A library to support Octavia provider drivers.
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Zuul 3208f7fbca Merge "Stop configuring install_command in tox." 7 months ago
Add-get-methods-to-driver-lib-dae3c217e7ac9e82.yaml Add get methods to the driver-lib 2 years ago
Initial-cookiecutter-commit-41d89a60d6328b51.yaml Initial cookie-cutter commit for octavia-lib 3 years ago
add-additional-vip-support-becdb29c5187b514.yaml Add 'additional_vips' field to driver datamodel 2 years ago
add-availability-zone-validation-ed853a3ee89570be.yaml Availability zone / metadata validation 2 years ago
add-az-to-loadbalancer-1e87b46ba29101d3.yaml Add availability_zone to the LoadBalancer model 2 years ago
add-constants-66f52c4d4cfd0215.yaml Add constants to octavia-lib 2 years ago
add-lb-algorithm-source-ip-port-5cc83a9e3fcf4763.yaml Add new LB Algorithm - SOURCE_IP_PORT 2 years ago
add-listener-allowed-cidrs-ef2cd3afbc3a1ebe.yaml Add allowed_cidrs to Listener data model 2 years ago
add-listener-alpn-protocols-ecb49db86b956c71.yaml Add alpn_protocols to the listener data model 1 year ago
add-not-found-exception-7f9d188cd22f69e1.yaml Add NotFound exception class 1 year ago
add-pool-alpn-protocols-a791538ab214e780.yaml Add alpn_protocols to the pool data model 8 months ago
add-tls-protocols-for-listener-and-pool-model-e9083b85afc62ef0.yaml Add TLS protocols for listener and pool model 1 year ago
adding-cipher-list-support-for-provider-drivers-6a4dbec2d0254aae.yaml Adding cipher list Support for provider drivers 2 years ago
drop-python-2-7-f17da6245b0ebc13.yaml Stop testing python 2 2 years ago