OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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Sean Mooney 84c6381660 FUP for in-place numa rebuild 2 years ago
client Fix false ERROR message at compute restart 2 years ago
filters FUP for in-place numa rebuild 1 year ago
weights Change deprecated policies to policy 3 years ago Improve hacking rule to avoid author markers 7 years ago Make eventlet hub use a monotonic clock 5 years ago test: Store the OutputStreamCapture fixture 4 years ago Add tests for alloc_cands with member_of 4 years ago Fix WeighedHost logging regression 3 years ago Init HostState.failed_builds 2 years ago Use INFO for logging no allocation candidates 3 years ago Honor availability_zone hint via placement 3 years ago Use long_rpc_timeout in select_destinations RPC call 3 years ago Disable limit if affinity(anti)/same(different)host is requested 2 years ago