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Jenkins 09ee56cbba
Merge "Expose keystoneclient's session and auth plugin loading parameters"
7 years ago
rootwrap.d Fix ScaleIO commands in rootwrap filters 8 years ago
README-nova.conf.txt fix the extension of README in etc/nova 9 years ago
api-paste.ini api: use v2.1 only in api-paste.ini 8 years ago
cells.json Remove trailing comma from sample JSON 9 years ago
logging_sample.conf Add notes explaining vmware's suds usage 8 years ago
nova-config-generator.conf Expose keystoneclient's session and auth plugin loading parameters 8 years ago
policy.json Add missing delete policies in the sample file 8 years ago
release.sample Allow loading of product/vendor/package info from external file 10 years ago
rootwrap.conf Fix invalid facilities documented in rootwrap.conf 9 years ago