OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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# vim: tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4
# Copyright 2010 United States Government as represented by the
# Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""Nova base exception handling.
Includes decorator for re-raising Nova-type exceptions.
SHOULD include dedicated exception logging.
import functools
import itertools
import webob.exc
from nova import log as logging
from nova.openstack.common import excutils
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ConvertedException(webob.exc.WSGIHTTPException):
def __init__(self, code=0, title="", explanation=""):
self.code = code
self.title = title
self.explanation = explanation
super(ConvertedException, self).__init__()
class ProcessExecutionError(IOError):
def __init__(self, stdout=None, stderr=None, exit_code=None, cmd=None,
self.exit_code = exit_code
self.stderr = stderr
self.stdout = stdout
self.cmd = cmd
self.description = description
if description is None:
description = _('Unexpected error while running command.')
if exit_code is None:
exit_code = '-'
message = _('%(description)s\nCommand: %(cmd)s\n'
'Exit code: %(exit_code)s\nStdout: %(stdout)r\n'
'Stderr: %(stderr)r') % locals()
IOError.__init__(self, message)
def wrap_db_error(f):
def _wrap(*args, **kwargs):
return f(*args, **kwargs)
except UnicodeEncodeError:
raise InvalidUnicodeParameter()
except Exception, e:
LOG.exception(_('DB exception wrapped.'))
raise DBError(e)
_wrap.func_name = f.func_name
return _wrap
def wrap_exception(notifier=None, publisher_id=None, event_type=None,
"""This decorator wraps a method to catch any exceptions that may
get thrown. It logs the exception as well as optionally sending
it to the notification system.
# TODO(sandy): Find a way to import nova.notifier.api so we don't have
# to pass it in as a parameter. Otherwise we get a cyclic import of
# nova.notifier.api -> nova.utils -> nova.exception :(
# TODO(johannes): Also, it would be nice to use
# utils.save_and_reraise_exception() without an import loop
def inner(f):
def wrapped(*args, **kw):
return f(*args, **kw)
except Exception, e:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():
if notifier:
payload = dict(args=args, exception=e)
# Use a temp vars so we don't shadow
# our outer definitions.
temp_level = level
if not temp_level:
temp_level = notifier.ERROR
temp_type = event_type
if not temp_type:
# If f has multiple decorators, they must use
# functools.wraps to ensure the name is
# propagated.
temp_type = f.__name__
context = get_context_from_function_and_args(f,
notifier.notify(context, publisher_id, temp_type,
temp_level, payload)
return functools.wraps(f)(wrapped)
return inner
class NovaException(Exception):
"""Base Nova Exception
To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define
a 'message' property. That message will get printf'd
with the keyword arguments provided to the constructor.
message = _("An unknown exception occurred.")
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
self.kwargs = kwargs
if 'code' not in self.kwargs:
self.kwargs['code'] = self.code
except AttributeError:
if not message:
message = self.message % kwargs
except Exception as e:
# kwargs doesn't match a variable in the message
# log the issue and the kwargs
LOG.exception(_('Exception in string format operation'))
for name, value in kwargs.iteritems():
LOG.error("%s: %s" % (name, value))
# at least get the core message out if something happened
message = self.message
super(NovaException, self).__init__(message)
class EC2APIError(NovaException):
message = _("Unknown")
def __init__(self, message=None, code=None):
self.msg = message
self.code = code
if code:
outstr = '%s: %s' % (code, message)
outstr = '%s' % message
super(EC2APIError, self).__init__(outstr)
class DBError(NovaException):
"""Wraps an implementation specific exception."""
def __init__(self, inner_exception=None):
self.inner_exception = inner_exception
super(DBError, self).__init__(str(inner_exception))
class DecryptionFailure(NovaException):
message = _("Failed to decrypt text")
class ImagePaginationFailed(NovaException):
message = _("Failed to paginate through images from image service")
class VirtualInterfaceCreateException(NovaException):
message = _("Virtual Interface creation failed")
class VirtualInterfaceMacAddressException(NovaException):
message = _("5 attempts to create virtual interface"
"with unique mac address failed")
class GlanceConnectionFailed(NovaException):
message = _("Connection to glance failed") + ": %(reason)s"
class MelangeConnectionFailed(NovaException):
message = _("Connection to melange failed") + ": %(reason)s"
class NotAuthorized(NovaException):
message = _("Not authorized.")
code = 403
class AdminRequired(NotAuthorized):
message = _("User does not have admin privileges")
class PolicyNotAuthorized(NotAuthorized):
message = _("Policy doesn't allow %(action)s to be performed.")
class ImageNotAuthorized(NovaException):
message = _("Not authorized for image %(image_id)s.")
class Invalid(NovaException):
message = _("Unacceptable parameters.")
code = 400
class InvalidSnapshot(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid snapshot") + ": %(reason)s"
class VolumeUnattached(Invalid):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s is not attached to anything")
class InvalidKeypair(Invalid):
message = _("Keypair data is invalid")
class SfJsonEncodeFailure(NovaException):
message = _("Failed to load data into json format")
class InvalidRequest(Invalid):
message = _("The request is invalid.")
class InvalidSignature(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid signature %(signature)s for user %(user)s.")
class InvalidInput(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid input received") + ": %(reason)s"
class InvalidInstanceType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid instance type %(instance_type)s.")
class InvalidVolumeType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid volume type") + ": %(reason)s"
class InvalidVolume(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid volume") + ": %(reason)s"
class InvalidMetadata(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid metadata") + ": %(reason)s"
class InvalidPortRange(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid port range %(from_port)s:%(to_port)s. %(msg)s")
class InvalidIpProtocol(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid IP protocol %(protocol)s.")
class InvalidContentType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid content type %(content_type)s.")
class InvalidCidr(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid cidr %(cidr)s.")
class InvalidRPCConnectionReuse(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid reuse of an RPC connection.")
class InvalidUnicodeParameter(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid Parameter: "
"Unicode is not supported by the current database.")
# Cannot be templated as the error syntax varies.
# msg needs to be constructed when raised.
class InvalidParameterValue(Invalid):
message = _("%(err)s")
class InvalidAggregateAction(Invalid):
message = _("Cannot perform action '%(action)s' on aggregate "
"%(aggregate_id)s. Reason: %(reason)s.")
class InvalidGroup(Invalid):
message = _("Group not valid. Reason: %(reason)s")
class InstanceInvalidState(Invalid):
message = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s in %(attr)s %(state)s. Cannot "
"%(method)s while the instance is in this state.")
class InstanceNotRunning(Invalid):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is not running.")
class InstanceNotSuspended(Invalid):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is not suspended.")
class InstanceNotInRescueMode(Invalid):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is not in rescue mode")
class InstanceSuspendFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to suspend instance") + ": %(reason)s"
class InstanceResumeFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to resume server") + ": %(reason)s."
class InstanceRebootFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to reboot instance") + ": %(reason)s"
class InstanceTerminationFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to terminate instance") + ": %(reason)s"
class ServiceUnavailable(Invalid):
message = _("Service is unavailable at this time.")
class ComputeServiceUnavailable(ServiceUnavailable):
message = _("Compute service is unavailable at this time.")
class UnableToMigrateToSelf(Invalid):
message = _("Unable to migrate instance (%(instance_id)s) "
"to current host (%(host)s).")
class DestinationHostUnavailable(Invalid):
message = _("Destination compute host is unavailable at this time.")
class SourceHostUnavailable(Invalid):
message = _("Original compute host is unavailable at this time.")
class InvalidHypervisorType(Invalid):
message = _("The supplied hypervisor type of is invalid.")
class DestinationHypervisorTooOld(Invalid):
message = _("The instance requires a newer hypervisor version than "
"has been provided.")
class DestinationDiskExists(Invalid):
message = _("The supplied disk path (%(path)s) already exists, "
"it is expected not to exist.")
class InvalidDevicePath(Invalid):
message = _("The supplied device path (%(path)s) is invalid.")
class DeviceIsBusy(Invalid):
message = _("The supplied device (%(device)s) is busy.")
class InvalidCPUInfo(Invalid):
message = _("Unacceptable CPU info") + ": %(reason)s"
class InvalidIpAddressError(Invalid):
message = _("%(address)s is not a valid IP v4/6 address.")
class InvalidVLANTag(Invalid):
message = _("VLAN tag is not appropriate for the port group "
"%(bridge)s. Expected VLAN tag is %(tag)s, "
"but the one associated with the port group is %(pgroup)s.")
class InvalidVLANPortGroup(Invalid):
message = _("vSwitch which contains the port group %(bridge)s is "
"not associated with the desired physical adapter. "
"Expected vSwitch is %(expected)s, but the one associated "
"is %(actual)s.")
class InvalidDiskFormat(Invalid):
message = _("Disk format %(disk_format)s is not acceptable")
class ImageUnacceptable(Invalid):
message = _("Image %(image_id)s is unacceptable: %(reason)s")
class InstanceUnacceptable(Invalid):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s is unacceptable: %(reason)s")
class InvalidEc2Id(Invalid):
message = _("Ec2 id %(ec2_id)s is unacceptable.")
class InvalidUUID(Invalid):
message = _("Expected a uuid but received %(uuid).")
class NotFound(NovaException):
message = _("Resource could not be found.")
code = 404
class FlagNotSet(NotFound):
message = _("Required flag %(flag)s not set.")
class VolumeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s could not be found.")
class SfAccountNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Unable to locate account %(account_name)s on "
"Solidfire device")
class VolumeNotFoundForInstance(VolumeNotFound):
message = _("Volume not found for instance %(instance_id)s.")
class VolumeMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s has no metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class NoVolumeTypesFound(NotFound):
message = _("Zero volume types found.")
class VolumeTypeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume type %(volume_type_id)s could not be found.")
class VolumeTypeNotFoundByName(VolumeTypeNotFound):
message = _("Volume type with name %(volume_type_name)s "
"could not be found.")
class VolumeTypeExtraSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume Type %(volume_type_id)s has no extra specs with "
"key %(extra_specs_key)s.")
class SnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Snapshot %(snapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class VolumeIsBusy(NovaException):
message = _("deleting volume %(volume_name)s that has snapshot")
class SnapshotIsBusy(NovaException):
message = _("deleting snapshot %(snapshot_name)s that has "
"dependent volumes")
class ISCSITargetNotFoundForVolume(NotFound):
message = _("No target id found for volume %(volume_id)s.")
class DiskNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("No disk at %(location)s")
class VolumeDriverNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find a handler for %(driver_type)s volume.")
class InvalidImageRef(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid image href %(image_href)s.")
class ListingImageRefsNotSupported(Invalid):
message = _("Some images have been stored via hrefs."
" This version of the api does not support displaying image hrefs.")
class ImageNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Image %(image_id)s could not be found.")
class KernelNotFoundForImage(ImageNotFound):
message = _("Kernel not found for image %(image_id)s.")
class UserNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("User %(user_id)s could not be found.")
class ProjectNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class ProjectMembershipNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("User %(user_id)s is not a member of project %(project_id)s.")
class UserRoleNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Role %(role_id)s could not be found.")
class StorageRepositoryNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Cannot find SR to read/write VDI.")
class NetworkInUse(NovaException):
message = _("Network %(network_id)s is still in use.")
class NetworkNotCreated(NovaException):
message = _("%(req)s is required to create a network.")
class NetworkNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Network %(network_id)s could not be found.")
class NetworkNotFoundForBridge(NetworkNotFound):
message = _("Network could not be found for bridge %(bridge)s")
class NetworkNotFoundForUUID(NetworkNotFound):
message = _("Network could not be found for uuid %(uuid)s")
class NetworkNotFoundForCidr(NetworkNotFound):
message = _("Network could not be found with cidr %(cidr)s.")
class NetworkNotFoundForInstance(NetworkNotFound):
message = _("Network could not be found for instance %(instance_id)s.")
class NoNetworksFound(NotFound):
message = _("No networks defined.")
class NetworkNotFoundForProject(NotFound):
message = _("Either Network uuid %(network_uuid)s is not present or "
"is not assigned to the project %(project_id)s.")
class NetworkHostNotSet(NovaException):
message = _("Host is not set to the network (%(network_id)s).")
class NetworkBusy(NovaException):
message = _("Network %(network)s has active ports, cannot delete.")
class DatastoreNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find the datastore reference(s) which the VM uses.")
class FixedIpNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("No fixed IP associated with id %(id)s.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForAddress(FixedIpNotFound):
message = _("Fixed ip not found for address %(address)s.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForInstance(FixedIpNotFound):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s has zero fixed ips.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForNetworkHost(FixedIpNotFound):
message = _("Network host %(host)s has zero fixed ips "
"in network %(network_id)s.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForSpecificInstance(FixedIpNotFound):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s doesn't have fixed ip '%(ip)s'.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForHost(FixedIpNotFound):
message = _("Host %(host)s has zero fixed ips.")
class FixedIpNotFoundForNetwork(FixedIpNotFound):
message = _("Fixed IP address (%(address)s) does not exist in "
"network (%(network_uuid)s).")
class FixedIpAlreadyInUse(NovaException):
message = _("Fixed IP address %(address)s is already in use.")
class FixedIpInvalid(Invalid):
message = _("Fixed IP address %(address)s is invalid.")
class NoMoreFixedIps(NovaException):
message = _("Zero fixed ips available.")
class NoFixedIpsDefined(NotFound):
message = _("Zero fixed ips could be found.")
class FloatingIpNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Floating ip not found for id %(id)s.")
class FloatingIpDNSExists(Invalid):
message = _("The DNS entry %(name)s already exists in domain %(domain)s.")
class FloatingIpNotFoundForAddress(FloatingIpNotFound):
message = _("Floating ip not found for address %(address)s.")
class FloatingIpNotFoundForHost(FloatingIpNotFound):
message = _("Floating ip not found for host %(host)s.")
class NoMoreFloatingIps(FloatingIpNotFound):
message = _("Zero floating ips available.")
class FloatingIpAssociated(NovaException):
message = _("Floating ip %(address)s is associated.")
class FloatingIpNotAssociated(NovaException):
message = _("Floating ip %(address)s is not associated.")
class NoFloatingIpsDefined(NotFound):
message = _("Zero floating ips exist.")
class NoFloatingIpInterface(NotFound):
message = _("Interface %(interface)s not found.")
class KeypairNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Keypair %(name)s not found for user %(user_id)s")
class CertificateNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Certificate %(certificate_id)s not found.")
class ServiceNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Service %(service_id)s could not be found.")
class HostNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Host %(host)s could not be found.")
class ComputeHostNotFound(HostNotFound):
message = _("Compute host %(host)s could not be found.")
class HostBinaryNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find binary %(binary)s on host %(host)s.")
class AuthTokenNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Auth token %(token)s could not be found.")
class AccessKeyNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Access Key %(access_key)s could not be found.")
class QuotaNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Quota could not be found")
class ProjectQuotaNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota for project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class QuotaClassNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota class %(class_name)s could not be found.")
class SecurityGroupNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s not found.")
class SecurityGroupNotFoundForProject(SecurityGroupNotFound):
message = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s not found "
"for project %(project_id)s.")
class SecurityGroupNotFoundForRule(SecurityGroupNotFound):
message = _("Security group with rule %(rule_id)s not found.")
class SecurityGroupExistsForInstance(Invalid):
message = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s is already associated"
" with the instance %(instance_id)s")
class SecurityGroupNotExistsForInstance(Invalid):
message = _("Security group %(security_group_id)s is not associated with"
" the instance %(instance_id)s")
class MigrationNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Migration %(migration_id)s could not be found.")
class MigrationNotFoundByStatus(MigrationNotFound):
message = _("Migration not found for instance %(instance_id)s "
"with status %(status)s.")
class ConsolePoolNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Console pool %(pool_id)s could not be found.")
class ConsolePoolNotFoundForHostType(NotFound):
message = _("Console pool of type %(console_type)s "
"for compute host %(compute_host)s "
"on proxy host %(host)s not found.")
class ConsoleNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Console %(console_id)s could not be found.")
class ConsoleNotFoundForInstance(ConsoleNotFound):
message = _("Console for instance %(instance_id)s could not be found.")
class ConsoleNotFoundInPoolForInstance(ConsoleNotFound):
message = _("Console for instance %(instance_id)s "
"in pool %(pool_id)s could not be found.")
class ConsoleTypeInvalid(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid console type %(console_type)s ")
class NoInstanceTypesFound(NotFound):
message = _("Zero instance types found.")
class InstanceTypeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Instance type %(instance_type_id)s could not be found.")
class InstanceTypeNotFoundByName(InstanceTypeNotFound):
message = _("Instance type with name %(instance_type_name)s "
"could not be found.")
class FlavorNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Flavor %(flavor_id)s could not be found.")
class CellNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Cell %(cell_id)s could not be found.")
class SchedulerHostFilterNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Scheduler Host Filter %(filter_name)s could not be found.")
class SchedulerCostFunctionNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Scheduler cost function %(cost_fn_str)s could"
" not be found.")
class SchedulerWeightFlagNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Scheduler weight flag not found: %(flag_name)s")
class InstanceMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s has no metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class InstanceSystemMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Instance %(instance_uuid)s has no system metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class InstanceTypeExtraSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Instance Type %(instance_type_id)s has no extra specs with "
"key %(extra_specs_key)s.")
class LDAPObjectNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("LDAP object could not be found")
class LDAPUserNotFound(LDAPObjectNotFound):
message = _("LDAP user %(user_id)s could not be found.")
class LDAPGroupNotFound(LDAPObjectNotFound):
message = _("LDAP group %(group_id)s could not be found.")
class LDAPGroupMembershipNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("LDAP user %(user_id)s is not a member of group %(group_id)s.")
class FileNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("File %(file_path)s could not be found.")
class NoFilesFound(NotFound):
message = _("Zero files could be found.")
class SwitchNotFoundForNetworkAdapter(NotFound):
message = _("Virtual switch associated with the "
"network adapter %(adapter)s not found.")
class NetworkAdapterNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Network adapter %(adapter)s could not be found.")
class ClassNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Class %(class_name)s could not be found: %(exception)s")
class NotAllowed(NovaException):
message = _("Action not allowed.")
class GlobalRoleNotAllowed(NotAllowed):
message = _("Unable to use global role %(role_id)s")
class ImageRotationNotAllowed(NovaException):
message = _("Rotation is not allowed for snapshots")
class RotationRequiredForBackup(NovaException):
message = _("Rotation param is required for backup image_type")
#TODO(bcwaldon): EOL this exception!
class Duplicate(NovaException):
class KeyPairExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Key pair %(key_name)s already exists.")
class UserExists(Duplicate):
message = _("User %(user)s already exists.")
class LDAPUserExists(UserExists):
message = _("LDAP user %(user)s already exists.")
class LDAPGroupExists(Duplicate):
message = _("LDAP group %(group)s already exists.")
class LDAPMembershipExists(Duplicate):
message = _("User %(uid)s is already a member of "
"the group %(group_dn)s")
class ProjectExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Project %(project)s already exists.")
class InstanceExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Instance %(name)s already exists.")
class InstanceTypeExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Instance Type %(name)s already exists.")
class VolumeTypeExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Volume Type %(name)s already exists.")
class InvalidSharedStorage(NovaException):
message = _("%(path)s is on shared storage: %(reason)s")
class MigrationError(NovaException):
message = _("Migration error") + ": %(reason)s"
class MalformedRequestBody(NovaException):
message = _("Malformed message body: %(reason)s")
class ConfigNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find config at %(path)s")
class PasteAppNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not load paste app '%(name)s' from %(path)s")
class CannotResizeToSameSize(NovaException):
message = _("When resizing, instances must change size!")
class ImageTooLarge(NovaException):
message = _("Image is larger than instance type allows")
class ZoneRequestError(NovaException):
message = _("1 or more Zones could not complete the request")
class InstanceTypeMemoryTooSmall(NovaException):
message = _("Instance type's memory is too small for requested image.")
class InstanceTypeDiskTooSmall(NovaException):
message = _("Instance type's disk is too small for requested image.")
class InsufficientFreeMemory(NovaException):
message = _("Insufficient free memory on compute node to start %(uuid)s.")
class CouldNotFetchMetrics(NovaException):
message = _("Could not fetch bandwidth/cpu/disk metrics for this host.")
class NoValidHost(NovaException):
message = _("No valid host was found. %(reason)s")
class WillNotSchedule(NovaException):
message = _("Host %(host)s is not up or doesn't exist.")
class QuotaError(NovaException):
message = _("Quota exceeded") + ": code=%(code)s"
class TooManyInstances(QuotaError):
message = _("Quota exceeded: already used %(used)d of %(allowed)d"
" instances")
class VolumeSizeTooLarge(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum volume size exceeded")
class MetadataLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of metadata items exceeds %(allowed)d")
class OnsetFileLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Personality file limit exceeded")
class OnsetFilePathLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Personality file path too long")
class OnsetFileContentLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Personality file content too long")
class KeypairLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of key pairs exceeded")
class AggregateError(NovaException):
message = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s: action '%(action)s' "
"caused an error: %(reason)s.")
class AggregateNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s could not be found.")
class AggregateNameExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_name)s already exists.")
class AggregateHostNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s has no host %(host)s.")
class AggregateMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s has no metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class AggregateHostConflict(Duplicate):
message = _("Host %(host)s already member of another aggregate.")
class AggregateHostExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Aggregate %(aggregate_id)s already has host %(host)s.")
class DuplicateSfVolumeNames(Duplicate):
message = _("Detected more than one volume with name %(vol_name)s")
class VolumeTypeCreateFailed(NovaException):
message = _("Cannot create volume_type with "
"name %(name)s and specs %(extra_specs)s")
class InstanceTypeCreateFailed(NovaException):
message = _("Unable to create instance type")
class SolidFireAPIException(NovaException):
message = _("Bad response from SolidFire API")
class SolidFireAPIStatusException(SolidFireAPIException):
message = _("Error in SolidFire API response: status=%(status)s")
class SolidFireAPIDataException(SolidFireAPIException):
message = _("Error in SolidFire API response: data=%(data)s")
class DuplicateVlan(Duplicate):
message = _("Detected existing vlan with id %(vlan)d")
class InstanceNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Instance %(instance_id)s could not be found.")
class InvalidInstanceIDMalformed(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid id: %(val)s (expecting \"i-...\").")
class CouldNotFetchImage(NovaException):
message = _("Could not fetch image %(image)s")
def get_context_from_function_and_args(function, args, kwargs):
"""Find an arg of type RequestContext and return it.
This is useful in a couple of decorators where we don't
know much about the function we're wrapping.
# import here to avoid circularity:
from nova import context
for arg in itertools.chain(kwargs.values(), args):
if isinstance(arg, context.RequestContext):
return arg
return None