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Gregory Thiemonge 65e132a734 Add support for monitor_{address,port} in UDP members
UDP members didn't support monitor_address and monitor_port parameters.
Setting those values didn't have any effects.

This commit enables the support of both parameters.

Story: 2005775
Task: 33492

Change-Id: Idaacfa60a1909d3f5e0f94371a405c8ce8ae9efa
4 years ago
ZhaoBo a166c89b64 [UDP] Fix failed member always in DRAIN status
1. Remove 'inhibit_on_failure' option from realserver configuration block.
   Then when the member is failed which means the MISC_CHECK is failed,
   the amp agent can not get the member info from kernel ip_vs file, and
   it will return status DOWN to health manger, then the member status
   will be ERROR, and its associated pool and loadbalancer will be in
   DEGRADED status.

Using notify_up/notify_down to write the status into a member specific
file, then we can read the member status from that file directly.

Change-Id: I940681b8109b05334ebb5befc58b43f08d2a1148
Story: 2003198
Task: 23354
5 years ago
Michael Johnson cc97397d1c Followup patch for UDP support
1. Removes the misc_dynamic setting from the UDP-CONNECT health monitor
   as our script does not use it.
2. Adds a release note for the UDP features.
3. Updates the API reference for UDP support.
4. Adds a comment to the keepalived config with the LB ID.
5. Updates the status message type to be the correct UDP protocol.
6. Fix error during deleting a listener if there are multiple amphoraes.
7. Refactors systemd service script handling.

Story: 2003306
Task: 24258
Change-Id: I09240023d066ac5a71836d01045cda6ce5678712
5 years ago
ZhaoBo 008ccb652d UDP jinja template
This is the jinja template[1] for keepalived to enable lvs configuration.
And including some transform function from obj to rendered configuration.

These files will split with the current Octavia repo, before other parts are

Patch List:

[1] Finish keepalived LVS jinja template for UDP support
[2] Extend the ability of amp agent for upload/refresh the keepalived
[3] Extend the db model and db table with necessary fields for met the new udp backend
[4] Add logic/workflow elements process in UDP cases
[5] Extend the existing API to access udp parameters in Listener API
[6] Extend the existing pool API to access the new option in
session_persistence fields

Story: 1657091
Task: 23208
Change-Id: Ib23edb7190ffb777e4a95f45a253e8a632beb046
5 years ago