OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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# Copyright 2010 United States Government as represented by the
# Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""Nova base exception handling.
Includes decorator for re-raising Nova-type exceptions.
SHOULD include dedicated exception logging.
from oslo_log import log as logging
import webob.exc
from webob import util as woutil
from nova.i18n import _, _LE
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ConvertedException(webob.exc.WSGIHTTPException):
def __init__(self, code, title="", explanation=""):
self.code = code
# There is a strict rule about constructing status line for HTTP:
# '...Status-Line, consisting of the protocol version followed by a
# numeric status code and its associated textual phrase, with each
# element separated by SP characters'
# (
# 'code' and 'title' can not be empty because they correspond
# to numeric status code and its associated text
if title:
self.title = title
self.title = woutil.status_reasons[self.code]
except KeyError:
msg = _LE("Improper or unknown HTTP status code used: %d")
LOG.error(msg, code)
self.title = woutil.status_generic_reasons[self.code // 100]
self.explanation = explanation
super(ConvertedException, self).__init__()
class NovaException(Exception):
"""Base Nova Exception
To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define
a 'msg_fmt' property. That msg_fmt will get printf'd
with the keyword arguments provided to the constructor.
msg_fmt = _("An unknown exception occurred.")
code = 500
headers = {}
safe = False
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
self.kwargs = kwargs
if 'code' not in self.kwargs:
self.kwargs['code'] = self.code
except AttributeError:
if not message:
message = self.msg_fmt % kwargs
except Exception:
# NOTE(melwitt): This is done in a separate method so it can be
# monkey-patched during testing to make it a hard failure.
message = self.msg_fmt
self.message = message
super(NovaException, self).__init__(message)
def _log_exception(self):
# kwargs doesn't match a variable in the message
# log the issue and the kwargs
LOG.exception(_LE('Exception in string format operation'))
for name, value in self.kwargs.items():
LOG.error("%s: %s" % (name, value)) # noqa
def format_message(self):
# NOTE(mrodden): use the first argument to the python Exception object
# which should be our full NovaException message, (see __init__)
return self.args[0]
def __repr__(self):
dict_repr = self.__dict__
dict_repr['class'] = self.__class__.__name__
return str(dict_repr)
class EncryptionFailure(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to encrypt text: %(reason)s")
class DecryptionFailure(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to decrypt text: %(reason)s")
class RevokeCertFailure(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to revoke certificate for %(project_id)s")
class VirtualInterfaceCreateException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Virtual Interface creation failed")
class VirtualInterfaceMacAddressException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Creation of virtual interface with "
"unique mac address failed")
class VirtualInterfacePlugException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Virtual interface plugin failed")
class VirtualInterfaceUnplugException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to unplug virtual interface: %(reason)s")
class GlanceConnectionFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Connection to glance host %(server)s failed: "
class CinderConnectionFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Connection to cinder host failed: %(reason)s")
class UnsupportedCinderAPIVersion(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Nova does not support Cinder API version %(version)s')
class CinderAPIVersionNotAvailable(NovaException):
"""Used to indicate that a requested Cinder API version, generally a
microversion, is not available.
msg_fmt = _('Cinder API version %(version)s is not available.')
class Forbidden(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Forbidden")
code = 403
class AdminRequired(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("User does not have admin privileges")
class PolicyNotAuthorized(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("Policy doesn't allow %(action)s to be performed.")
class ImageNotActive(NovaException):
# NOTE(jruzicka): IncorrectState is used for volumes only in EC2,
# but it still seems like the most appropriate option.
msg_fmt = _("Image %(image_id)s is not active.")
class ImageNotAuthorized(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Not authorized for image %(image_id)s.")
class Invalid(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Bad Request - Invalid Parameters")
code = 400
class InvalidBDM(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping is Invalid.")
class InvalidBDMSnapshot(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping is Invalid: "
"failed to get snapshot %(id)s.")
class InvalidBDMVolume(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping is Invalid: "
"failed to get volume %(id)s.")
class InvalidBDMImage(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping is Invalid: "
"failed to get image %(id)s.")
class InvalidBDMBootSequence(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping is Invalid: "
"Boot sequence for the instance "
"and image/block device mapping "
"combination is not valid.")
class InvalidBDMLocalsLimit(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping is Invalid: "
"You specified more local devices than the "
"limit allows")
class InvalidBDMEphemeralSize(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Ephemeral disks requested are larger than "
"the instance type allows. If no size is given "
"in one block device mapping, flavor ephemeral "
"size will be used.")
class InvalidBDMSwapSize(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Swap drive requested is larger than instance type allows.")
class InvalidBDMFormat(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping is Invalid: "
class InvalidBDMForLegacy(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping cannot "
"be converted to legacy format. ")
class InvalidBDMVolumeNotBootable(InvalidBDM):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device %(id)s is not bootable.")
class InvalidAttribute(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Attribute not supported: %(attr)s")
class ValidationError(Invalid):
msg_fmt = "%(detail)s"
class VolumeAttachFailed(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Volume %(volume_id)s could not be attached. "
"Reason: %(reason)s")
class VolumeDetachFailed(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Volume %(volume_id)s could not be detached. "
"Reason: %(reason)s")
class MultiattachNotSupportedByVirtDriver(NovaException):
# This exception indicates the compute hosting the instance does not
# support multiattach volumes. This should generally be considered a
# 409 HTTPConflict error in the API since we expect all virt drivers to
# eventually support multiattach volumes.
msg_fmt = _("Volume %(volume_id)s has 'multiattach' set, "
"which is not supported for this instance.")
code = 409
class MultiattachSupportNotYetAvailable(NovaException):
# This exception indicates the deployment is not yet new enough to support
# multiattach volumes, so a 409 HTTPConflict response is generally used
# for handling this in the API.
msg_fmt = _("Multiattach volume support is not yet available.")
code = 409
class MultiattachNotSupportedOldMicroversion(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Multiattach volumes are only supported starting with '
'compute API version 2.60.')
class MultiattachToShelvedNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Attaching multiattach volumes is not supported for "
"shelved-offloaded instances.")
class MultiattachSwapVolumeNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Swapping multi-attach volumes with more than one read/write '
'attachment is not supported.')
class VolumeNotCreated(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Volume %(volume_id)s did not finish being created"
" even after we waited %(seconds)s seconds or %(attempts)s"
" attempts. And its status is %(volume_status)s.")
class ExtendVolumeNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Volume size extension is not supported by the hypervisor.")
class VolumeEncryptionNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Volume encryption is not supported for %(volume_type)s "
"volume %(volume_id)s")
class VolumeTaggedAttachNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Tagged volume attachment is not supported for this server "
class VolumeTaggedAttachToShelvedNotSupported(VolumeTaggedAttachNotSupported):
msg_fmt = _("Tagged volume attachment is not supported for "
"shelved-offloaded instances.")
class NetworkInterfaceTaggedAttachNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Tagged network interface attachment is not supported for "
"this server instance.")
class InvalidKeypair(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Keypair data is invalid: %(reason)s")
class InvalidRequest(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The request is invalid.")
class InvalidInput(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid input received: %(reason)s")
class InvalidVolume(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid volume: %(reason)s")
class InvalidVolumeAccessMode(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid volume access mode: %(access_mode)s")
class StaleVolumeMount(InvalidVolume):
msg_fmt = _("The volume mount at %(mount_path)s is unusable.")
class InvalidMetadata(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid metadata: %(reason)s")
class InvalidMetadataSize(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid metadata size: %(reason)s")
class InvalidPortRange(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid port range %(from_port)s:%(to_port)s. %(msg)s")
class InvalidIpProtocol(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid IP protocol %(protocol)s.")
class InvalidContentType(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid content type %(content_type)s.")
class InvalidAPIVersionString(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("API Version String %(version)s is of invalid format. Must "
"be of format MajorNum.MinorNum.")
class VersionNotFoundForAPIMethod(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("API version %(version)s is not supported on this method.")
class InvalidGlobalAPIVersion(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Version %(req_ver)s is not supported by the API. Minimum "
"is %(min_ver)s and maximum is %(max_ver)s.")
class ApiVersionsIntersect(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Version of %(name)s %(min_ver)s %(max_ver)s intersects "
"with another versions.")
# Cannot be templated as the error syntax varies.
# msg needs to be constructed when raised.
class InvalidParameterValue(Invalid):
msg_fmt = "%(err)s"
class InvalidAggregateAction(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Unacceptable parameters.")
code = 400
class InvalidAggregateActionAdd(InvalidAggregateAction):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot add host to aggregate "
"%(aggregate_id)s. Reason: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidAggregateActionDelete(InvalidAggregateAction):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot remove host from aggregate "
"%(aggregate_id)s. Reason: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidAggregateActionUpdate(InvalidAggregateAction):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot update aggregate "
"%(aggregate_id)s. Reason: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidAggregateActionUpdateMeta(InvalidAggregateAction):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot update metadata of aggregate "
"%(aggregate_id)s. Reason: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidSortKey(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Sort key supplied was not valid.")
class InvalidStrTime(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid datetime string: %(reason)s")
class InvalidNUMANodesNumber(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The property 'numa_nodes' cannot be '%(nodes)s'. "
"It must be a number greater than 0")
class InvalidName(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("An invalid 'name' value was provided. "
"The name must be: %(reason)s")
class InstanceInvalidState(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s in %(attr)s %(state)s. Cannot "
"%(method)s while the instance is in this state.")
class InstanceNotRunning(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is not running.")
class InstanceNotInRescueMode(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is not in rescue mode")
class InstanceNotRescuable(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_id)s cannot be rescued: %(reason)s")
class InstanceNotReady(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is not ready")
class InstanceSuspendFailure(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to suspend instance: %(reason)s")
class InstanceResumeFailure(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to resume instance: %(reason)s")
class InstancePowerOnFailure(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to power on instance: %(reason)s")
class InstancePowerOffFailure(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to power off instance: %(reason)s")
class InstanceRebootFailure(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to reboot instance: %(reason)s")
class InstanceTerminationFailure(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to terminate instance: %(reason)s")
class InstanceDeployFailure(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to deploy instance: %(reason)s")
class MultiplePortsNotApplicable(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to launch instances: %(reason)s")
class InvalidFixedIpAndMaxCountRequest(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to launch instances: %(reason)s")
class ServiceUnavailable(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Service is unavailable at this time.")
class ServiceNotUnique(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("More than one possible service found.")
class ComputeResourcesUnavailable(ServiceUnavailable):
msg_fmt = _("Insufficient compute resources: %(reason)s.")
class HypervisorUnavailable(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Connection to the hypervisor is broken on host: %(host)s")
class ComputeServiceUnavailable(ServiceUnavailable):
msg_fmt = _("Compute service of %(host)s is unavailable at this time.")
class ComputeServiceInUse(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Compute service of %(host)s is still in use.")
class UnableToMigrateToSelf(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Unable to migrate instance (%(instance_id)s) "
"to current host (%(host)s).")
class InvalidHypervisorType(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The supplied hypervisor type of is invalid.")
class HypervisorTooOld(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("This compute node's hypervisor is older than the minimum "
"supported version: %(version)s.")
class DestinationHypervisorTooOld(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The instance requires a newer hypervisor version than "
"has been provided.")
class ServiceTooOld(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("This service is older (v%(thisver)i) than the minimum "
"(v%(minver)i) version of the rest of the deployment. "
"Unable to continue.")
class DestinationDiskExists(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The supplied disk path (%(path)s) already exists, "
"it is expected not to exist.")
class InvalidDevicePath(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The supplied device path (%(path)s) is invalid.")
class DevicePathInUse(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The supplied device path (%(path)s) is in use.")
code = 409
class InvalidCPUInfo(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Unacceptable CPU info: %(reason)s")
class InvalidIpAddressError(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(address)s is not a valid IP v4/6 address.")
class InvalidVLANTag(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("VLAN tag is not appropriate for the port group "
"%(bridge)s. Expected VLAN tag is %(tag)s, "
"but the one associated with the port group is %(pgroup)s.")
class InvalidVLANPortGroup(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("vSwitch which contains the port group %(bridge)s is "
"not associated with the desired physical adapter. "
"Expected vSwitch is %(expected)s, but the one associated "
"is %(actual)s.")
class InvalidDiskFormat(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Disk format %(disk_format)s is not acceptable")
class InvalidDiskInfo(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Disk info file is invalid: %(reason)s")
class DiskInfoReadWriteFail(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to read or write disk info file: %(reason)s")
class ImageUnacceptable(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Image %(image_id)s is unacceptable: %(reason)s")
class ImageBadRequest(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Request of image %(image_id)s got BadRequest response: "
class InstanceUnacceptable(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is unacceptable: %(reason)s")
class InvalidEc2Id(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Ec2 id %(ec2_id)s is unacceptable.")
class InvalidUUID(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Expected a uuid but received %(uuid)s.")
class InvalidID(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid ID received %(id)s.")
class ConstraintNotMet(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Constraint not met.")
code = 412
class NotFound(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Resource could not be found.")
code = 404
class AgentBuildNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No agent-build associated with id %(id)s.")
class AgentBuildExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Agent-build with hypervisor %(hypervisor)s os %(os)s "
"architecture %(architecture)s exists.")
class VolumeAttachmentNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Volume attachment %(attachment_id)s could not be found.")
class VolumeNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Volume %(volume_id)s could not be found.")
class UndefinedRootBDM(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Undefined Block Device Mapping root: BlockDeviceMappingList "
"contains Block Device Mappings from multiple instances.")
class BDMNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No Block Device Mapping with id %(id)s.")
class VolumeBDMNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No volume Block Device Mapping with id %(volume_id)s.")
class VolumeBDMIsMultiAttach(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Block Device Mapping %(volume_id)s is a multi-attach volume"
" and is not valid for this operation.")
class VolumeBDMPathNotFound(VolumeBDMNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No volume Block Device Mapping at path: %(path)s")
class DeviceDetachFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Device detach failed for %(device)s: %(reason)s")
class DeviceNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Device '%(device)s' not found.")
class SnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Snapshot %(snapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class DiskNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No disk at %(location)s")
class VolumeDriverNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Could not find a handler for %(driver_type)s volume.")
class InvalidImageRef(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid image href %(image_href)s.")
class AutoDiskConfigDisabledByImage(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Requested image %(image)s "
"has automatic disk resize disabled.")
class ImageNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Image %(image_id)s could not be found.")
class ImageDeleteConflict(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Conflict deleting image. Reason: %(reason)s.")
class ImageHandlerUnsupported(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Error: unsupported image handler %(image_handler)s.")
class PreserveEphemeralNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The current driver does not support "
"preserving ephemeral partitions.")
class ProjectNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class StorageRepositoryNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot find SR to read/write VDI.")
class InstanceMappingNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(uuid)s has no mapping to a cell.")
class NetworkDhcpReleaseFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to release IP %(address)s with MAC %(mac_address)s")
class NetworkInUse(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Network %(network_id)s is still in use.")
class NetworkSetHostFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Network set host failed for network %(network_id)s.")
class NetworkNotCreated(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(req)s is required to create a network.")
class LabelTooLong(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum allowed length for 'label' is 255.")
class InvalidIntValue(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(key)s must be an integer.")
class InvalidCidr(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(cidr)s is not a valid IP network.")
class InvalidAddress(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(address)s is not a valid IP address.")
class AddressOutOfRange(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(address)s is not within %(cidr)s.")
class DuplicateVlan(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Detected existing vlan with id %(vlan)d")
code = 409
class CidrConflict(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Requested cidr (%(cidr)s) conflicts '
'with existing cidr (%(other)s)')
code = 409
class NetworkHasProject(NetworkInUse):
msg_fmt = _('Network must be disassociated from project '
'%(project_id)s before it can be deleted.')
class NetworkNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Network %(network_id)s could not be found.")
class PortNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Port id %(port_id)s could not be found.")
class NetworkNotFoundForBridge(NetworkNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Network could not be found for bridge %(bridge)s")
class NetworkNotFoundForUUID(NetworkNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Network could not be found for uuid %(uuid)s")
class NetworkNotFoundForCidr(NetworkNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Network could not be found with cidr %(cidr)s.")
class NetworkNotFoundForInstance(NetworkNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Network could not be found for instance %(instance_id)s.")
class NoNetworksFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No networks defined.")
class NoMoreNetworks(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("No more available networks.")
class NetworkNotFoundForProject(NetworkNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Either network uuid %(network_uuid)s is not present or "
"is not assigned to the project %(project_id)s.")
class NetworkAmbiguous(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("More than one possible network found. Specify "
"network ID(s) to select which one(s) to connect to.")
class UnableToAutoAllocateNetwork(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Unable to automatically allocate a network for project '
class NetworkRequiresSubnet(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Network %(network_uuid)s requires a subnet in order to boot"
" instances on.")
class ExternalNetworkAttachForbidden(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("It is not allowed to create an interface on "
"external network %(network_uuid)s")
class NetworkMissingPhysicalNetwork(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Physical network is missing for network %(network_uuid)s")
class VifDetailsMissingVhostuserSockPath(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("vhostuser_sock_path not present in vif_details"
" for vif %(vif_id)s")
class VifDetailsMissingMacvtapParameters(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Parameters %(missing_params)s not present in"
" vif_details for vif %(vif_id)s. Check your Neutron"
" configuration to validate that the macvtap parameters are"
" correct.")
class OvsConfigurationFailure(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("OVS configuration failed with: %(inner_exception)s.")
class DatastoreNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Could not find the datastore reference(s) which the VM uses.")
class PortInUse(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Port %(port_id)s is still in use.")
class PortRequiresFixedIP(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Port %(port_id)s requires a FixedIP in order to be used.")
class PortNotUsable(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Port %(port_id)s not usable for instance %(instance)s.")
class PortNotUsableDNS(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Port %(port_id)s not usable for instance %(instance)s. "
"Value %(value)s assigned to dns_name attribute does not "
"match instance's hostname %(hostname)s")
class PortNotFree(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("No free port available for instance %(instance)s.")
class PortBindingFailed(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Binding failed for port %(port_id)s, please check neutron "
"logs for more information.")
class PortBindingDeletionFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to delete binding for port %(port_id)s and host "
class PortBindingActivationFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to activate binding for port %(port_id)s and host "
class PortUpdateFailed(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Port update failed for port %(port_id)s: %(reason)s")
class AttachSRIOVPortNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Attaching SR-IOV port %(port_id)s to server '
'%(instance_uuid)s is not supported. SR-IOV ports must be '
'specified during server creation.')
class FixedIpExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Fixed IP %(address)s already exists.")
class FixedIpNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No fixed IP associated with id %(id)s.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForAddress(FixedIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Fixed IP not found for address %(address)s.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForInstance(FixedIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s has zero fixed IPs.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForNetworkHost(FixedIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Network host %(host)s has zero fixed IPs "
"in network %(network_id)s.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForSpecificInstance(FixedIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s doesn't have fixed IP '%(ip)s'.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForNetwork(FixedIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Fixed IP address (%(address)s) does not exist in "
"network (%(network_uuid)s).")
class FixedIpAssociateFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Fixed IP associate failed for network: %(net)s.")
class FixedIpAlreadyInUse(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Fixed IP address %(address)s is already in use on instance "
class FixedIpAssociatedWithMultipleInstances(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("More than one instance is associated with fixed IP address "
class FixedIpInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Fixed IP address %(address)s is invalid.")
class FixedIpInvalidOnHost(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The fixed IP associated with port %(port_id)s is not "
"compatible with the host.")
class NoMoreFixedIps(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("No fixed IP addresses available for network: %(net)s")
class NoFixedIpsDefined(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Zero fixed IPs could be found.")
class FloatingIpExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP %(address)s already exists.")
class FloatingIpNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP not found for ID %(id)s.")
class FloatingIpDNSExists(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The DNS entry %(name)s already exists in domain %(domain)s.")
class FloatingIpNotFoundForAddress(FloatingIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP not found for address %(address)s.")
class FloatingIpNotFoundForHost(FloatingIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP not found for host %(host)s.")
class FloatingIpMultipleFoundForAddress(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Multiple floating IPs are found for address %(address)s.")
class FloatingIpPoolNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP pool not found.")
safe = True
class NoMoreFloatingIps(FloatingIpNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Zero floating IPs available.")
safe = True
class FloatingIpAssociated(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP %(address)s is associated.")
class FloatingIpNotAssociated(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP %(address)s is not associated.")
class NoFloatingIpsDefined(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Zero floating IPs exist.")
class NoFloatingIpInterface(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Interface %(interface)s not found.")
class FloatingIpAllocateFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP allocate failed.")
class FloatingIpAssociateFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Floating IP %(address)s association has failed.")
class FloatingIpBadRequest(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The floating IP request failed with a BadRequest")
class CannotDisassociateAutoAssignedFloatingIP(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot disassociate auto assigned floating IP")
class KeypairNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Keypair %(name)s not found for user %(user_id)s")
class ServiceNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Service %(service_id)s could not be found.")
class ConfGroupForServiceTypeNotFound(ServiceNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No conf group name could be found for service type "
class ServiceBinaryExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Service with host %(host)s binary %(binary)s exists.")
class ServiceTopicExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Service with host %(host)s topic %(topic)s exists.")
class HostNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Host %(host)s could not be found.")
class ComputeHostNotFound(HostNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Compute host %(host)s could not be found.")
class HostBinaryNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Could not find binary %(binary)s on host %(host)s.")
class InvalidReservationExpiration(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid reservation expiration %(expire)s.")
class InvalidQuotaValue(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Change would make usage less than 0 for the following "
"resources: %(unders)s")
class InvalidQuotaMethodUsage(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Wrong quota method %(method)s used on resource %(res)s")
class QuotaNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Quota could not be found")
class QuotaExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Quota exists for project %(project_id)s, "
"resource %(resource)s")
class QuotaResourceUnknown(QuotaNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Unknown quota resources %(unknown)s.")
class ProjectUserQuotaNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Quota for user %(user_id)s in project %(project_id)s "
"could not be found.")
class ProjectQuotaNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Quota for project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class QuotaClassNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Quota class %(class_name)s could not be found.")
class QuotaClassExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Quota class %(class_name)s exists for resource %(resource)s")
class QuotaUsageNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Quota usage for project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class QuotaUsageRefreshNotAllowed(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Quota usage refresh of resource %(resource)s for project "
"%(project_id)s, user %(user_id)s, is not allowed. "
"The allowed resources are %(syncable)s.")
class ReservationNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Quota reservation %(uuid)s could not be found.")
class OverQuota(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Quota exceeded for resources: %(overs)s")
class SecurityGroupNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s not found.")
class SecurityGroupNotFoundForProject(SecurityGroupNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s not found "
"for project %(project_id)s.")
class SecurityGroupNotFoundForRule(SecurityGroupNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Security group with rule %(rule_id)s not found.")
class SecurityGroupExists(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Security group %(security_group_name)s already exists "
"for project %(project_id)s.")
class SecurityGroupExistsForInstance(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s is already associated"
" with the instance %(instance_id)s")
class SecurityGroupNotExistsForInstance(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s is not associated with"
" the instance %(instance_id)s")
class SecurityGroupDefaultRuleNotFound(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Security group default rule (%rule_id)s not found.")
class SecurityGroupCannotBeApplied(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Network requires port_security_enabled and subnet associated"
" in order to apply security groups.")
class NoUniqueMatch(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("No Unique Match Found.")
code = 409
class NoActiveMigrationForInstance(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Active live migration for instance %(instance_id)s not found")
class MigrationNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Migration %(migration_id)s could not be found.")
class MigrationNotFoundByStatus(MigrationNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Migration not found for instance %(instance_id)s "
"with status %(status)s.")
class MigrationNotFoundForInstance(MigrationNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Migration %(migration_id)s not found for instance "
class InvalidMigrationState(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Migration %(migration_id)s state of instance "
"%(instance_uuid)s is %(state)s. Cannot %(method)s while the "
"migration is in this state.")
class AbortQueuedLiveMigrationNotYetSupported(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Aborting live migration %(migration_id)s with status "
"%(status)s is not yet supported for this instance.")
code = 409
class ConsoleLogOutputException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Console log output could not be retrieved for instance "
"%(instance_id)s. Reason: %(reason)s")
class ConsolePoolExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Console pool with host %(host)s, console_type "
"%(console_type)s and compute_host %(compute_host)s "
"already exists.")
class ConsolePoolNotFoundForHostType(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Console pool of type %(console_type)s "
"for compute host %(compute_host)s "
"on proxy host %(host)s not found.")
class ConsoleNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Console %(console_id)s could not be found.")
class ConsoleNotFoundForInstance(ConsoleNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Console for instance %(instance_uuid)s could not be found.")
class ConsoleNotAvailable(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Guest does not have a console available.")
class ConsoleNotFoundInPoolForInstance(ConsoleNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Console for instance %(instance_uuid)s "
"in pool %(pool_id)s could not be found.")
class ConsoleTypeInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid console type %(console_type)s")
class ConsoleTypeUnavailable(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Unavailable console type %(console_type)s.")
class ConsolePortRangeExhausted(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("The console port range %(min_port)d-%(max_port)d is "
class FlavorNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor %(flavor_id)s could not be found.")
class FlavorNotFoundByName(FlavorNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor with name %(flavor_name)s could not be found.")
class FlavorAccessNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor access not found for %(flavor_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination.")
class FlavorExtraSpecUpdateCreateFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor %(id)s extra spec cannot be updated or created "
"after %(retries)d retries.")
class CellNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Cell %(cell_name)s doesn't exist.")
class CellExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Cell with name %(name)s already exists.")
class CellRoutingInconsistency(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Inconsistency in cell routing: %(reason)s")
class CellServiceAPIMethodNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Service API method not found: %(detail)s")
class CellTimeout(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Timeout waiting for response from cell")
class CellMaxHopCountReached(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Cell message has reached maximum hop count: %(hop_count)s")
class NoCellsAvailable(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("No cells available matching scheduling criteria.")
class CellsUpdateUnsupported(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot update cells configuration file.")
class InstanceUnknownCell(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Cell is not known for instance %(instance_uuid)s")
class SchedulerHostFilterNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Scheduler Host Filter %(filter_name)s could not be found.")
class FlavorExtraSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor %(flavor_id)s has no extra specs with "
"key %(extra_specs_key)s.")
class ComputeHostMetricNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Metric %(name)s could not be found on the compute "
"host node %(host)s.%(node)s.")
class FileNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("File %(file_path)s could not be found.")
class SwitchNotFoundForNetworkAdapter(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Virtual switch associated with the "
"network adapter %(adapter)s not found.")
class NetworkAdapterNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Network adapter %(adapter)s could not be found.")
class ClassNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Class %(class_name)s could not be found: %(exception)s")
class InstanceTagNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_id)s has no tag '%(tag)s'")
class KeyPairExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Key pair '%(key_name)s' already exists.")
class InstanceExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(name)s already exists.")
class FlavorExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor with name %(name)s already exists.")
class FlavorIdExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor with ID %(flavor_id)s already exists.")
class FlavorAccessExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor access already exists for flavor %(flavor_id)s "
"and project %(project_id)s combination.")
class InvalidSharedStorage(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("%(path)s is not on shared storage: %(reason)s")
class InvalidLocalStorage(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("%(path)s is not on local storage: %(reason)s")
class StorageError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Storage error: %(reason)s")
class MigrationError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Migration error: %(reason)s")
class MigrationPreCheckError(MigrationError):
msg_fmt = _("Migration pre-check error: %(reason)s")
class MigrationSchedulerRPCError(MigrationError):
msg_fmt = _("Migration select destinations error: %(reason)s")
class RPCPinnedToOldVersion(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("RPC is pinned to old version")
class MalformedRequestBody(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Malformed message body: %(reason)s")
# NOTE(johannes): NotFound should only be used when a 404 error is
# appropriate to be returned
class ConfigNotFound(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Could not find config at %(path)s")
class PasteAppNotFound(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Could not load paste app '%(name)s' from %(path)s")
class CannotResizeToSameFlavor(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("When resizing, instances must change flavor!")
class ResizeError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Resize error: %(reason)s")
class CannotResizeDisk(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Server disk was unable to be resized because: %(reason)s")
class FlavorMemoryTooSmall(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor's memory is too small for requested image.")
class FlavorDiskTooSmall(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("The created instance's disk would be too small.")
class FlavorDiskSmallerThanImage(FlavorDiskTooSmall):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor's disk is too small for requested image. Flavor disk "
"is %(flavor_size)i bytes, image is %(image_size)i bytes.")
class FlavorDiskSmallerThanMinDisk(FlavorDiskTooSmall):
msg_fmt = _("Flavor's disk is smaller than the minimum size specified in "
"image metadata. Flavor disk is %(flavor_size)i bytes, "
"minimum size is %(image_min_disk)i bytes.")
class VolumeSmallerThanMinDisk(FlavorDiskTooSmall):
msg_fmt = _("Volume is smaller than the minimum size specified in image "
"metadata. Volume size is %(volume_size)i bytes, minimum "
"size is %(image_min_disk)i bytes.")
class BootFromVolumeRequiredForZeroDiskFlavor(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("Only volume-backed servers are allowed for flavors with "
"zero disk.")
class InsufficientFreeMemory(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Insufficient free memory on compute node to start %(uuid)s.")
class NoValidHost(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("No valid host was found. %(reason)s")
class RequestFilterFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Scheduling failed: %(reason)s")
class MaxRetriesExceeded(NoValidHost):
msg_fmt = _("Exceeded maximum number of retries. %(reason)s")
class QuotaError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Quota exceeded: code=%(code)s")
# NOTE(cyeoh): 413 should only be used for the ec2 API
# The error status code for out of quota for the nova api should be
# 403 Forbidden.
code = 413
safe = True
class TooManyInstances(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Quota exceeded for %(overs)s: Requested %(req)s,"
" but already used %(used)s of %(allowed)s %(overs)s")
class FloatingIpLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum number of floating IPs exceeded")
class FixedIpLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum number of fixed IPs exceeded")
class MetadataLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum number of metadata items exceeds %(allowed)d")
class OnsetFileLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Personality file limit exceeded")
class OnsetFilePathLimitExceeded(OnsetFileLimitExceeded):
msg_fmt = _("Personality file path exceeds maximum %(allowed)s")
class OnsetFileContentLimitExceeded(OnsetFileLimitExceeded):
msg_fmt = _("Personality file content exceeds maximum %(allowed)s")
class KeypairLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum number of key pairs exceeded")
class SecurityGroupLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum number of security groups or rules exceeded")
class PortLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum number of ports exceeded")
class AggregateError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s: action '%(action)s' "
"caused an error: %(reason)s.")
class AggregateNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s could not be found.")
class AggregateNameExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_name)s already exists.")
class AggregateHostNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s has no host %(host)s.")
class AggregateMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s has no metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class AggregateHostExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s already has host %(host)s.")
class InstancePasswordSetFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to set admin password on %(instance)s "
"because %(reason)s")
safe = True
class InstanceNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_id)s could not be found.")
class InstanceInfoCacheNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Info cache for instance %(instance_uuid)s could not be "
class MarkerNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Marker %(marker)s could not be found.")
class CouldNotFetchImage(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Could not fetch image %(image_id)s")
class CouldNotUploadImage(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Could not upload image %(image_id)s")
class TaskAlreadyRunning(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Task %(task_name)s is already running on host %(host)s")
class TaskNotRunning(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Task %(task_name)s is not running on host %(host)s")
class InstanceIsLocked(InstanceInvalidState):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s is locked")
class ConfigDriveInvalidValue(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid value for Config Drive option: %(option)s")
class ConfigDriveUnsupportedFormat(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Config drive format '%(format)s' is not supported.")
class ConfigDriveMountFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Could not mount vfat config drive. %(operation)s failed. "
"Error: %(error)s")
class ConfigDriveUnknownFormat(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Unknown config drive format %(format)s. Select one of "
"iso9660 or vfat.")
class ConfigDriveNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s requires config drive, but it "
"does not exist.")
class InterfaceAttachFailed(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to attach network adapter device to "
class InterfaceAttachFailedNoNetwork(InterfaceAttachFailed):
msg_fmt = _("No specific network was requested and none are available "
"for project '%(project_id)s'.")
class InterfaceDetachFailed(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to detach network adapter device from "
class InstanceUserDataMalformed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("User data needs to be valid base 64.")
class InstanceUpdateConflict(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Conflict updating instance %(instance_uuid)s. "
"Expected: %(expected)s. Actual: %(actual)s")
class UnknownInstanceUpdateConflict(InstanceUpdateConflict):
msg_fmt = _("Conflict updating instance %(instance_uuid)s, but we were "
"unable to determine the cause")
class UnexpectedTaskStateError(InstanceUpdateConflict):
class UnexpectedDeletingTaskStateError(UnexpectedTaskStateError):
class InstanceActionNotFound(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Action for request_id %(request_id)s on instance"
" %(instance_uuid)s not found")
class InstanceActionEventNotFound(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Event %(event)s not found for action id %(action_id)s")
class CryptoCAFileNotFound(FileNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("The CA file for %(project)s could not be found")
class CryptoCRLFileNotFound(FileNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("The CRL file for %(project)s could not be found")
class InstanceEvacuateNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Instance evacuate is not supported.')
class DBNotAllowed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('%(binary)s attempted direct database access which is '
'not allowed by policy')
class UnsupportedVirtType(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Virtualization type '%(virt)s' is not supported by "
"this compute driver")
class UnsupportedHardware(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Requested hardware '%(model)s' is not supported by "
"the '%(virt)s' virt driver")
class Base64Exception(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid Base 64 data for file %(path)s")
class BuildAbortException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Build of instance %(instance_uuid)s aborted: %(reason)s")
class RescheduledException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Build of instance %(instance_uuid)s was re-scheduled: "
class ShadowTableExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Shadow table with name %(name)s already exists.")
class InstanceFaultRollback(NovaException):
def __init__(self, inner_exception=None):
message = _("Instance rollback performed due to: %s")
self.inner_exception = inner_exception
super(InstanceFaultRollback, self).__init__(message % inner_exception)
class OrphanedObjectError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Cannot call %(method)s on orphaned %(objtype)s object')
class ObjectActionError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Object action %(action)s failed because: %(reason)s')
class AgentError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Error during following call to agent: %(method)s')
class AgentTimeout(AgentError):
msg_fmt = _('Unable to contact guest agent. '
'The following call timed out: %(method)s')
class AgentNotImplemented(AgentError):
msg_fmt = _('Agent does not support the call: %(method)s')
class InstanceGroupNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance group %(group_uuid)s could not be found.")
class InstanceGroupIdExists(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Instance group %(group_uuid)s already exists.")
class InstanceGroupMemberNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance group %(group_uuid)s has no member with "
"id %(instance_id)s.")
class InstanceGroupSaveException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("%(field)s should not be part of the updates.")
class ResourceMonitorError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Error when creating resource monitor: %(monitor)s")
class PciDeviceWrongAddressFormat(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("The PCI address %(address)s has an incorrect format.")
class PciDeviceInvalidDeviceName(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid PCI Whitelist: "
"The PCI whitelist can specify devname or address,"
" but not both")
class PciDeviceNotFoundById(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("PCI device %(id)s not found")
class PciDeviceNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("PCI Device %(node_id)s:%(address)s not found.")
class PciDeviceInvalidStatus(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _(
"PCI device %(compute_node_id)s:%(address)s is %(status)s "
"instead of %(hopestatus)s")
class PciDeviceVFInvalidStatus(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _(
"Not all Virtual Functions of PF %(compute_node_id)s:%(address)s "
"are free.")
class PciDevicePFInvalidStatus(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _(
"Physical Function %(compute_node_id)s:%(address)s, related to VF"
" %(compute_node_id)s:%(vf_address)s is %(status)s "
"instead of %(hopestatus)s")
class PciDeviceInvalidOwner(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _(
"PCI device %(compute_node_id)s:%(address)s is owned by %(owner)s "
"instead of %(hopeowner)s")
class PciDeviceRequestFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _(
"PCI device request %(requests)s failed")
class PciDevicePoolEmpty(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _(
"Attempt to consume PCI device %(compute_node_id)s:%(address)s "
"from empty pool")
class PciInvalidAlias(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid PCI alias definition: %(reason)s")
class PciRequestAliasNotDefined(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("PCI alias %(alias)s is not defined")
class PciConfigInvalidWhitelist(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid PCI devices Whitelist config: %(reason)s")
# Cannot be templated, msg needs to be constructed when raised.
class InternalError(NovaException):
"""Generic hypervisor errors.
Consider subclassing this to provide more specific exceptions.
msg_fmt = "%(err)s"
class PciDevicePrepareFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to prepare PCI device %(id)s for instance "
"%(instance_uuid)s: %(reason)s")
class PciDeviceDetachFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to detach PCI device %(dev)s: %(reason)s")
class PciDeviceUnsupportedHypervisor(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("%(type)s hypervisor does not support PCI devices")
class KeyManagerError(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Key manager error: %(reason)s")
class VolumesNotRemoved(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to remove volume(s): (%(reason)s)")
class VolumeRebaseFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Volume rebase failed: %(reason)s")
class InvalidVideoMode(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Provided video model (%(model)s) is not supported.")
class RngDeviceNotExist(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The provided RNG device path: (%(path)s) is not "
"present on the host.")
class RequestedVRamTooHigh(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("The requested amount of video memory %(req_vram)d is higher "
"than the maximum allowed by flavor %(max_vram)d.")
class SecurityProxyNegotiationFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to negotiate security type with server: %(reason)s")
class RFBAuthHandshakeFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to complete auth handshake: %(reason)s")
class RFBAuthNoAvailableScheme(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("No matching auth scheme: allowed types: '%(allowed_types)s', "
"desired types: '%(desired_types)s'")
class InvalidWatchdogAction(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Provided watchdog action (%(action)s) is not supported.")
class LiveMigrationNotSubmitted(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to submit live migration %(migration_uuid)s for "
"instance %(instance_uuid)s for processing.")
class SelectionObjectsWithOldRPCVersionNotSupported(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Requests for Selection objects with alternates are not "
"supported in select_destinations() before RPC version 4.5; "
"version %(version)s requested.")
class LiveMigrationURINotAvailable(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('No live migration URI configured and no default available '
'for "%(virt_type)s" hypervisor virtualization type.')
class UnshelveException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Error during unshelve instance %(instance_id)s: %(reason)s")
class ImageVCPULimitsRangeExceeded(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Image vCPU topology limits (sockets=%(image_sockets)d, '
'cores=%(image_cores)d, threads=%(image_threads)d) exceeds '
'the limits of the flavor (sockets=%(flavor_sockets)d, '
'cores=%(flavor_cores)d, threads=%(flavor_threads)d)')
class ImageVCPUTopologyRangeExceeded(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Image vCPU topology (sockets=%(image_sockets)d, '
'cores=%(image_cores)d, threads=%(image_threads)d) exceeds '
'the limits of the flavor or image (sockets=%(max_sockets)d, '
'cores=%(max_cores)d, threads=%(max_threads)d)')
class ImageVCPULimitsRangeImpossible(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Requested vCPU limits %(sockets)d:%(cores)d:%(threads)d "
"are impossible to satisfy for vcpus count %(vcpus)d")
class InvalidArchitectureName(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Architecture name '%(arch)s' is not recognised")
class ImageNUMATopologyIncomplete(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU and memory allocation must be provided for all "
"NUMA nodes")
class ImageNUMATopologyForbidden(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("Image property '%(name)s' is not permitted to override "
"NUMA configuration set against the flavor")
class ImageNUMATopologyRebuildConflict(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _(
"An instance's NUMA typology cannot be changed as part of a rebuild. "
"The image provided is invalid for this instance.")
class ImageNUMATopologyAsymmetric(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Instance CPUs and/or memory cannot be evenly distributed "
"across instance NUMA nodes. Explicit assignment of CPUs "
"and memory to nodes is required")
class ImageNUMATopologyCPUOutOfRange(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU number %(cpunum)d is larger than max %(cpumax)d")
class ImageNUMATopologyCPUDuplicates(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU number %(cpunum)d is assigned to two nodes")
class ImageNUMATopologyCPUsUnassigned(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU number %(cpuset)s is not assigned to any node")
class ImageNUMATopologyMemoryOutOfRange(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(memsize)d MB of memory assigned, but expected "
"%(memtotal)d MB")
class InvalidHostname(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid characters in hostname '%(hostname)s'")
class NumaTopologyNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s does not specify a NUMA topology")
class MigrationContextNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s does not specify a migration "
class SocketPortRangeExhaustedException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Not able to acquire a free port for %(host)s")
class SocketPortInUseException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Not able to bind %(host)s:%(port)d, %(error)s")
class ImageSerialPortNumberInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Number of serial ports specified in flavor is invalid: "
"expected an integer, got '%(num_ports)s'")
class ImageSerialPortNumberExceedFlavorValue(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Forbidden to exceed flavor value of number of serial "
"ports passed in image meta.")
class SerialPortNumberLimitExceeded(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Maximum number of serial port exceeds %(allowed)d "
"for %(virt_type)s")
class InvalidImageConfigDrive(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Image's config drive option '%(config_drive)s' is invalid")
class InvalidHypervisorVirtType(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Hypervisor virtualization type '%(hv_type)s' is not "
class InvalidVirtualMachineMode(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Virtual machine mode '%(vmmode)s' is not recognised")
class InvalidToken(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The token '%(token)s' is invalid or has expired")
class TokenInUse(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The generated token is invalid")
class InvalidConnectionInfo(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid Connection Info")
class InstanceQuiesceNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Quiescing is not supported in instance %(instance_id)s')
class InstanceAgentNotEnabled(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Guest agent is not enabled for the instance')
safe = True
class QemuGuestAgentNotEnabled(InstanceAgentNotEnabled):
msg_fmt = _('QEMU guest agent is not enabled')
class SetAdminPasswdNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _('Set admin password is not supported')
safe = True
class MemoryPageSizeInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid memory page size '%(pagesize)s'")
class MemoryPageSizeForbidden(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Page size %(pagesize)s forbidden against '%(against)s'")
class MemoryPageSizeNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Page size %(pagesize)s is not supported by the host.")
class CPUPinningNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU pinning is not supported by the host: "
class CPUPinningInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU set to pin %(requested)s must be a subset of "
"free CPU set %(free)s")
class CPUUnpinningInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU set to unpin %(requested)s must be a subset of "
"pinned CPU set %(pinned)s")
class CPUPinningUnknown(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU set to pin %(requested)s must be a subset of "
"known CPU set %(cpuset)s")
class CPUUnpinningUnknown(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU set to unpin %(requested)s must be a subset of "
"known CPU set %(cpuset)s")
class ImageCPUPinningForbidden(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("Image property 'hw_cpu_policy' is not permitted to override "
"CPU pinning policy set against the flavor")
class ImageCPUThreadPolicyForbidden(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("Image property 'hw_cpu_thread_policy' is not permitted to "
"override CPU thread pinning policy set against the flavor")
class UnsupportedPolicyException(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("ServerGroup policy is not supported: %(reason)s")
class CellMappingNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("Cell %(uuid)s has no mapping.")
class NUMATopologyUnsupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Host does not support guests with NUMA topology set")
class MemoryPagesUnsupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Host does not support guests with custom memory page sizes")
class InvalidImageFormat(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid image format '%(format)s'")
class UnsupportedImageModel(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Image model '%(image)s' is not supported")
class HostMappingNotFound(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Host '%(name)s' is not mapped to any cell")
class RealtimeConfigurationInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot set realtime policy in a non dedicated "
"cpu pinning policy")
class CPUThreadPolicyConfigurationInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot set cpu thread pinning policy in a non dedicated "
"cpu pinning policy")
class RequestSpecNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("RequestSpec not found for instance %(instance_uuid)s")
class UEFINotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("UEFI is not supported")
class TriggerCrashDumpNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Triggering crash dump is not supported")
class UnsupportedHostCPUControlPolicy(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Requested CPU control policy not supported by host")
class LibguestfsCannotReadKernel(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Libguestfs does not have permission to read host kernel.")
class RealtimeMaskNotFoundOrInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Realtime policy needs vCPU(s) mask configured with at least "
"1 RT vCPU and 1 ordinary vCPU. See hw:cpu_realtime_mask "
"or hw_cpu_realtime_mask")
class OsInfoNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No configuration information found for operating system "
class BuildRequestNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("BuildRequest not found for instance %(uuid)s")
class AttachInterfaceNotSupported(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Attaching interfaces is not supported for "
"instance %(instance_uuid)s.")
class InvalidReservedMemoryPagesOption(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("The format of the option 'reserved_huge_pages' is invalid. "
"(found '%(conf)s') Please refer to the nova "
# An exception with this name is used on both sides of the placement/
# nova interaction.
class ResourceProviderInUse(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Resource provider has allocations.")
class ResourceProviderRetrievalFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to get resource provider with UUID %(uuid)s")
class ResourceProviderAggregateRetrievalFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to get aggregates for resource provider with UUID"
" %(uuid)s")
class ResourceProviderTraitRetrievalFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to get traits for resource provider with UUID"
" %(uuid)s")
class ResourceProviderCreationFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to create resource provider %(name)s")
class ResourceProviderDeletionFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to delete resource provider %(uuid)s")
class ResourceProviderUpdateFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to update resource provider via URL %(url)s: "
class ResourceProviderNotFound(NotFound):
msg_fmt = _("No such resource provider %(name_or_uuid)s.")
class ResourceProviderSyncFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to synchronize the placement service with resource "
"provider information supplied by the compute host.")
class PlacementAPIConnectFailure(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Unable to communicate with the Placement API.")
class PlacementAPIConflict(NovaException):
"""Any 409 error from placement APIs should use (a subclass of) this
msg_fmt = _("A conflict was encountered attempting to invoke the "
"placement API at URL %(url)s: %(error)s")
class ResourceProviderUpdateConflict(PlacementAPIConflict):
"""A 409 caused by generation mismatch from attempting to update an
existing provider record or its associated data (aggregates, traits, etc.).
msg_fmt = _("A conflict was encountered attempting to update resource "
"provider %(uuid)s (generation %(generation)d): %(error)s")
class InvalidResourceClass(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Resource class '%(resource_class)s' invalid.")
class InvalidResourceAmount(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Resource amounts must be integers. Received '%(amount)s'.")
class InvalidInventory(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Inventory for '%(resource_class)s' on "
"resource provider '%(resource_provider)s' invalid.")
# An exception with this name is used on both sides of the placement/
# nova interaction.
class InventoryInUse(InvalidInventory):
# NOTE(mriedem): This message cannot change without impacting the
# regex.
msg_fmt = _("Inventory for '%(resource_classes)s' on "
"resource provider '%(resource_provider)s' in use.")
class UnsupportedPointerModelRequested(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Pointer model '%(model)s' requested is not supported by "
class NotSupportedWithOption(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("%(operation)s is not supported in conjunction with the "
"current %(option)s setting. Please refer to the nova "
class Unauthorized(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Not authorized.")
code = 401
class NeutronAdminCredentialConfigurationInvalid(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Networking client is experiencing an unauthorized exception.")
class InvalidEmulatorThreadsPolicy(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("CPU emulator threads option requested is invalid, "
"given: '%(requested)s', available: '%(available)s'.")
class BadRequirementEmulatorThreadsPolicy(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("An isolated CPU emulator threads option requires a dedicated "
"CPU policy option.")
class InvalidNetworkNUMAAffinity(Invalid):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid NUMA network affinity configured: %(reason)s")
class PowerVMAPIFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("PowerVM API failed to complete for instance=%(inst_name)s. "
class TraitRetrievalFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to retrieve traits from the placement API: %(error)s")
class TraitCreationFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to create trait %(name)s: %(error)s")
class CannotMigrateWithTargetHost(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot migrate with target host. Retry without a host "
class CannotMigrateToSameHost(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Cannot migrate to the host where the server exists.")
class VirtDriverNotReady(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Virt driver is not ready.")
class InstanceDiskMappingFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to map boot disk of instance %(instance_name)s to "
"the management partition from any Virtual I/O Server.")
class NewMgmtMappingNotFoundException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to find newly-created mapping of storage element "
"%(stg_name)s from Virtual I/O Server %(vios_name)s to the "
"management partition.")
class NoDiskDiscoveryException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Having scanned SCSI bus %(bus)x on the management partition, "
"disk with UDID %(udid)s failed to appear after %(polls)d "
"polls over %(timeout)d seconds.")
class UniqueDiskDiscoveryException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Expected to find exactly one disk on the management "
"partition at %(path_pattern)s; found %(count)d.")
class DeviceDeletionException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Device %(devpath)s is still present on the management "
"partition after attempting to delete it. Polled %(polls)d "
"times over %(timeout)d seconds.")
class OptRequiredIfOtherOptValue(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("The %(then_opt)s option is required if %(if_opt)s is "
"specified as '%(if_value)s'.")
class AllocationCreateFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Failed to create allocations for instance %(instance)s '
'against resource provider %(provider)s.')
class AllocationUpdateFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Failed to update allocations for instance %(instance)s. '
'Error: %(error)s')
class TooManyComputesForHost(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Unexpected number of compute node records '
'(%(num_computes)d) found for host %(host)s. There should '
'only be a one-to-one mapping.')
class CertificateValidationFailed(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Image signature certificate validation failed for "
"certificate: %(cert_uuid)s. %(reason)s")
class CertificateValidationNotYetAvailable(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Image signature certificate validation support is "
"not yet available.")
code = 409
class InstanceRescueFailure(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to move instance to rescue mode: %(reason)s")
class InstanceUnRescueFailure(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to unrescue instance: %(reason)s")
class IronicAPIVersionNotAvailable(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _('Ironic API version %(version)s is not available.')
class ZVMDriverException(NovaException):
msg_fmt = _("ZVM Driver has error: %(error)s")
class ZVMConnectorError(ZVMDriverException):
msg_fmt = _("zVM Cloud Connector request failed: %(results)s")
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
"""Exception for zVM ConnectorClient calls.
:param results: The object returned from ZVMConnector.send_request.
super(ZVMConnectorError, self).__init__(message=message, **kwargs)
results = kwargs.get('results', {})
self.overallRC = results.get('overallRC')
self.rc = results.get('rc') = results.get('rs')
self.errmsg = results.get('errmsg')