Horizon UI support for Octavia
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{% load i18n sizeformat %}
<h3>{% trans "Load Balancer Overview" %}</h3>
<div class="status row-fluid detail">
<h4>{% trans "Info" %}</h4>
<hr class="header_rule">
<dt>{% trans "Name" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.name }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "ID" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.id }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Address" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.address }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Port" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.port }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Protocol" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.protocol }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Load Balancing Method" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.lb_method }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Monitor" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.pool.monitors.type }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Operating Status" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.operating_status }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Provisioning Status" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.provisioning_status }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Description" %}</dt>
<dd> - {{ loadbalancer.description }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Admin Status" %}</dt>
<dd>{{ loadbalancer.enabled|title }}</dd>
{# <dt>{% trans "Load Balancing Method" %}</dt>#}
{# <dd>{{ loadbalancer.pool.lb_method }}</dd>#}
{# <dt>{% trans "Monitor" %}</dt>#}
{# <dd>{{ loadbalancer.pool.monitor }}</dd>#}
<dt>{% trans "Certificate" %}</dt>
<dd> - {{ loadbalancer.cert_name }}</dd>
<div class="members row-fluid detail">
<h4>{% trans "Members" %}</h4>
<hr class="header_rule">
{% for group in loadbalancer.pool.members.members %}
<dt>{{ group.id }}</dt>
<dd> <b>IP:</b> {{ group.address }}</dd>
<dd> <b>Port:</b> {{ group.protocol_port }}</dd>
{% endfor %}