10 Commits (0ce11e8773683f6dae5eb0a7894231279e7d710b)

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  wu.chunyang 0ce11e8773 Add py38 classifier 12 months ago
  Brian Haley c5f9385b6c Complete dropping py27 support goal 1 year ago
  Brian Haley c9a1c39eee Stop testing python 2 2 years ago
  Michael Johnson effa28ac20 Add python 3.7 testing 2 years ago
  Michael Johnson 1215103717 Remove python3.5 jobs for Train 2 years ago
  Thomas Bechtold c9ae679d64 Do not install README.rst and LICENSE 2 years ago
  Michael Johnson 544d05f24b Fix some driver library bugs 2 years ago
  melissaml 96df205ed6 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 3 years ago
  Michael Johnson 5f833c77d2 Initial cookie-cutter commit for octavia-lib 3 years ago