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Add docs warning for PING health monitors

This patch adds a warning box to the load balancer cookbook clarifying
that the health monitor type of 'PING' should only be used in specific
This was called out in release notes, but was not clear in the cookbook.

Change-Id: I6b95891bec82e01c44b288cbe9796b1f87a07c32
Michael Johnson 1 month ago
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@@ -822,6 +822,14 @@ and ``UDP-CONNECT``.
servers. Obviously, your back-end servers must be configured to allow PINGs in
order for these health checks to pass.

.. warning::

Health monitors of type ``PING`` only check if the member is reachable and
responds to ICMP echo requests. It will not detect if your application
running on that instance is healthy or not. Most pools should use one of
the other health monitor options. ``PING`` should only be used in specific
cases where an ICMP echo request is a valid health check.

``TCP`` health monitors open a TCP connection to the back-end server's protocol
port. Your custom TCP application should be written to respond OK to the load
balancer connecting, opening a TCP connection, and closing it again after the