices 6 years ago