OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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# Copyright 2011 Justin Santa Barbara
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
Provides common functionality for integrated unit tests
import random
import string
import time
from oslo_log import log as logging
import nova.conf
import nova.image.glance
from nova import test
from nova.tests import fixtures as nova_fixtures
from nova.tests.functional.api import client as api_client
from nova.tests.unit import cast_as_call
import nova.tests.unit.image.fake
from nova.tests import uuidsentinel as uuids
CONF = nova.conf.CONF
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def generate_random_alphanumeric(length):
"""Creates a random alphanumeric string of specified length."""
return ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits)
for _x in range(length))
def generate_random_numeric(length):
"""Creates a random numeric string of specified length."""
return ''.join(random.choice(string.digits)
for _x in range(length))
def generate_new_element(items, prefix, numeric=False):
"""Creates a random string with prefix, that is not in 'items' list."""
while True:
if numeric:
candidate = prefix + generate_random_numeric(8)
candidate = prefix + generate_random_alphanumeric(8)
if candidate not in items:
return candidate
LOG.debug("Random collision on %s", candidate)
class _IntegratedTestBase(test.TestCase):
# Override this in subclasses which use the NeutronFixture. New tests
# should rely on Neutron since nova-network is deprecated. The default
# value of False here is only temporary while we update the existing
# functional tests to use Neutron.
def setUp(self):
super(_IntegratedTestBase, self).setUp()
# TODO(mriedem): Fix the functional tests to work with Neutron.
placement = self.useFixture(nova_fixtures.PlacementFixture())
self.placement_api = placement.api
def _setup_compute_service(self):
return self.start_service('compute')
def _setup_scheduler_service(self):
return self.start_service('scheduler')
def _setup_services(self):
# NOTE(danms): Set the global MQ connection to that of our first cell
# for any cells-ignorant code. Normally this is defaulted in the tests
# which will result in us not doing the right thing.
if 'cell1' in self.cell_mappings:
self.conductor = self.start_service('conductor')
self.consoleauth = self.start_service('consoleauth')
if self.USE_NEUTRON:
self.neutron = self.useFixture(nova_fixtures.NeutronFixture(self))
else: = self.start_service('network',
self.scheduler = self._setup_scheduler_service()
self.compute = self._setup_compute_service()
self.api_fixture = self.useFixture(
# if the class needs to run as admin, make the api endpoint
# the admin, otherwise it's safer to run as non admin user.
if self.ADMIN_API:
self.api = self.api_fixture.admin_api
self.api = self.api_fixture.api
if hasattr(self, 'microversion'):
self.api.microversion = self.microversion
def get_unused_server_name(self):
servers = self.api.get_servers()
server_names = [server['name'] for server in servers]
return generate_new_element(server_names, 'server')
def get_unused_flavor_name_id(self):
flavors = self.api.get_flavors()
flavor_names = list()
flavor_ids = list()
for flavor in flavors]
return (generate_new_element(flavor_names, 'flavor'),
int(generate_new_element(flavor_ids, '', True)))
def get_invalid_image(self):
return uuids.fake
def _build_minimal_create_server_request(self, image_uuid=None):
server = {}
# NOTE(takashin): In API version 2.36, image APIs were deprecated.
# In API version 2.36 or greater, self.api.get_images() returns
# a 404 error. In that case, 'image_uuid' should be specified.
server[self._image_ref_parameter] = (image_uuid or
# Set a valid flavorId
flavor = self.api.get_flavors()[0]
LOG.debug("Using flavor: %s", flavor)
server[self._flavor_ref_parameter] = ('http://fake.server/%s'
% flavor['id'])
# Set a valid server name
server_name = self.get_unused_server_name()
server['name'] = server_name
return server
def _create_flavor_body(self, name, ram, vcpus, disk, ephemeral, id, swap,
rxtx_factor, is_public):
return {
"flavor": {
"name": name,
"ram": ram,
"vcpus": vcpus,
"disk": disk,
"OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral": ephemeral,
"id": id,
"swap": swap,
"rxtx_factor": rxtx_factor,
"os-flavor-access:is_public": is_public,
def _create_flavor(self, memory_mb=2048, vcpu=2, disk=10, ephemeral=10,
swap=0, rxtx_factor=1.0, is_public=True,
flv_name, flv_id = self.get_unused_flavor_name_id()
body = self._create_flavor_body(flv_name, memory_mb, vcpu, disk,
ephemeral, flv_id, swap, rxtx_factor,
if extra_spec is not None:
spec = {"extra_specs": extra_spec}
self.api_fixture.admin_api.post_extra_spec(flv_id, spec)
return flv_id
def _build_server(self, flavor_id, image=None):
server = {}
if image is None:
image = self.api.get_images()[0]
LOG.debug("Image: %s", image)
# We now have a valid imageId
server[self._image_ref_parameter] = image['id']
server[self._image_ref_parameter] = image
# Set a valid flavorId
flavor = self.api.get_flavor(flavor_id)
LOG.debug("Using flavor: %s", flavor)
server[self._flavor_ref_parameter] = ('http://fake.server/%s'
% flavor['id'])
# Set a valid server name
server_name = self.get_unused_server_name()
server['name'] = server_name
return server
def _check_api_endpoint(self, endpoint, expected_middleware):
app =, '/v2'))
while getattr(app, 'application', False):
for middleware in expected_middleware:
if isinstance(app.application, middleware):
app = app.application
("The expected wsgi middlewares %s are not "
"existed") % expected_middleware)
class InstanceHelperMixin(object):
def _wait_for_server_parameter(self, admin_api, server, expected_params,
retry_count = 0
while True:
server = admin_api.get_server(server['id'])
if all([server[attr] == expected_params[attr]
for attr in expected_params]):
retry_count += 1
if retry_count == max_retries:'Wait for state change failed, '
'expected_params=%s, server=%s'
% (expected_params, server))
return server
def _wait_for_state_change(self, admin_api, server, expected_status,
return self._wait_for_server_parameter(
admin_api, server, {'status': expected_status}, max_retries)
def _build_minimal_create_server_request(self, api, name, image_uuid=None,
flavor_id=None, networks=None):
server = {}
# We now have a valid imageId
server['imageRef'] = image_uuid or api.get_images()[0]['id']
if not flavor_id:
# Set a valid flavorId
flavor_id = api.get_flavors()[1]['id']
server['flavorRef'] = ('http://fake.server/%s' % flavor_id)
server['name'] = name
if networks is not None:
server['networks'] = networks
return server
def _wait_until_deleted(self, server):
for i in range(40):
server = self.api.get_server(server['id'])
if server['status'] == 'ERROR':'Server went to error state instead of'
time.sleep(0.5)'Server failed to delete.')
except api_client.OpenStackApiNotFoundException:
def _wait_for_action_fail_completion(
self, server, expected_action, event_name, api=None):
"""Polls instance action events for the given instance, action and
action event name until it finds the action event with an error
if api is None:
api = self.api
completion_event = None
for attempt in range(10):
actions = api.get_instance_actions(server['id'])
# Look for the migrate action.
for action in actions:
if action['action'] == expected_action:
events = (
'/servers/%s/os-instance-actions/%s' %
(server['id'], action['request_id'])
# Look for the action event being in error state.
for event in events:
if (event['event'] == event_name and
event['result'] is not None and
event['result'].lower() == 'error'):
completion_event = event
# Break out of the events loop.
if completion_event:
# Break out of the actions loop.
# We didn't find the completion event yet, so wait a bit.
if completion_event is None:'Timed out waiting for %s failure event. Current '
'instance actions: %s' % (event_name, actions))
def _wait_for_migration_status(self, server, expected_statuses):
"""Waits for a migration record with the given statuses to be found
for the given server, else the test fails. The migration record, if
found, is returned.
api = getattr(self, 'admin_api', None)
if api is None:
api = self.api
statuses = [status.lower() for status in expected_statuses]
for attempt in range(10):
migrations = api.api_get('/os-migrations').body['migrations']
for migration in migrations:
if (migration['instance_uuid'] == server['id'] and
migration['status'].lower() in statuses):
return migration
time.sleep(0.5)'Timed out waiting for migration with status "%s" for '
'instance: %s' % (expected_statuses, server['id']))