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  sunxifa 5aa867402f Remove unicode to adapt to Python3 5 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 2f59a4b632 Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions 1 year ago
  Brian Haley c9a1c39eee Stop testing python 2 2 years ago
  Michael Johnson 5ea72f9f2c Generate PDF documentation 2 years ago
  Michael Johnson 28f1e74546 Clean up octavia-lib docs and remove oslo.log 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 43e957f9fe Update for storyboard 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 05b8ca95fd Fix docstring and avoid such errors 2 years ago
  pengyuesheng e0769bac21 Blacklist sphinx 2.1.0 (autodoc bug) 2 years ago
  pengyuesheng cf60c08ab0 Bump the openstackdocstheme extension to 1.20 2 years ago
  caoyuan 625f171dcd Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 2 years ago
  zhangboye 3fc6659b61 Cap sphinx for py2 to match global requirements 2 years ago
  Michael Johnson 5f833c77d2 Initial cookie-cutter commit for octavia-lib 3 years ago