OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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Matt Riedemann 917b5d3838 Add functional recreate revert resize test for bug 1852610 6 months ago
api Handle tags in _bury_in_cell0 1 year ago
api_sample_tests Retrun 400 if invalid query parameters are specified 9 months ago
compute Error out interrupted builds 7 months ago
db Fix misuse of nova.objects.base.obj_equal_prims 9 months ago
libvirt Merge "Bump minimum required libvirt/qemu versions for Pike" 3 years ago
notification_sample_tests Stabilize unshelve notification sample tests 10 months ago
regressions Fix listing deleted servers with a marker 6 months ago
wsgi Add functional recreate revert resize test for bug 1852610 5 months ago move eventlet GREENDNS override to top level 5 years ago Remove legacy v2 API functional tests 4 years ago Fix os-simple-tenant-usage result order 1 year ago Add functional confirm_migration_error test 1 year ago re-Allow adding computes with no ComputeNodes to aggregates 3 years ago Update instance.availability_zone on revertResize 1 year ago Pass RequestSpec to ConductorTaskAPI.build_instances 2 years ago Add create image functional negative tests 3 years ago make microversion a client level construct for tests 4 years ago Trivial-Fix: Fix typos 4 years ago Trivial: Nix duplicate PlacementFixture() in test 2 years ago update api_samples code to use better variables 4 years ago Remove unused logging import 3 years ago Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding 3 years ago [api] Allow multi-attach in compute api 2 years ago Unmap compute nodes when deleting host mappings in delete cell operation 2 years ago Replace non-nova server fault message 10 months ago Make scheduler.utils.setup_instance_group query all cells 1 year ago Add functional recreate revert resize test for bug 1852610 5 months ago